Contract Updates

Contract Number: 03508 WSCA Telephone Based Interpreter Services  

02-17-2015 :  The WSCA Board of Directors has approved the team's award recommendation. State of NM preparing announcement, etc.
02-11-2015 :  The State of Nevada has sent us three hard copy signed Participating Amendments with each of the three contractors for remainder of the contract term, 06/30/15. Will send copies to Tim Hay/WSCA accordingly.
01-23-2015 :  The WSCA team for the rebid of this contract (reference Contract 05614 for status of rebid) has sent a recommendation to the WSCA Board of Directors regarding award of the replacement contract
10-29-2014 :  All three contractors have agreed to the extension
10-24-2014 :  Amendments emailed to the three contractors, CTS, Language Line and Pacific Interpreters
10-21-2014 :  Three amendments prepared (#6) to extend from 02/15/15 through 06/30/15
10-20-2014 :  WSCA requested an extension through end of June, 2015 to cover us during the interim of evaluating and awarding 05614
10-14-2014 :  please refer to RFP 05614 for current rebid status
08-29-2014 :  Requested and received usage by language, duration of service request, etc from all three contractors for incorporation into the rebid contract document 01714. Please refer to that contract number for rebid status.
08-22-2014 :  Updated CCI with executed amendment # 5 that stipulates there shall be no recording of requested interpreting encounters. All existing recordings of DSHS and HCA service requests must be destroyed in accordance with accepted destruction standards specified by purchaser.
07-18-2014 :  please refer to Contract #05614 for further rebid information
07-08-2014 :  Telecon facilitated by Tim Hays/WSCA and attendees included Angelica Lopez/NM (lead state), Pam Anderson (CT), myself and Richard Carlson/WSCA. Please refer to Contract 05614 for additional information regarding the rebid.
06-23-2014 :  The state of New Mexico, Agelica Lopez, will take lead on rebid of this contract. Kick-off telecon of stakeholders scheduled for July 1, 2014.
05-09-2014 :  At DSHS's request, notified the three contractors that DSHS implementing program that includes recording of telecons between their staff and interpreter/client. All have responded affirmative
04-21-2014 :  CCI posted to update contract administrator to Connie Stacy
03-28-2014 :  Dale Colbert will be developing an Executive Summary for Christine Warnock to present to the WSCA directors, primarily to request that another state take the lead on the rebid
07-03-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEMarci Disken appointed Contract Administrator
11-07-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGEState of Iowa has submitted a PA in order to use contract #03508. They will be using CTS Language Link. WSCA has approved.
11-04-2011 : CONTRACT STATUSReceived PA from Iowa asking to use this WSCA contract. WSCA and vendor have approved the request.
09-01-2011 :  No new developments with this contract.
08-04-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECathy Moxley appointed Contract Administrator
02-10-2011 :  Contract with all three vendors (CTS LanguageLink, Language Line Services and Pacific Interpreters) through February 15, 2013. Contractor Information pages also updated.
02-24-2009 :  Contract awarded on Feb. 9, 2009 to CTS LanguageLink of Vancouver, Washington; Language Line Services of Monterey, California; and Pacific Interpreters of Portland, Oregon. Effective date of new contract is Feb. 16, 2009. Administration of contract turned over to Jeri Brown.
10-30-2008 :  Carla with Language Inter Svcs called and asked general questions about WSCA, the fee included in the RFP, what consitutes a customer, how would this contract be marketed, etc. I provided the general responses
06-16-2008 :  This solicitation is a rebid of IFB 06407 which was cancelled on June 13, 2008.