Contract Updates

Contract Number: 03508 WSCA Telephone Based Interpreter Services  

03-28-2014 :  Dale Colbert will be developing an Executive Summary for Christine Warnock to present to the WSCA directors, primarily to request that another state take the lead on the rebid
07-03-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Marci Disken appointed Contract Administrator
11-07-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGE: State of Iowa has submitted a PA in order to use contract #03508. They will be using CTS Language Link. WSCA has approved.
11-04-2011 : CONTRACT STATUS: Received PA from Iowa asking to use this WSCA contract. WSCA and vendor have approved the request.
09-01-2011 :  No new developments with this contract.
08-04-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Cathy Moxley appointed Contract Administrator
02-10-2011 :  Contract with all three vendors (CTS LanguageLink, Language Line Services and Pacific Interpreters) through February 15, 2013. Contractor Information pages also updated.
02-24-2009 :  Contract awarded on Feb. 9, 2009 to CTS LanguageLink of Vancouver, Washington; Language Line Services of Monterey, California; and Pacific Interpreters of Portland, Oregon. Effective date of new contract is Feb. 16, 2009. Administration of contract turned over to Jeri Brown.
10-30-2008 :  Carla with Language Inter Svcs called and asked general questions about WSCA, the fee included in the RFP, what consitutes a customer, how would this contract be marketed, etc. I provided the general responses
06-16-2008 :  This solicitation is a rebid of IFB 06407 which was cancelled on June 13, 2008.