Contract Updates

Contract Number: 02908 electrical supplies  

08-25-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSContract 02908 will reach its maximum term date on 8/30/2014. Contract 05114 has been awarded and will be active for customer use 8/30/2014. The awarded vendor will Consolidated Electrical Distributors. For Contact and ordering information please see the DES portal page or contact Glen McNeill at 360-407-9417 or
07-31-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSDue to the activation of the Washington State Emergency Operations Center for the wildfires in Eastern Washington CS has secured a short term extension of Contract 02908, Electrical Supplies. The duration of this extension will be from 7/31/2014 to 8/30/2014 or until contract 05114 is awarded and in place. Announcement of the ASB (Apparent Successful Bidder) of IFB 05114, Electrical Supplies Will-Call is expected on 7/31/2014 and Contract 02908 will end when DES executes signatures.
07-10-2014 : CONTRACT REBID STATUSContract 02908 is set to expire. New contract will 05114 IFB and has been posted and set is set to close 7/17/2014. Bids will be evaluated and awarded the week of the 21st. No gap in contract coverage is expected.
06-16-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSContract 02908, Electrical Supplies is being rebid. New Contract number will be 05114. Rebid was posted to WEBS after supervisory review on Thursday 06/12/2014. Bid is set to close on 07/09/2014 with an anticipated award date 07/16/2014. The initial term of the new contract will be for one year with extensions a possible maximum term of 8 years.
04-17-2014 : CONTRACT REBID STATUSMet with Arther Van Gelder on 4/16/2014 abouit updated products and product name changes for the upcoming rebid of this contract.
01-13-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
12-06-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSElectrical Supplies contract 02908 is due to expire on August 1, 2014. The Department of Enterprise Services is seeking feedback from contract users for the upcoming rebid. Your input will be a prime consideration in that decision. Please use our online feedback form, which is available at: . If you have questions about this contract or are interested in being on the stakeholder group, please contact Glen McNeill, DES Contracts Specialist, at (360) 904-9417 or
10-11-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSNo contract activity to report at this time.
06-18-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONNo negative responses were received concerning this vendor. The amendment extending the contract was signed on 6/12/12 to extend this contract until 7/31/2014.
05-29-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThis contract is due for an extension as of 7/31/2012. Please respond to if you have any comments or concerns about this vendor.
11-19-2010 :  No Contract Actions pending at this time.
05-18-2010 :  EXTENSION: All Extension/Amendment paper work has been signed by the contractor, sent to Unit Manager for signatures. The Contract Extension/Amendment will be in effect starting August 01, 2010. Congrats letter of extension approval has been sent to the Contractor.
05-04-2010 :  CONTRAC EXTENSION: Contract Extension and Amendment paperwork has been sent to the contractor for approval. This paperwork is due back to OSP by June 01, 2010.
03-10-2010 :  CONTRACT SPECIALIST UPDATE: Contract Specialist has been updated to remove Diane Donahoo and to add David Scott.
08-13-2008 :  A formal protest has been filed against the award of Contract 02908, Electrical Supplies to CED. The Contract Award process has been stopped until a formal review is completed and the issues are resolved. If a purchase is needed prior to award of this contract, please follow the procurement rules set forth in the purchasing manual.
05-28-2008 :  IFB is a rebid of 07507 which was a rebid of 07400