Contract Updates

Contract Number: 03710 OR-Nationwide Vehicle Rental-NASPO  

10-19-2017 : CONTRACT STATUSAdded new price sheet that was to be added on June 2016. The last price was dated for 2013 and was out dated. Change is effective as of today November 19, 2017.
03-13-2017 : CONTRACT CHANGEFully executed Amendment 7 to change VMF to 1.50%
01-18-2017 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEContract Administrator has been changed to Kathie Steller for DES.
10-05-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThe Lead State Oregon as extend the NASPO current contract to October 18, 2018 via Amendment #15.
07-05-2016 :  A few issues were reported in June 2016. However Sandy Svaboda has handled them very well and cleared each up quickly.
03-09-2016 :  Scott Schumacher is now the Contract Administrator. This is being researched for enhancements to the portal page.
12-09-2015 :  No contract updates and or issues to report
09-29-2015 :  Lead State OR extented contract for 2 years. New expiration is 10/18/17. If you have travel questions please contact Jessica Smith by phone at 360-407-8408 or by email at
09-16-2015 :  Lead state currently extending the agreement another 2 years. Signed copy to be recieved by end of week.
06-23-2015 :  Contacted lead state (Oregon) to check on status of extension with Enterprise Rental Car.
02-17-2015 :  If you have travel questions please contact Jessica Smith by phone at 360-407-8408 or by email at
05-15-2014 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: Connie Stacy is no longer the Contracts Specialist for this contract. The new Contracts Specialist is Jessica Smith. Jessica can be reached by phone at 360-407-8408 and by email at
03-28-2014 :  requested Sandy Svoboda/Enterprise compose some language that can be incorporated into the contract/portal page regarding not being able to obtain the full coverage liability insurance for vehicles rented in Canada or Mexico
01-10-2014 :  original bid tabulation sheet requested from lead state, Oregon, for purpose of populating contract portal page
12-13-2013 :  CPO has approved increase, contract portal page will be updated with revised pricing information. Increase included in a pending State Travel Update Broadcast which will forward to Communications today.
12-11-2013 :  Jessica Cole has reviewed and approved price increase. Market has increased 3.5% since date of last approved increase (March-2012) whereas contractor is requesting 2.5%. Pkg. forwarded to Chief Procurement Office for review/approval.
12-06-2013 :  Oregon has provided documentation of increase, Enterprise has provided revised pricing which incorporates our state's management fee and has extended effective date out to 12/15/13. Price Increase package developed and provided to Jessica Cole 12/06/13
12-05-2013 :  On 12/04/13 received email notification from lead state, Oregon, that price increase of 2.5% was approved, effective 12/02/13. Notified Travel Stakeholder team and Travel Service Providers. Requested documentation of increase from Gail Carter/Oregon, asked Enterprise to clarify includes our state's .074% management fee (doesn't appear to), and ask Chief Procurement Officer for guidance in relationship to our current policy which requres her review/approval.
11-14-2013 :  updated the customer list
07-12-2013 :  Revised PA and three copies of the Amendment received from Enterprise requesting signatures. Did mine and forwarded to Cheral Jones for hers and then Christine Warnock. Upon receipt, sent two copies as requested back to Enterprise Rental
06-27-2013 :  Signed Amendment received. Provided copy to Corinna Cooper for tracking purposes. CWarnock reviewing revised Participating Amendment, meanwhile posted updated CCI to contract portal page, and sent copy to the Travel Stakeholder Team as well as our contracted Travel Agencies.
06-25-2013 :  received the pricing for 07/01/13 but still haven't received signed amendment. Robert Lerch following up with Corporate
04-18-2013 :  CCI posted to contract portal page along with Broadcast
04-11-2013 :  Received belated notice provided by contractor that contract was amended by lead state, Oregon, to change age of drivers allowed to drive the passenger vans, for 18 to 20, to over 21 age only.This was effective March 3, 3013 (date signed by Oregon). Haven't received any customer inquiries so we should be okay implementing now.
02-14-2013 :  Updated CCI to include the Service Requirements to assist customers in easily finding this information
12-12-2012 :  contract documents updated to DES as appropriate
12-11-2012 :  change Contract Administrator to Connie Stacy
10-03-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThis contract has been extended through October 18, 2015.
10-03-2012 :  The new contract term will be effective October 18, 2012. At that time all dates will be updated in the system.
07-10-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThe WSCA Travel Sourcing Team met with both Enterprise and Hertz at the end of May. The team elected to extend the WSCA Price Agreements with both Hertz and Enterprise an additional three years. The extensions have just been completed. Both Agreements expire on 10/18/2015. There wasn’t any change in prices related to these extensions.
05-01-2012 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTThe new pricing for Enterprise/National went into effect today, and a updated price sheet has been posted to the WEB.
04-20-2012 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTEffective May 1, 2012 Enterprise/National will have a price increase go into effect. The price increase was granted by the lead State, which is Oregon.
12-09-2011 :  Please note that under contract 03710 Nationwide Vehicle Rental Services, box truck locations are not included in the contract. If you rent a vehicle from one of the box truck locations you would need to purchase insurance, as this is not a contract rental.
07-11-2011 :  Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV) rentals are now available to Enterprise Rent-A-Car customers in Seattle at the University District rental location at 5715 Roosevelt Way NE. Enterprise installed a charging station manufactured by EV Charge America at the University District location. There is no refueling cost for returning a vehicle with less than a full charge. University of Washington employees have the opportunity to test drive the Nissan LEAF at the university’s motor pool Wednesday, July 13.
03-11-2011 :  I continue to receive inquiries on how to get setup with National. Customers wishing to have accounts setup will need to contact Sandy Svobada at (425) 917 7559 or to have their accounts setup.
02-09-2011 :  There has been some questions from customers regarding whether or not Enterprise locations must remain open to meet all flight times. Under the new WSCA contract, the addition of National has eliminated the need for those Enterprise locations to remain open. All National airport locations are open 24 hours, so travelers will need to make sure they are loaded in the system for the National brand. Customers may contact Sandy Svoboda at or (425) 917-7559 to ensure they are setup prior to making travel arrangements.
01-11-2011 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTThe new pricing for Enterprise Holdings went into effect January 1st and has been posted to the website. The increase applies to all participating states under the WSCA contract.
12-15-2010 :  Enterprise Holdings has requested a price increase of 1.2%. Under the price agreement, they are allowed to request a rate increase that is tied to the Producers Price Index (PPI) annually. The new rates become effective on January 1, 2011. Although Washington didn’t start participation on this WSCA contract until August first, the contract has been in place since November 2009, which allows Enterprise Holdings a increase at this time. Tim Hay with Oregon (the lead state) has granted the increase.
11-10-2010 :  We are in the process of signing a Participating Addendum with Hertz for our cooperative Purchasing members only. Some members had expressed an interest to the State of Oregon, regarding using their contract via the interstate compact that allows cooperative purchasing members from Washington to participate under Oregon’s contracts. Management decided it was in our best interest to sign our own PA with Hertz for the Cooperative members. The PA has been sent to Will Cosby in Los Angeles for signature.
09-10-2010 :  Robert Lerch with Enterprise Holdings has agreed to speak at this years Trade Show on October 28th. The training will consist of an overview of all the new travel contracts that were put in place over the last year, which include the car rental contract. It will be held as an open forum, so customers can get all the information they need from each contractor that is present.
08-09-2010 :  The contract with Enterprise Holdings is now in place. The transition to the new contract seems to be going well and customer feedback has indicated that the addition of National with Enterprise is a positive, as it allows greater availability.