Contract Updates

Contract Number: 03706 Active for MFD Reports ONLY  

02-19-2015 : CONTRACT STATUSAn email was sent to Bill Thompson of Sharp on February 12, 2015 regarding the past due invoices for their contract administration fee. They are required to pay the past due amounts by March 1, 2015. If all past due fees are not paid by March 1, 2015 they will be sent to collections and their contract with the State of Washington will be suspended for up to 30 days or until all past due contract admiinistration fees are received in full by DES.
12-11-2013 :  Received 2nd and 3rd quarter report from Xerox.
12-05-2013 :  Email sent to Konica, Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox requesting that they separate out the 3rd quarter report and not combine the old contract usage with the new contract. These reports will have to be reentered, correcting the previous submitted reports. Canon has already submitted separate reports.
12-05-2013 :  Contract administrator changed to Sheila Mott.
12-05-2013 :  Due to the continuing leasing agreements under this contract, Contractors are required to submit usage reports. Contractors will be billed the 2% managment fees on a quarterly basis until leases expire. Four of the contractors have not submitted usage for this contract.
01-09-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSThere will be no CCI update for January. I am working on Participating Addendums to participate in the WSCA Copier contract and anticipate sending them to all awarded Contractors the week of January 14, 2013. This contract expires April 1, 2013 and will be replaced by 07912.
12-04-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe December Current Contract Information (CCI) has been posted to the web. Canon has been approved to add the following devices: iR 6255, iR 6265, iR 6275, iR 8285, iR 8595, iR 8205, iT C5232, iR C 5240, iR C5250, and iR C5255.
10-24-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe November (CCI) Current Contract Information was posted today. Canon has added the VarioPrint 135, Sharp removed MX-3111U and added C312, MX-2615N, and MX - 3115N to Category 9. Sharp is also offering a promotion through the end of the contract term, April 1, 2013. Details are on the Sharp/WA website. Konica Minolta has added the bizhub 215 for Category 2.
10-17-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe current contract expires April 1, 2013 with no extension options remaining. Washington anticipates signing Particiapting Addendums with all awarded Contractors on the WSCA Copier contract effective April 2, 2013. Participating Addendums will go to all awarded Contractors in January 2013. With Procurement Reform changes this will allow for Washington to ask each Contractor for a Best and Final Offer (BAFO), with the intent of securing lower pricing for Washington.
07-23-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe State has agreed to allow Pacific Office Automation (POA) to continue as an authorized for contract 03706 with the following conditions: 1) POA will provide ongoing training to their sales representatives consisting of the processes and procedures under the terms and conditions of State Contract #03706 and any future contracts of which they are an authorized dealer. 2) POA will partner with each manufacturer to establish a consistent and accurate process for offering proposals to public entities, and provide oversight to ensure public entities are receiving products and services as expected. 3) POA will provide any documentation requested by the State for any sale under the terms and conditions of State Contract #03706. Question may directed to Neva Peckham at
06-28-2012 : CONTRACT STATUS1) The July Current Contract Information (CCI) will be posted to the web June 29, 2012. Ricoh has requested and been approved to add an alternate address for processing orders and remitting payment. Also, all pricing links were repaired. 2) I am in the process of reviewing POA's documentation prior to making the decision whether or not to allow POA as an authorized dealer.
05-30-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSA meeting with Pacific Office Automation (POA) and the appropriate manufacturers will be held June 7, 2012 in attempt to resolve the outstanding issues. POA will not be removed from the contract pending the outcome of the meeting on the 7th.
05-29-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEEffective June 1, 2012, Pacific Office Automation (POA) will no longer be an authorized dealer on this contract. Current POA customers should contact the manufacturer directly to have all POA serviced devices transferred to a new dealer. A DES Broadcast will go out this week with additional information.
05-04-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSParticipating Addendums are in the process of being created in anticipation of Washington's participation the WSCA Multi-function Document Device contract.
03-08-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe March CCI has been posted to the web with the following information: 1) Ricoh has been approved to offer a promotion through March 31, 2012. See CCI for details of the promotion. 2) Sharp cost per copy has been verified and updated in categories 4, 5, and 10. See CCI for details. 3) Sharp has added Kelley Imaging as an authorized dealer. See CCI for specific dealer information. 4) Canon has added H and H Business Systems as an authorized dealer. See CCI for specific dealer information. 6) All references to IKON will be rebranded to Ricoh effective April 1, 2012.
02-01-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe February CCI has been posted. Xerox cpc has been lowered, Sharp has updates to cpc, and Ricoh has extended their promotion through March 31, 2012.
01-05-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSI have received a request from Xerox to lower their prices. I will review their proposal and make a decision for the February 2012 CCI update along with any other action necessary at that time.
10-06-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSThere are a few changes this month. 1) Larry Laissue replaces Todd Marron as contact for Ricoh. 2) Tim Lynn temporarily replaces Jason Ostendorf as contact for Canon. 3) Ricoh is approved to extend their promo through December 31, 2011.
10-06-2011 :   
09-06-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSThe following updates were made to the September 2011 current contract Information: 1) Updated models that have been previously approved are being added to the applicable category. The updates are being made in this CCI. See updates for Xerox on pages 59, 65, 80, 90. 2) Konica Minolta is approved to add bizhub b25 to Category 2. See highlighted section on page 62. 3) Konica Minolta is approved to add the following devices: a. Category 12 – bizhub C6000. See highlighted section on page 112. b. Category 12 – bizhub C7000. See highlighted section on page 112. c. Category 12 – bizhub C8000. See highlighted section on page 112. 4) Ricoh models have been updated to include the Lanier and Savin equivalents in each category. 5) Ricoh’s authorized dealer, Witt Company’s service area has been updated to include Mason and Island counties. See highlighted section on page 28. 6) Ricoh authorized dealers have been removed: a. Copier Etc. b. Business Interiors & Equipment – Moses Lake c. Action Service Group (Action Photocopy) 7) Ricoh has been approved to lower the percentage off list price for all lease pricing. See attached spreadsheet. 8) Xerox has been approved to add eCopy software to the contract. 9) Xerox has been approved to add the following devices: a.Category 3 – WC3550X. See highlighted section on page 70. b.Category 5 – WC5150. See highlighted section on page 80. 10) Sharp has been approved to add the following device: a.Category 10 – MX 7110N. See highlighted section on page 105. b.Category 10 – MX 4111N. See highlighted section on page 105. c.Category 10 – MX 5110N. See highlighted section on page 105. d.Category 10 – MX 5111N. See highlighted section on page 105. 11) Sharp has a new Primary contract. See highlighted section on page 31
08-05-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSKonica Minolta has been approved to remove the bizhub C35 from the state contract effective August 1, 2011.
08-05-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSRicoh has been approved to continue their promo through December 31, 2011. The promo information is posted in the August 4, 2011 current contract information.
08-01-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSAn investigation was requested, and completed regarding the Xerox placement at the Department of Personnel. Xerox's placement was found null and void. They will work with DOP to remove the Multi-function devices and issue a check to DOP for the total amount of the overpayment.
07-18-2011 : CONTRACT REBIDA sourcing team has been established to look into the possibility of participatioin in the WSCa Multi-function device contract or re-bid on our own.
04-27-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSA meeting was held with Canon and POA (Pacific Office Automation on April 26, 2011. All outstanding issues have been resolved and POA is in good standing with the State.
03-15-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSA Sourcing Team has been established to facillitate a re-bid of this contract as there are no extension options remaining. The first meeting is April 7, 2011. This meeting will begin discussions whether the State will participate in the WSCA (Western State Contracting Alliance) multi-function device contract, or re-bid on our own. A time line will be created to ensure no break in coverage.
03-15-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSThere continues to be problems with POA (Pacific Office Automation. I had a teleconference with the owner, and have been assured the issues will be resolved, but that seems to not be the case. I will reach out to them again and see if the issues can be resolved. If they cannot, I will ask that POA be removed as an authorized dealer from the contract.
02-10-2011 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONA twenty-four (24) month extention was granted to Canon USA, Konica Minolta Business Systems, Ricoh Americas Corporation, Sharp USA, and Xerox, effective April 2, 2011 through April 1, 2013. There are no extension options remaining.
01-24-2011 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONAll extension documentation has been received. Extension completion is in progress. No break in coverage is expected.
01-05-2011 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract Extension Offers have been received by all vendors. Contract Amendment paperwork will be sent January 5, 2011 with a response date of January 20, 2011.
12-13-2010 :  Twenty (24)-month contract extension offers were sent to all vendors today with a response data of December 31, 2010. The final extension will be effective April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2013. There are no extension options remaining for this contract. A stakeholder group will be established in Spring 2011 to begin the re-bid process.
12-06-2010 :  An updated CCI (current contract information) was posted to the web with the following changes: 1) The following Canon devices will be discontinued effective December 1, 2010: a. imageRUNNER 5055 b. imageRUNNER 5065 c. imageRUNNER 3080 d. imageRUNNER 3480 e. imagePRESS 7000/6000 series 2) The following Canon devices will be added to the contract to replace the discontinued devices list above: a. imageRUNNER C2000 b. imagePRESS 6010 c. imagePRESS 7010 All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
11-03-2010 :  An updated CCI (current contract information) will be posted to the web today, 11/03/2010. The following changes will be reflected: 1) Ricoh has updated location and contact information for the following dealers, see highlighted section on page 27 : •Image Tech (Spokane) •H & H Business Systems (Spokane) •Update contact information for IKON dealer, see page highlighted section on page 24. 2)Canon has updated their ordering information to include purchase/rental/lease/or services orders. See highlighted section on page 10. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
06-16-2010 :  Effective June 15, 2010, Konica Minolta will replace the following equipment: 1) Category 1 - bizhub 282 will be replaced with bizhub 283 2) Category 2 - bizhub 362 will be replaced with bizhub 363 3) Category 3 - buzhub 421 will be replaced with bizhub 423
06-09-2010 :  A meeting is scheduled with GA, OFM, and DIS to discuss the hard drive data security issues in MFD's. The result of the meeting is to prepare a communication statewide that will provide agnices options for hard dirve security. The meeting is scheduled for June 9, 2010.
05-12-2010 :  Current Contract Information (CCI) has been updated and posted to the web with the following information: 1) Effective May 1, 2010, Sharp will replace the following machine: a)Category 7 – MX0M700 will be replaced with MX-M753N. 2)Effective May 1, 2020, Xerox will replace the following machines: a)Category 11 – WC7755P will replace WC7655P b)Category 12 – WC7765P will replace WC7665P 3)Effective May 1, 2010, Ricoh will replace the following machines: a)Category 2 – MP2851SP will replace MP2550SP b)Category 3 – MP3351SP will replace MP3550SPF c)Category 3 – MP4001SP will replace MP4000SP d)Category 4 – MP5001SP will replace MP5000SP e)Category 12 – MPC6501 will replace MPC6000 f)Category 12 – MPC7501 will replace MPC7500 4)Effective May 1, 2010, to correct the accidental deletion of ABECO and CBS authorized dealers for Canon. See page 8.
04-06-2010 :  There have been many questions regarding the recent legislation that prohibits agencies from encumbering more than $5000 for equipment purchases through June 2011. GA sent a Broadcast that explains the specifics of the legislation.
03-23-2010 :  On 12/14/2009, GA Sustituted Xerox's WC 5030 to the WC 5135. The multifunctional device has the same price as the 5030, meets all requirements of category 3, has enhanced capabilities and better reliability. The contract was updated and published with the changes. This contract update was misfiled in another contract on 12/14/2009, so it was replaced here today.
03-03-2010 :  Neva Peckham (360) 902-7425 will take over administration on the Copier Contract on March 1, 2010. Keith Armstrong (still at GA) will still be working on special projects and will be available to facilitate pending transactions. Please send all questions to Ms. Peckham for resolution.
01-12-2010 :  Customer inquired about the effect of using 100% recycled paper in current copiers. Customer was concerned that increased maintenance caused by 100% recycled paper may void product warranty. See GA's response: Using 100% recycled paper will not void your warranty. GA went to each vendor prior to this “green regulation” to determine if the current devices on the market can use recycled paper and what effect it would have on maintenance of those machines. The use does affect maintenance, but not significantly. GA is working with all of the vendors to adjust the contract if needed to make sure this contract change works for both the customer and vendor. Even with 100% recycled paper, service will be maintained under contract conditions.
12-10-2009 :  Met with Ricoh about contract sales, new promotions and new products to be added to contract. Ricoh's price promotion that started September 1, 2009 ends on December 31, 2009.
11-17-2009 :  IKON published a letter (on contract web page) to customers detailing its committment to customers and its ability to continue service to current customers with Canon equipment. IKON details its experience, training and resources to handle service and repair of Canon equipment. If questions arise, please contact IKON or the Keith Armstrong, Contract Administrator at
10-22-2009 :  Sent contract amendment to GA management to review and accept Canon's offer to improve pricing on its contract award. Once reviewed and accepted, Canon will start selling on the contract Nov. 1, 2009. A new Canon website will be launched by Nov. 1, 2009 for customers to access Canon products.
10-22-2009 :  Held a meeting with IKON's VP, Rom Remker. Discussed copier contract and how IKON will continue service and support to its Canon placement after Canon comes onto the state contract.
10-21-2009 :  Ricoh updated its dealer network to include Image Tech to service the Spokane area.
10-21-2009 :  Konica Minolta requests an extension of its service agreement with over 266 machines that still need service and supplies. These machines were placed on the prior copier contract #05899. This agreement allows the customers to maintain service levels that they are used to when the contract was in force. Since the contract does contains a survivability clause which allows the vendor to continue service for 5 years after the contract ends, this contract action is appropriate and approved for another year.
09-01-2009 :  Sent notice of intent to award to Konica Minolta, Sharp, Ricoh and Xerox. GA intends to award to Canon USA on the copier contract.
08-24-2009 :  Ricoh price promotion is extended until August 31, 2009. Customer transactions will continue to be valid until that date.
08-12-2009 :  Updated contract page with new reduced pricing for Xerox's new ColorQube dry ink technology. ColorQube machines automatically price color printing to the amount of color on the page. Color charges range from some color on the page which is priced the same as black and white at $0.0067/copy to $0.0302 for everday color and $0.0812 for expressive color. Also, Xerox add two organizations (Magnum Laser & Superior Technical Resources) for training purposes throughout the state.
08-06-2009 :  Reviewed new ColorQube product with Xerox and the proposed reduced pricing for the new color ink technology. Noted that the ColorQube has 3 pricing levels that the Xerox machine will automatically register depending if minimal color, or periodic color or a lot of color being present on the page. Xerox's new color technology will put the cost of some color printing to near black & white pricing. For customers wanting sustainability goals, this product may give them an extra boost to meet sustainability goals. Also, the new Xerox models work with 100% recycled paper. New pricing should be on the contract the week of August 10, 2009.
07-28-2009 :  Sharp offers 4 new models to its product line. These models, MX 283, 383,453 and 503. These models have high resolution touch screens, built-in keyboarding, XPS scanning option, increased security, multi-tasking controller, 1200 x 1200 dpi printing, bigger document filing capacity, Gig of ethernet, Windows Vista capable, etc. all at competitive pricing. These improvements serve the best interests of the State, so the models are approved and will be posted today.
07-28-2009 :  Xerox offers substitutions and product additions with new technology on the contract. The substitution of both WC7428 for WC7328 and WC7346 for WC7345 are approved as upgrades to existing machines on the contract. The added machines meet or beat the specifications of the contract, and remains competitively priced as a percentage off list price. Three machines in category 10, 11 and 12 using the ColorQube solid ink technology are approved. The ColorQube is a new technology in ink in the marketplace. The ColorQube works with certain Xerox machines. Those machine specifications meet or beat the contract requirements. These machine use the new technology of the ColorQube ink. The specifications called for on the contract did not anticipate this technology and environmental convenience. The ColorQube has not competitors in the market place due to the cutting-edge technology developed by Xerox. Competitive pricing is difficult because no other product like exists in the market. Xerox does present the same pricing strategy for this new product. The pricing is GSA level pricing, which is the lowest government price that Xerox provides in the market. This solid ink technology has several advantages for customers that regular ink cannot provide: • No cartridge to discard • Reduces energy consumed and greenhouse gas emissions by over 10% • 90% waste free • Reduces the cost of producing color pages; pay only for color you use • More convenient to use, no bottles, no mess, nothing to discard • Vibrant color even on 100% recycled paper • Customers seeking sustainability products can look at this new product to satisfy several sustainable goals The listed products offered by Xerox falls within the scope of the contractor’s award and the scope of the contract. This new equipment is adequately described and list pricing will be updated. These models and substitutions are approved as the best interests of the State.
07-10-2009 :  Updated Ricoh's price schedule of discontinued models and replacements on the contract. Contract will be updated by Monday, July 13, 2009. Also, Ricoh's pricing promotion has been extended until July 31, 2009.
07-07-2009 :  Sharp discontinued models MX-3501; MX-4501;MX-2300;MX-2700 and added new models MX-C311; MX-C401;MX-3100N;MX-4100N;MX-4101N;MX-5001N;MX-6201N;MX-7001N. These new models meet the BLI standard for specifications, pricing and function. The models also meet or exceed the contract specifications. Because the new models add more functionality for customers at the same price points, the models will be added as the best interest of the State.
06-29-2009 :  Ricoh sent GA a reminder about a request to approve refinancing a placement that was started during the last contract term (prior to April 2, 2009) but did not get finalized until now. IKON initially negotiated a transaction with Freeman School District in Spokane, WA to upgrade some of their copiers. But with budget freezes going on, approval has been delayed until this week. The customer upgraded three machines to a 60 month lease while absorbing the remainder of the prior lease. The customer upgrades their copiers while saving over 140.00 per month. Because this transaction was made prior to the new contract term and provides benefits to the customers it is approved as the best interests of the State.
06-15-2009 :  Met with Xerox about new products, late fees on delivery and assessments for customers. GA will research the late fee issue and issue a clarification or contract admendment.
06-11-2009 :  Ricoh's pricing promotion extended until July 31, 2009.
06-11-2009 :  Accepted a customer invitation to Military Youth Academy in Bremerton to resolve service provider changes for customer. Ricoh and IKON representative will also attend.
06-04-2009 :  IKON lists a new Director of Sales, Clint Phillips 425-576-3831. He will be the contact for IKON sales and service issues. Jim Tripp, former IKON Sales Director is still with the company and will be primary contact for sales and service for all government customers.
06-04-2009 :  Met with Michelle Lovely at Konica-Minolta to discuss service coverage in Spokane County. Konica has several technicians located in the area but will list the Seattle address for correspondence. Konica-Minolta's revised dealer listing provides better coverage for the State. Also discussed issues relating to State Printer and its activity with political subdivisions.
06-01-2009 :  Met with Xerox last week to clarify language in their proposal to Dept of Personnel that some of the language may be confusing to customers leading them to believe that managed print was part of Contract #-3706. Xerox will make the changes and clarification to future proposals.
06-01-2009 :  GA had previously approved model 4118x to add to Xerox's product line, but the contract information document had not been updated. That document was updated and posted last week.
05-29-2009 :  Ricoh request approval for machines for several political subdivisions that wanted Canon equipment. These transactions were ordered through IKON prior to the new contract extension. The machines were delivered and installed after April 1, 2009. These various machines meet the contract terms and conditions, save the customer money and increases their copying flexibility and capacity. These transactions have gone through the customers internal approval process but had not completed that that process until now. Because all of the conditions of the contract have been met in product specification, pricing, benefits to customer, these transaction are approved as the best interests of the State.
05-27-2009 :  Sharp requests to add a Category 1 desktop copier for small offices that do not need 11 x 17 printing. Over 100 customers have them already, but the item is not on contract. Over 100 are already placed and about 100 more are pending approval. Sharp wants to add the AR-208D to the contract to make it easier for current and new customer purchases. This machine is comparable to others in category 1 and is priced competitvely. Customers save over $140/month by using this machine rather than spend $1000 more in category 2. This copier is designed for small offices with low volume and regular sheet copy needs. Since customers are willing to get these copiers off contract now, it would be in the best interests of the State to add them to the contract. All of the specifications, price points, warranties etc. meet or exceed the contract terms and condition. The contract addition will be effective May 27, 2009.
05-18-2009 :  Posted a contrac term clarification effective with the new 24-month contract extension. The clarification spells out that this contract is an equipment based contract and is not associated with print management. The clarification defines print management. This same clarification was sent via GA's bi-weekly broadcasts and on the current contract information page on the web.
05-18-2009 :  Sharp adds a machine to category 1 due to customer demand for a lower end model that copies, faxes, scans, automatic feeding and two-sided copying. This model will help many smalll offices with small or restricted budgets.
05-18-2009 :  Added new models for Konica Minolta. These models replace the outdated models currently sold on the contract. Category 2 addes the B282 replacing the B250; Category 3 model B362 replaces the B350; Category 11 model C552 replaces the C550; Category 12 model C652 replaces the C650.
05-18-2009 :  Added Xerox model 4118x to product line. This is the same product as the 4118p but has fax capability and other features for the same price point.
05-15-2009 :  Based on customer demand, Konica Minolta adds new models to the contract. The following category have added models. Category 2 model B282 being added and replacing the B250; Category 3 model B362 being added and replacing the B350; Category 11 model C552 being added and replacing the C550; category 12 model C652 being added and replacing the C650. These models meet or exceed the contract specification and the pricing format is the same as required by the contract. Adding these models are in the best interests of the State.
04-15-2009 :  Konica Minolta requests product substitutions and contract addition of the the C5501 in categoy 12 of the contract. All of the machines submitted meet or exceed the contract specifications, competitive pricing models, and provide an upgrade to models already approved on the contract. Substitution of these models are in the best interest of the State. Konica Minolta also requests to add a model to categoy 12, the C5501. The model also meets the contract conditions for sale on the cotnract. The substitutions of the 601 for the 600 and 751 for the 750 are both approved. Also, the product addition for the C5501 is approved for sale on the state contract.
04-01-2009 :  Contract extensions for Xerox, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Ricoh were executed today for a 2 year term. IKON has been acquired by Ricoh systems so they are no longer a contract holder but an authorized dealer and subsidiary of Ricoh Corporation. Contract amendments were executed today, so business as normal for the next 24 months. GA has not determined what action to take to address customers who want new Canon equipment. For now, IKON will service all Canon placements on the contract until that customers' term ends. Customers will be updated on the Canon issue soon, but the decision is pending.
03-23-2009 :  Discussed with all vendors the pending contract extension for one year under the same terms and conditions. Deadline for response is March 27, 2009. Contract will extend under the same terms and conditions.
03-03-2009 :  Met with Xerox about clarifcation on copier terms and conditions on non-appropriations clause, service issues, 3rd party financing and contract compliance issues. Plan to submit a clarification on GA webcast and on current contract information document to assist customers and vendors of the contract interpretation. Clarification should be posted by end of the month.
03-03-2009 :  South Puget Sound Community College presented a problem with Xerox copier that continues to fail even after service. Xerox addressed the issue and replaced the unit with a new machine. Service issue resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.
02-18-2009 :  Pulled contract again for contract extension possibilities. GA management is reviewing options regarding this contract.
02-18-2009 :  Posted updated list of authorized dealers for Ricoh.
02-10-2009 :  Reviewed Contractor Performance Reports (CPE) from customers on services received on the contract. Some CPE require follow-up, while some detail good service by vendors. None of the information received at GA by report or phone or mail prohibits all current contractors from be approved for a contract extension. Written information and phone calls will be relevant for contract extension discussions.
02-10-2009 :  Reviewing bulk buy requests for Xerox and Sharp.
01-13-2009 :  Recieved updated insurance certificate from Xerox Corporation, isuued on 01-01-2009, valid from 01-01-2009 to 01-01-2010
01-08-2009 :  Sent out Contractor Performance Evaluations to major customers to get input about the copier contract. Feedback is due 1/30/2009. Also drafted a statewide broadcast to be sent by e-mail to customers requesting their input.
01-08-2009 :  Sharp proposed to add products, 2600, 3100, 7001N, 850, 950 and 110 to the contract. These products meet or exceed the specifications on the original bid, has pricing consistent with the contract terms and is in the best interests of the State.
01-08-2009 :  Sharp sent to GA a proposal for a bulk buy proposal for Tacoma School District. Sharp conducted a free print assessment and proposed to satisfy the districts needs based on that assessment. The bulk buy fits the criteria under the contract, has advantaged pricing, better machines and meets the needs of Tacoma School District. This proposal is in the best interests of the customer and is approved as of 12/29/2008.
12-31-2008 :  IKON scheduled to meet with Kitsap County about service complaints. GA plans to participate by phone to facilitate resolution.
12-08-2008 :  Received a complaint from Kitsap County about IKON billing issues. Contacted contractor for feedback and possible resolution to customers issue. Pulled contract for review of terms to determine appropriate contract action. Unit Manager Cheral Jones will contact the customer to respond to billing complaint.
12-03-2008 :  Effective October 31, 2008, Canon USA ended its confidential agreement and authorized distributorship with IKON Office Solutions, Inc. to sell Canon products and services on State Contract #03706. Due to the recent acquisition of IKON by the Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Ricoh), IKON is no longer an authorized dealer to make new sales of Canon equipment. IKON is allowed to continue selling its current inventory of Canon equipment, spare parts and supplies until that inventory is exhausted. Any equipment sold by IKON will be serviced until the the agency's term ends on that equipment. IKON may continue to provide maintenance and repair services for Canon business equipment. See contract website for more details.
12-03-2008 :  Ricoh has a new pricing promotion for customers who want to upgrade or modify their equipment fleet. This 90-day promotion provides significant price incentives for customers to try Ricoh equipment. See IKON or Ricoh represenatative on the contract web page.
11-25-2008 :  On Oct. 2, 2008, met with Tim Lynn, State Account Representative for Cannon and John Concha, Dist. Acct. Executive to IKON about Cannon's relationship to the state contract. The representatives informed GA that once the Ricoh acquisition was final, Cannon would be officially cancelling their dealer authorization for IKON. This means that IKON will not represent Cannon on the contract from that point forward.
10-23-2008 :  On November 11, 2008, meeting Bart Lemmon of Ricoh about pending impact to WA customers due to purchase of IKON as a dealer for Ricoh. Contract vendors and customer have been provided with latest changes and potential impact on contract information page on the web. Consistent with ongoing meetings with vendors, service levels will stay the same for IKON customers and others on the contract.
09-11-2008 :  Met with Tim Lynn of Canon U.S.A., Inc. Mr. Lynn confirmed the same facts that was broadcast to customers recently from GA's bi-weekly e-mail broadcast. Canon will support Washington customers no matter which way IKON goes. The purchase offer of Ricoh for IKON has a long process to go, so no changes to operations should be needed until after summer of 2009, if not later.
09-11-2008 :  Reviewed a request to rewrite Central Kitsap School District's contract of copiers placed with prior state contract with new pricing of new contract #03706. The upgrade and rewrite of Cental Kitsap's Canon iR110 which has been underutilzed has been approved. The machine has a lot of use left in it and the rewrite saves the customer 1212.00 per month. Since this rewrite is in the best interests of the customer, the State approves the transaction, effectively immediately.
08-08-2008 :  Followed up with IKON about outstanding billing to Spokane DOT for Oct & Nov 2007. Reminded IKON that Mr. Hess warned that if no proof in hand that invoices are paid, the vendor could come back later to ask for payment. That prediction happened, but according to IKON, it was a mistake by their billing partner. According to IKON's direction, all invoices for Spokane DOT would come through headquarters before being forwarded on to the customer. IKON would double check the invoice for accuracy and appropriateness, then forward the invoice on to Spokane DOT. The mistake ocurred when IKON's billing partner sent the Oct - Nov billing notice directly to Spokane DOT without going through IKON headquarters. Upone the contract administrator's insistence, IKON sent another assurance to Spokane DOT that this problem will not occur again and to ignore the Oct - Nov invoice bills. To show IKON's good faith dealing with this mistake, IKON sent an e-mail to Rick Hess and Spokane DOT stating that if any outstanding bills arose from the Oct - Nov 2007 bills, then IKON would absorb those costs. All parties in that communication received that assurance and promise to absorb any outstanding invoices from Oct - Nov.
06-20-2008 :  Reviewed Konica-Minolta's request to substitute model 421 for 421 in category 4 (40-49 cpm) monochrome, standalone and networked machines. The pricing remains the same, the machine is an upgrade to the old one on contract, three more accessories are added at appropriate pricing. Also other optional accessories were offered at similar pricing to competitors for the same options. Requested from vendor if new options were priced at similar margin than contract offered accessories. If so, the vendor's request will be approved on Monday, June 23, 2008.
06-19-2008 :  Talked with Dave Huwe of Sharp. The finance company sent out official notices about late charges to all customers. None of those notices apply to Washington customers. WA contract customers should ignore the letters and watch their bills. Mr. Huwe wants Sharp to send out a retraction, but not likely. Mr. Huwe and I will field the inquiries from the customer base and tell them to ignore the notices, they do not apply.
04-21-2008 :  Myrna Busick of Copiers NW made a public disclosure request for the 2008 1st quarter sales on contract #03706
04-05-2007 :  Current Contract Information (CCI) document published to OSP website on April 2, 2007. Effective date of contract is April 2, 2007 through April 1, 2009.
03-20-2007 :  Succesful bidders announced and award made to: IKON, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox.