Contract Updates

Contract Number: 02702 Public Safety Radio Comm. Equip.  

02-01-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThis contract was extended to Raytheon, Aerfoflex, and Valmont through June 30, 2016 while the solcitation for Phase 2 (05715) is completed because the products they offer are included in the Phase procurement.
11-05-2015 : CONTRACT STATUSThis contract will expire December 31, 2015 with all Contractors except Valmont, Raytheon, and Aeroflex. They willl be extended through June 30, 2016 or until a new contract (05715) is in place. This extension is required to ensure there is not a break in coverage while the products and services identified as Phase Two are rebid. Extension offers were sent November 5, 2016 with a response due date of November 30, 2015.
09-30-2015 : CONTRACT CHANGEContract has been extended through December 31, 2015 with all 16 awarded Contractors while Master Agreements negotion continues for the new Public Safety Communications Equipment number 06913.
09-02-2015 : CONTRACT CHANGEThis contract is being rebid. The new contract number is 06913. Those Awarded Contractors on 06913 are required to begin offering products and services under their new contract when their Master Agremeent is fully executed. Those Contractors whose Master Agreements are fullly executed are: 1) Avtec, effective September 1, 2015 2) Daniels Electronics dba: Codan Radio, effective May 7, 2015 3) ICOM, effective September 1, 2015 4) JVCKenwood, effective September 1, 2015 5) NEC, effective August 10, 2015 6) Pyramid Communications, effective September 1, 2015 7) Radio Frequency Systems, effective September 1, 2015 8) RELM Wireless, effective August 10, 2015 9) Telewave, effective September 1, 2015 10) Zetron effective September 1, 2015
08-13-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSAll 16 Contractors have been extended through December 31, 2015 while Master Agreement negotiation continues on the new NASPO ValuePoint Public Safety Communications Equipment contract 06913.
05-19-2015 : CONTRACT STATUSThis contract will be extended through December 31, 2015 to allow for rebid of Phase 2 procurement. Extension offers will be made to those whose Master Agreement is not fully executed. In the event the Master Agreement is fully executed, the Vendor will discontinue use of 02702 and begin using 06913 as their vehicle to offer products/services for Public Safety Communications Equipment. Extensions have been offered Alcatel-Lucent, E.F. Johnson, Motorola, Raytheon, RELM, Sinclair, tait. It is anticipated all extensions will be in place and posted on the NASPO site by August 1, 2015.
05-06-2015 : CONTRACT CHANGEManagement of this contract has moved to Neva Peckham. Questions regarding this contract should be directed to or (360) 407-9411.
04-10-2015 : CONTRACT CHANGE4/10/15 Contract Change fo EF Johnson Company: Added General Communications as an Authorized Dealer for EF Johnson Company.
10-24-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract amendments have now been completed with Aeroflex Wichita, Inc. and Valmont Industries. Both vendors have agreed to reduce Washington’s management fee from 1.5% to 0.74% on contract sales made to authorized Washington governmental customers. They also agreed to extend their contracts through August 31, 2015, or 60 days after the effective date of a replacement contract, whichever occurs first, under the existing contract terms, conditions, specifications, and pricing. These extensions will allow additional time to complete and award replacement contract(s) for these products – towers and test equipment–as well as other categories of public safety communication support equipment. These WSCA-NASPO support equipment contracts are expected to be awarded late spring or early summer of 2015.
09-26-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSExtended most vendors on the contract on a short term basis to allow states to transition from this contract to a new contract to be awarded in the coming months. The amendment reduced the management fee. Fourteen of sixteen contract vendors were asked (through amendment #33) to reduce Washington’s management fee from 1.5% to 0.74% on contract sales made to authorized Washington governmental customers and to extend this contract for an additional five (5) months (October 30, 2014 through March 31, 2015). This extension will be under existing contract terms, conditions, specifications and pricing and will allow additional time to complete the award of replacement contract RFP 06913 and for contract customers to complete new Participating Addendums so they can transition to the new contract. Thus, both old and new contracts will concurrently run for a period of time. Vendors agreeing to these two changes included – Motorola Solutions, Inc., Raytheon/JPS, Kenwood USA Corporation, Aviat US, Inc., Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc., Tait North America, Inc., EF Johnson Company, Icom America, Inc., Daniels Electronics Ltd., Relm Wireless Corporation, Raytheon JPS Communications, Harris RFCD, Sinclair Technologies and Vertex Standard USA. Contracts with Aeroflex Wichita, Inc. and Valmont Industries will expire on 10/29/14. The products these two companies offer – tower and test equipment – were not included in new replacement contract and thus there will be no transition from the current contract to the new replacement contract for these product categories Award of replacement contract 06913 for Public Safety Communication Equipment is anticipated by the end of 2014. This new WSCA-NASPO contract will be a multiple vendor award contract for the product categories of: radios (portable, mobile, desktop and base stations/repeaters), gateway devices, microwave radios, dispatch consoles, microwave antennas, mobile radio antennas, base station/repeater antennas, RF transmission lines and RF filtering equipment.
10-14-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONEffective Octobert 30, 2013 this contract has been extended for one additional year under the existing contract terms, conditions, specifications and pricing. This extension will allow additional time to complete the rebid of a replacement contract and should a WSCA-NASPO replacement contract be awarded and become effective for products and/or services available through this contract prior to October 29, 2014, both contracts may run concurrently to allow time for participating entity customer transition to the new contract.
08-02-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSOnce we receive WSCA-NASPO Director approval, this contract will be extended with all current vendors one additional year under existing terms, conditions and pricing. This extension will provide additional time to complete the award of a competitively bid replacement contract and customer transition to the new contract. Contractor extensions and update of the contract summary document should be completed by August 31, 2013 or mid September 2013.
07-03-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGEContract was updated to show the following change: • Updated EF Johnson Contractor Information page and add the new Viking Series Multi-Band VP-900 portable radio to the contract.
07-03-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGEContract was updated to show the folling changes: • Radio Frequency Systems Dealer Update: Radio Frequency updated contact information for authorized dealer Hutton Communications. • Update Alcatel-Lucent USA, Inc. Reference Contractor Information Page. • Update Raytheon/JPS Product List to add new router and other equipment, and to update contract prices to reflect increase in manufacturer’s list prices. Reference updated Contractor Information page. • Updated Vertex Standard contact person reference Contractor Information page and updated authorized dealer list for Arizona. • Update Kenwood Dealer List: Reference Contractor Information page. • Participating Addendum acknowledged by WSCA-NASPO for the State of Nebraska and Motorola Solutions, Inc. • Updated EF Johnson Contractor Information page and Dealer List. • Updated Vertex Standard Contractor Information pages.
03-09-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEContract was updated to address the following administrative changes: 1. Update Vertex Standard Contractor Information: (reference Contractor Information section). 2. Update Icom America Authorized Dealer List: Effective December 2011, Icom America updated its authorized dealer list (reference Contractor Information section). 3. Updated Alcatel-Lucent USA, Inc. Contractor Information, Product Catalog and Catalog Prices: Reference Contractor Information page and imbedded pdf documents for product and price catalogs. 4. Participating Addendum for State of Missouri Political Subdivisions: On November 28, 2011, WSCA acknowledged the execution of a Participating Addendum between the State of Missouri on behalf of its political subdivisions – any public entity having authority to levy taxes (e.g. cities, counties, school districts, etc.) and Kenwood USA Corp.
10-31-2011 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONTWO-YEAR CONTRACT EXTENSION: • Effective October 30, 2011 this contract will be extended for two years (10/30/11 – 10/29/13) with the following 15 vendors have agreed to extend this contract for an additional two (2) years: Motorola Solutions, Inc., Daniels Electronics Ltd., Kenwood USA Corporation, Valmont Industries, Aviat US, Inc., Relm Wireless Corporation, Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc., Raytheon JPS Communications, Tait North America, Inc., Harris RFCD, EF Johnson Company, Sinclair Technologies, Icom America,Inc., Vertex Standard USA Aeroflex Witchita, Inc., • Radio Frequency Systems has not agreed to contract extension at this time. (However, vendor information was not removed from this contract summary.) • Effective October 30, 2011, this contract was not extended with the following seven vendors: (However, vendor information was not removed from this contract summary.) General Dynamics Decision Systems, Eltek Valere, Inc., Communications-Applied Technology, Ceragon Networks, GE MDS, LLC, Northern Airborne Technology, Ltd. CalAmp Dataradio, Inc., • Participating Addendum approved between Chisago County, Minnesota and Harris Corporation. • Updated Tait North America, Inc.’s Contractor Information page. • Updated Harris RFCD’s Contractor Information page. • Icom America, Inc. added new distributor and updated its authorized distributor list. • Updated Vertex Standard authorized dealer list. • Updated Kenwood WSCA dealer list.
10-31-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGEADD VENDOR TO CONTRACT EXTENSION, ADD NEW PRODUCT FROM RAYTHEON AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES: • Radio Frequency has agreed to extend their contract for an additional two years – 10/30/11 through 10/29/13. Their product offering has been updated and some price increases have occurred. Contractor Information page has also been updated. • Delete vendor information for seven vendors not included in two-year contract extension. • New Gateway Server ACU-5000 from Raytheon/JPS added to contract. • Participating Addendum approved between State of Montana and Motorola Solutions, Inc. • Participating Addendum approved for State of Missouri political subdivisions and the following vendors - Valmont Industries; Sinclair Technologies, Inc.; Relm Wireless Corporation; Daniels Electronics, Ltd.; Aviat US. Inc.; Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc.; and Aeroflex Witchita, Inc.
08-01-2011 :  A past due email was sent for contract 02702 for the 2/2011 reporting period to for vendor number W6476 .
07-14-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACT UPDATE: This contract was updated 7/14/2011to reflect a number of administrative changes made since previous contract update. These changes were within the scope of the contract. Because these changes were administrative, they did not require a contract amendment to be signed by both parties. • Updated Icom America’s list of authorized distributors. • Updated Icom America, Inc.’s Contractor Information page. • Updated Harris RFCD’s Contractor Information page at vendor’s request. • Added new distributor (Talley, Inc.) for Radio Frequency Systems. • Confirmed WSCA approval of PA between State of Colorado and Motorola. • Updated Icom America’s product list by deleting old products, adding new products, increasing prices of some products and lowering the price of other products.
11-30-2010 :  CONTRACT UPDATE: This contract was updated 11/29/10 to reflect a number of administrative changes made since the previously published update. All changes were administrative in nature and were within the scope of the contract. They included: • Participating Addendums were approved for: o State of Hawaii (including local jurisdictions) and EF Johnson o State of Arkansas (including local public procurement units) and Harris RFCD. • Contractor and product updates: o General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies undated its price list effective 11/1/10, including R8000 equipment. o Effective 8/30/10, price decreased on Motorola APX mobile and portable radios. Reference page 2 for additional details. o For clarification purposes, effective 12/1/10 purchases from Valmont for component parts orders only, freight charges shall be prepaid and added. o Kenwood USA Corporation updated its Phase I equipment list effective 9/22/10. o Icom America, Inc. updated its product list to include new repeater. o Aeroflex Wichita, Inc. updated its product list to include new analyzer. • Updated Contractor Information pages for: Motorola, Inc.; Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.; Icom America, Inc.; Raytheon/JPS; Aviat Networks; and Harris, RFCD.
08-11-2010 :  CONTRACT UPDATE: The Current Contract Information (CCI) document for this contract was updated 8/11/10 for the following purposes: Participating Addendums have been approved for: • State of Kansas (including interested political subdivisions) • State of Hawaii (including local jurisdictions) • State of Wisconsin (including municipalities) Harris added new Unity TM XG-100P line of portable radios. Authorized Dealers/Resellers were added for: Icom America, EF Johnson, Harris RFCD, and Vertex Standard. Updated contractor information for Tait North America, Inc. Specific details on these changes were provided on page 2 of the cci document.
05-03-2010 :  CONTRACT UPDATE: The Current Contract Information document for is contract was updated April 30, 2010 to add new Motorola Products (Mototrbo mobile radios, portable radios and Base/Repeater Stations, APX 7500 mobile radios, APX 7000 portable radios and GTR 8000 Base/Repeater Stations) to the contract, update Icom America’s authorized dealer list and product warranty, identify Aeroflex Wichita’s new Area Sales Engineer, and clarify Pacific Electronic’s participation in the contract on behalf of Harris RFCD for Washington and Oregon customers.
03-19-2010 :  CONTRACT UPDATE: This contract summary document has been updated (Effective Date of March 16, 2010) and has been reformated. Changes included the assignment of a new Contract Administrator - Robert Paulson, and the addition of new equipment manufactured by Raytheon.
02-08-2010 :  Richard Carlson sent out a letter via e-mail to WSCA vendors stating the requirements of the contract to send in timely quarterly sales reports.
02-08-2010 :  The Radio Contract #02702 does have a requirement for the State customer (gov’t customer) to sign along with the vendor. This ensures that the state and the vendor agree on the state’s regulations. Normally, the lead state (WA) has to sign the document approving of the parties participation. That procedure is now changing. Now: State, Vendor, WA signs for the PA to be effective Near Future: State, Vendor, WSCA headquarters will sign for it to be effective. See Paul Stembler WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator (612) 284-7123 (952) 392-4580 Fax
02-08-2010 :  Colorado is developing a participating addendum with Motorola. Pete Van Ronk is no longer working in Colorado's purchasing office, so Christine Oberman will field any questions about radio contract purchases. Christine Oberman, C.P.M., CPPB, Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Finance and Procurement, State Purchasing Office, 633 17th Street, Suite 1520, Denver, CO  80202-3609; (voice) 303-866-6146; (fax)    303-866-6016;
02-08-2010 :  Colorado expands it contract participation with a participating addenda with Alcatel-Lucent and Icom America. Colorado adds a 1% administrative fee to sales within its state. The contract is labeled mandatory for Colorado agencies. The participating addendum is effective on Feb. 10, 2010 and lasts until the contract ends. This contract action was approved on Feb. 5, 2010.
02-08-2010 :  Raytheon/JPS offered a pricing special on its ACU 2000IP product on the WSCA Radio Contract #02702. Raytheon wants to make the price reduction from $11,049 to$10,523 permanent on the contract. That contract price reduction meets the needs of the customers and complies with all contract terms. The price will become permanent on 3/1/2010.
01-15-2010 :  Colorado sends a participating addenda with Alcatel-Lucent USA, Inc and Icom America. The terms of the addendum are acceptable to the parties on both petitions. Countersignatures for approval are pending.
01-15-2010 :  Raytheon/JPS has been offering a pricing special since 2009 on its ACU-2000IP. Raytheon/JPS now wants to make that price permanent on the contract for WSCA customers. The price reduction for the ACU-2000IP was reduced from $11,049 to $10,523. The contract allows price reductions on the contract with the contract administrator's approval. Final countersignatures for approval are pending.
01-15-2010 :  New Hampshire submits a participating addendum for Harris RFCD. All of the terms and conditions are acceptable between the two parties and approval is pending by the lead state.
01-12-2010 :  Questions about Harris participation on the contract have come in recently. Harris Corporation is an authorized vendor on the contract and can be used by California customers or any WSCA customer. Harris has two contract awards currently on the contract, one under Harris RFCD and Harris Stratex Networks. Contact contract administrator for questions (360) 902-7420.
12-10-2009 :  Raytheon/JPS offers contract amendment 11, which reduces its ACU-2000IP bundle from $11,049.00 to $10,523.00. Final signature for amendment is pending.
12-08-2009 :  The State of Wisconsin requests to expand its use of the contract to include Sinclair Technologies and Alcatel-Lucent. Wisconsin has dropped it 1% admin fee for sales in Wisconsin. The expansion of participation is approved.
12-08-2009 :  The State of Colorado requests to participate on the contract with EF Johnson. Since Colorado is authorized to use the contract and allows its agencies and political subdivisions to use the contract. Colorado adds a 1% administrative fee for sales in Colorado. This is addition to the WSCA 1/2 of 1% fee. The request to participate is approved.
11-16-2009 :  Sent answers to Georgia regarding participating on WSCA. Georgia is considering joining WSCA for public safety radio, but is concerned that Motorola is giving lower pricing on their state contract than WSCA's pricing. Once that pricing issue is resoloved, GA may be coming on to the contract.
11-10-2009 :  Updated contract page on the web. Confirmed that WSCA's radio page links to Washington's page so that my updates automatically updates WSCA. Started initial conversations with WA Dept of Information Systems (DIS) to make sure the technology regulations are met when WSCA rebids the radio contract. Since DIS controls technology in WA, their agency regulations are needed to make the contract legal in WA.
10-30-2009 :  Updated start date and stop date.
10-22-2009 :  Held a phone conference with Arizona procurement, public safety and Washington DOT, DIS and GA to discuss the WSCA contract and ideas to meet Arizona's needs for a microwave system. Discussed Phase II, category 5 microwave products to help Arizona produce a workable system. Arizona agreed to be part of the stakeholder group that is forming throughout WSCA states.
10-12-2009 :  CalAmp (DataRadio Corp) purchased all of the assets of Smartlink, Inc. WSCA sales will now be listed under CalAmp, Inc. Smartlink's WEBS listing (W3499) will be inactive and CalAmp will report WSCA sales in the future. Mutualink, Inc. is listed as an authorized distributor of CalAmp, Inc.
10-12-2009 :  M/A Com (Tyco Electronics) was purchased by Harris Corp this past summer. The WEBS number W2781 for M/A Com will be inactive in our records because sales will be made by Harris RFCD division which absorbed M/A Com's WSCA unit.
10-12-2009 :  All vendors but Ceragon have signed contract extension offers. Processing contract offers for approval. Ceragon is being reviewed by their legal dept for approval.
09-14-2009 :  Talked to Doug Hernandez, Contracts Manager for Harris Corporation about the pending contract amendments. Amendment 19 transfers M/A Com's contract rights and obligations to Harris Corporation. Amendment 20 details Harris Corporations divestiture of all Stratex products and liabilities because Harris sold Stratex division to another company. Harris Stratex Networks no longer is part of the radio contract #02702. Amendment 21 is Harris Corporation's extension offer of 24 months on the radio contract. When these three amendments are completed, Harris, RFCD will sell products from Harris Stratex Networks and M/A Com of Tyco Corporation. Harris keeps the same federal identification number.
09-11-2009 :  Eleven of 24 vendors have not sent back their contract extension offer. Re-sent notice for action with a deadline of Sept15th for response.
09-03-2009 :  WSCA Board of Directors provided a green light for WA's intent to extend the current contract for 2 years and pursue possible rebid of portions of the contract. A stakeholder team is being developed to facilitate the rebid of part of the contract.
08-24-2009 :  Sent contract amendment drafts to vendors requesting their revised contract offers by Sept 4, 2009. Vendors propose a 24 month extension while acknowleging some portions of the contract may be re-bid before the extension expires Oct 29, 2011.
08-20-2009 :  Sent Tait North America a contract extension amendment form to produce their contract offer to extend the contract for 24 months with changes in their dealer network.
08-10-2009 :  Had a specification meeting with a source in the communication tower industry. Discussed the pending re-bid the towers category on the contract. Will continue government and industry discussions on updating specifications for towers. Learned from source that Revision G is more detailed than Revision F standard. Both standards on the WSCA contract, but we may lean toward the more specific standard if that meets the needs of the states. Re-bid for towers will occur after radio category re-bid in early spring.
07-29-2009 :  Harris Stratex Networks Operating Corporation, a vendor on the WSCA Contract #02702 has changed its name and federal ID number to Harris Stratex Networks, Inc., federal ID # 77-0016028. A contract amendment officially changing the contract is pending along with Harris's acquisition of M/A COM to Harris Corporation. Both the Stratex division and the M/A COM division will get new names and fed ID numbers in the near future.
07-24-2009 :  Received a participating addendum from Wisconsin for EF Johnson. Wisconsin signed the PA last year, but EF Johnson failed to sign and forward it on for approval. The original document was signed by Wisconsin in 2008. EF Johnson signed the document in July 2009 and resent to Washington for a countersignature. Washington sent the document back so that the contractor's name (EFJohnson) can be indentified in the document. Their name was missing. Docment sent back for revision, resigning and return for approval. All other conditions were met for approval for EF Johnson to sell to the State of Wisconsin.
07-22-2009 :  M/A COM sent a revision of its contract amendment to assign all WSCA contract rights to Harris Corp. Since Harris bought the wireless division of Tyco (M/A Com), the new division will be identified as Harris Corporation RF Communications, a division of Harris Communications. Harris Stratex will remain the same for now, but may change its name soon. Sent back revisions and comments to Kit Eldrige for final revisions and signature.
07-07-2009 :  Re-drafted extension letter to be sent to vendor seeking input on a 24-month extension. Letter should be sent out this week with a July 31, reply deadline.
07-07-2009 :  On June 30, 2009, held stakeholder meeting in Olympia to discuss the scope of the pending re-bid of the contract, contract additions and upcoming contract extension in October 2009.
06-29-2009 :  Colorado submitted a participating addendum with Tait North America on the Radio Contract #02702. That petition was approved and mailed out to the parties today. Colorado approved all of its agencies and political subdivisions to use the contract and also the state implemented a 1% administrative fee for Colorado sales.
06-23-2009 :  Alcatel-Lucent send a revised sales territory list and a list of upgraded products that fit within the family of products already on the contract. Since products are requested by customers and remain within the same family of products on the contract but just upgraded to an IP based platform, it will be published on the contract page this week.
06-10-2009 :  Harris Statex Networks purchased the wireless division of Tyco Electronic (M/A Com on WSCA). Sent an email to the primary contacts for Harris and M/A Com to modify information on the radio contract. Harris sent out the official announcement of the merger this week. Details are pending.
06-08-2009 :  Motorola offers to sell an inventory tool, asset management to a WSCA customer. That product is authorized under the standalone accessory without radio section of the contract at 19% off list price. This tool is part of the radio system that the customer wants to expand and upgrade. This tool as well as other products that are not specifically listed on the contract page are authorized under the system sales for customers upgrading equipment under phase one of the contract.
06-08-2009 :  Icom America's DRB digital repeater is approved for sale on the contract. The product met the terms of the contract, is competitively priced and meets the best interests of the customer, Astoria, Oregon.
06-04-2009 :  Icom America called to inquire about offering extended warranties on products sold on the WSCA contract #02702. Discuss this issue with WA management. Many states have similar provisions as the federal government stating that extended warranties cannot be offered. The reason is that products and services must be delivered before payment. No prepayment is allowed under GSA or the State of Washington. While generally most WSCA participants would have the same regulation, extended warranties are different in that it only extends the current terms and conditions for that sale longer than the standard warranty. Also, the purchaser already has the authority to purchase warranties because of the minimal cost. WSCA does not have a problem if a vendor wants to offer extended warranties to customers with one requirement, show that the warranty offered is sold at a competitive price and provides a good value for the customer. Since contract extension time is upon us, the opportunity to offer extended warranties will be available to all vendors on the next extension. Until that time, WSCA does not have a problem with a customer using their own purchasing authority to obtain extended warranties on WSCA products.
06-01-2009 :  Drafted solicitation letter for 24 vendors to start the contract extension for 2 years while working on the rebid process. Letters should go out this week.
05-29-2009 :  Pulled contract for review to start the rebid process. A meeting with policy stakeholders will be held at the end of June or early July to determine the scope of the new contract. Meeting date is being determined. Starting the extension process for all vendors.
05-21-2009 :  The State of Wisconsin wants to expand its participation on the contract with Motorola. Wisconsin deletes the 1/2 of 1% to th pricing that Wisconsin added last December for Wisconsin purchases on the contracts. This deletion only applies to Motorola products sold in Wisconsin. Wisconsin adds unique terms and conditions that govern its participation with Motorola on the contract and otherwise fulfills all of the requirements to participate on the contract.
05-21-2009 :  The State of Maine requests to participate on the contract with Motorola. Maine's only modification to the master price list and contract terms is to list Yankee Communications, 56 Albion Road, Benton, ME 04901 as an authorized sub-contractor for Motorola. Maine allows its agencies and political subdivisions to particiapate on the contract. Maine fulfills all of the requirements for participation on the contract and will be added the participating states.
05-18-2009 :  GE MDS, LLC upgrades a radio current sold on the contract. Also, vendor proses a price increase on some products due to manufacturer increase pricing. Vendor also propses a new product in the 3.65 MHz band. Requests will be processed for applicability to the contract scope and terms.
05-18-2009 :  Contract pulled for review for pending extension this fall.
04-14-2009 :  Icom requested a change in payment terms for customers. Icom's current payment terms are 3% 30, Net 45 and its proposed to amend to 2% 20, Net 30. Since the amendment was not a better deal for the customer, it was denied.
04-13-2009 :  Processing a digital repeater product addition for Icom America. Wednesday, 4/14/09, requested additional competive information from vendor. Awaiting additional information before processing request further.
04-06-2009 :  The State of Oklahoma requests to participate on the WSCA Contract #02702, Public Safety Communication Equipment with General Dynamics Satcom Technologies, Inc. (General Dynamics). Since Oklahoma is a NASPO member and a participating state they are authorized to use the WSCA contract for public safety purchases of equipment and services. Oklahoma’s petition allows all of its agencies, departments, political subdivisions and qualified nonprofits organizations to use the contract. Oklahoma also adds a 1% administrative fee for sales within the State of Oklahoma. The administrative fee was in the original participating addendum and was already approved by the lead state. Included with Oklahoma’s participating addendum is Attachment A, which specifies some special terms and conditions unique to the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Division. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by the contractor, and the document meets all of WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. This is our normal and customary process. This contract action does not significantly increase the scope of the contract in terms of dollars. Oklahoma was not able to provide their anticipated spend on this contract so we are unable to determine how much the scope of the contract will be impacted. Since Oklahoma’s petition is only expanding it participation at this time, I recommend that the participating addendum be accepted based on the documents submitted for counter signature.
03-03-2009 :  Received a price adjustment request from JPS/Raytheon. JPS offers to lower the price of a product already on contract. Pulled contract to process contract amendment and conduct a price analysis for JPS product.
01-13-2009 :  Recieved updated insurance certificate from Valmont Industries, isuued on 12-31-2008, valid from 01-01-2009 to 01-01-2010
01-07-2009 :  Recieved updated insurance certificate from Alcatel USA Marketing Inc., Issued on 1-1-09, valid from 1-1-09 to 1-1-10
12-31-2008 :  Modified CCI on web page indicating that Radian/Rohn did not sign an extension of contract by 12/29/31 so they are off of the contract. No sales after 12/29/31 are authorized under the WSCA Contract #02702. A letter will be sent to Radian/Rohn representatives after the 1st of the year. Contract will be modified accordingly in January 2009.
12-19-2008 :  Made a follow-up call to Joel Stone of Rohn/Radian about extension on the WSCA contract. Radian and Rohn are spitting up into two separate companies. Both have products listed on the contract. GA has been negotiating with both entities for an authorized person to sort out the products so WSCA can extend the contract for the remainder of a one year extension. Radian and Rohn signed a 60 extension on Oct. 29, 2008 so that the legal status and contract issues could be sorted out. Those issues have not been resolved. GA made several phone to Joel Stone of Rohn to warn of the pending deadline of 12/29/08 for the contract extension. Rohn is deciding whether or not to continue on the contract.
11-24-2008 :  Pulled contract for review in preparation for WSCA Conference in December 2008. Updated contract on web page. Phase One has 24 vendors, Phase Two has 16 vendors. Participating states have been updated and individual contract's contact information. Posting later this week.
11-19-2008 :  Contract was extended for one year with all vendors on the contract in phase I and phase II. Several vendors provided at least a 1% discount on pricing. Contract is being updated with current product identification, contact information and ordering information. See current contract information for new pricing which is being updated daily. complete update should be finished by Nov. 26th.
10-28-2008 :  Contract extension sent to Purchasing Agent for signature. All vendors have sent back signed contract amendments for the next 12 months. Motorola, Smartlink & Radian have all agreed to a 60 day extension of the current term to resolve some legal issues with their particular company. During that 60 day period the issues will be resolved and all three will sign another contract amendment for the remaining period ending October 28, 2009. Copies of signed contract amendments will be mailed out Monday, Nov. 3rd.
10-23-2008 :  Contract pulled for review and pending renewal for 12 months starting October 29, 2008 - 2009. 95% of vendors have presented renewal contract offers to GA for acceptance. Completing final negotiations with remaining vendors in preparation for signature by October 29, 2008. Approving a 30-60 day extension for renewing the contract for Smartlinks, Motorola and Radian to settle some corporate identify issues. The remaining vendors will all be extended for 12 months. Updated products and discounts of 1% or more are being offered to customers. Overall product mix is improved with outdated products deleted from contract listing. The offers from the vendors all comply with WSCA rules and is in the best interest of the State.
10-16-2008 :  Received a letter from EF Johnson corporate headquarters about merging several entities into one subsidiary. The parent company EF Johnson Company is merging 3 companies into one call EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. EF Johnson wants permission to assign its WSCA contract rights to the new entity. WA requested the vendor to modify the official assignment letter to include a statement that the new entity will assume all of the rigths and obligations of the WSCA terms and conditions to sell under the contract. The official date of the merger is pending.
10-13-2008 :  Sent out 3rd request for contract renewal amendments to be completed by Tuesday, October 12, 2008. Vendors have been sent notices and reminders August, Sept and twice in October 2008. Most of the amendment have been received, but some vendors are outstanding: EF Johnson, Motorola, Eltek Valere, JPS, M/A Com, Radian, Smartlink, Valmont. Upon approval, contract will be extended for 12 months, effective Oct. 29, 2008 to Oct 28, 2009. Many vendors have provided discounted pricing of at least 1% off of the current pricing.
10-06-2008 :  Two contractors have merged with other companies or was sold to other companies. WSCA did not receive official notice of the separate entities or which products belong to whom. Radian and Smartlink each have merged or sold their company to another non-WSCA entity. Conference calls are being held to determine who has the contract rights to WSCA, the listed company or the other entity. After determining which company has WSCA products, contract amendments will be produced to put the WSCA products with the appropriate company and list that company on the contract.
10-06-2008 :  Sent 2nd notice to contractors about the pending contract extension. The following had responded but had not delivered the contract amendment with their offer to extend: Ceragon, EF Johnson, Eltek Valare, JPS, M/A/ Com, Motorola, Radian, RFS, Sinclair, Smartlink, Tait, Vertex Standard, Communication Applied Technology, and Northern Airborne Technology.
09-22-2008 :  Sent out contract extension notices to vendors during the beginning of the month. Many have reported a willingness to extend. Sent out the notices to the remainder of the vendors. Signed contract amendments have a final deadline of Sept. 29, 2008. Contract will be extended for one year under the same terms and conditions. Many vendors have offered an additional 1% discount for the 12 month term.
06-13-2008 :  In a phone call with Jim Driscoll of Vertex Standard, discovered that on Jan. 22, 2008, Motorola purchased an 80% interest in Vertex Standard. Both companies will continue to operate seperately and keep the same names. Vertex will operate as a wholly owned subsidary company of Motorola. Both companies are calling it a joint venture. Most of the sales managers of Vertex Standard were dismissed except Jim Driscoll. None of these actions should have much effect on WSCA business.
05-28-2008 :  Discussed with Marcia Gatlin of JPS Communications the equipment transfer from contract #06003 to #02702. Neither she nor Keith Armstrong, the contract administrator facilitated the transfer of equipment from one contract to the other. It appears that most of the items on the old contract are listed on the radio contract (#02702). Administrator and Ms. Gatlin confirmed that most of the items were upgraded and put on contract #02702. Some accessories such as cables, spare modules are not on the radio contract at a discount. Items like Hardigg cases, power supply, handset, ACU 1000 bundle, etc. are on contract #02702 at a discount.
05-28-2008 :  Received notice from GA’s management analyst that no quarterly reports were received for contract #06003. The contract system states that the contract ended last year. Sent e-mail to Marcia Gatlin of Raytheon/JPS Communications requesting confirmation that Washington contract #06003 was terminated March May 22, 2007. Rick Burns indicated in records below that the contract ended in May 2007. I requested confirmation that the items offered under #06003 are now offered on the Public Safety Communication Equipment, WSCA Contract #02702. Asked Ms. Gatlin to check the current contract information on #02702 to see if the items offered on the old contract is now listed under her category on the new contract. Being the contract administrator for #02702, I am unaware that the radio interface systems are indeed listed on #02702. Awaiting JPS’s confirmation.
03-21-2008 :  At a WA meeting between WSCA contract administrators and Policy Manager Zeigler, we reviewed the process for admitting WSCA and non-WSCA states to the contract. For poly-sub-non-wsca state need approval all the way to WSCA Board. Non-WSCA state also needs WSCA Board approval. For WSCA states or poly-subs from WSCA states, only Unit Manager or Purchasing agent need sign depending on the dollar amount. This clarification will be placed in the WSCA file for future reference.
12-17-2007 :  The State of Arizona requests to renew its participation on the WSCA contract. Arizona executes this agreement with Valmont Industries. Included with Arizona’s participating addendum is Attachment 2.1 which includes its terms and conditions for doing business within Arizona. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by Valmont and Arizona. The petition meets all of WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. Arizona has determined that this contract action is cost-effective and is in the best interests of the State. There is little risk by renewing Arizona’ participation on the contract. Arizona's purchases will add to the total spend on the contract and I recommend that Arizona's renewal petition be accepted based on the document submitted.
08-13-2007 :  I’ve reviewed Keith’s recommendation grant the State of Kansas their request to renew its participating addedum to the WSCA radio contract 02702 and approved the action based on the information provided.
08-09-2007 :  The State of Kansas wants to renew its participating addendum on the WSCA contract from June 2007 until October 30, 2008. Kansas executes this agreement with Aeroflex Wichita, Inc. Included with its participating addendum, Kansas includes a contract award document, Attachment A, a contractual provisions attachment and a contractor contact page. Additionally, Kansas attaches several unique terms and conditions, which include a ½ of 1% administration fee to be paid by the vendor. The administrative fee has been incorporated into the unit prices of this contract. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by Aeroflex Wichita, Inc. and Kansas, and meet all of WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. Kansas has determined that this contract action is cost-effective and is in the best interests of the State. There is little risk by renewing Kansas's participation on the contract. I recommend that Kansas's renewal petition be accepted based on the documents submitted.
08-09-2007 :  The State of Kansas wants to renew its participating addendum on the WSCA Contract #02702 from June 2007 until October 30, 2008. Kansas executes this agreement with Tessco, Inc. Tessco, Inc. supplies products for Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a major contractor in category 7 of the WSCA contract. Included with Kansas' participating addendum are documents identified as Attachment A, a contractual provisions attachment and a contractor contact page. Additionally, Kansas attaches several unique terms and conditions, which include a ½ of 1% administration fee to be paid by the vendor. The administrative fee has been incorporated into the unit prices of this contract. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by Tessco, Inc. and Kansas, and meet all of WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. Kansas has determined that this contract action is cost-effective and is in the best interests of the State. There is little risk by renewing Kansas's participation on the contract. I recommend that Kansas's renewal petition be accepted based on the documents submitted.
07-12-2007 :  Sent contract amendment 5 which proposes to add GE MDS, LL to the WSCA contract, providing 900 MHz radio products. Contractor previously sold 900 MHz radio products under a WA state contract #01801, but that contract reached its maximum term. Negotiations on pricing and terms have been completed, so just signatures from the manufacturer are pending. Contract amendment should be completed and effective by the end of July 2007.
07-06-2007 :  Held a phone conference with Don Phfol about the specifications. Mr. Phfol discovered that the consultant Guy Cranor hired to construct the specs when the contract was developed apparently made a specific specification that was unusual and probably based on a Washington need rather than a general need. Mr. Phfol stated that the same spec was used for all levels of radios. This cause EFJohnson to bid the same price for all levels, high, medium and low levels of radios. The category had A, B, C, and D from numerous channels to few channels respectively. The problem is that EFJohnson bid the same high price for each level regardless of radio capacity. Mr. Phfol is comparing and verifying these specs with standards in the industry. He will then differeniate the specs to appropriate levels from high number of channels to a low number of channels for the 2-way radios. He plans to be finished by July 12, 2007. Once received, the specs will go out for solicitation to vendors within the contract. There will be multiple awards for categories B, C and D. Since A is a specialized category, EF Johnson will be able to keep that level on the contract. All other eligible vendors on the contract will be able to present pricing for categories B, C, and D. Since this is a phase two section of the contract, there is a question if Motorola can bid on these categories. Motorola is restricted to phase one sales only. Contract administrator will check with AAG about Motorola's involvement in this price solicitation. That conversation should occur at the end of the month due to the administrator's unavailability for the next two weeks.
07-02-2007 :  WA proposes to update microwave towers specifications due to changes in federal regulations. Both Valmont and Radian are changing manufacturing specs due to federal mandates. WA intends to put the federal regulations (Rev G) pricing along with the current (Rev F) regulations on the WSCA contract. Meetings with vendors and stakeholders were held for the last few months to insure that WA's needs and WSCA needs were met. Vendors were sent the specs weeks ago, but each requested more time to assign pricing. First deadline was July 3, 2007, but new extension will be July 9, 2007. Stakeholder group will have two weeks to review pricing and specs for approval.
07-02-2007 :  WA plans to take away two categories from EF Johnson and re-solicit new pricing for those low end radios (categories C & D). Sent radio specifications to Guy Cranor to check to see if the ones in the electronic file are those needed for soliciting new pricing from vendors within the contract. Guy did not think the specs sent were up to date. On June 18, 2007, WA sent those specs to Don Phfol in Oregon to review the specs for appropriateness and to see if they were up to date. No word, so another phone call and e-mail was sent today for an update.
06-20-2007 :  I've reviewed Keith's recommendation and Florida's petition to be added to the public safety contract 02707. Based on the information provided, I approved the action and signed the participating addendum.
06-15-2007 :  The State of Florida requests to renew its participation on the WSCA contract. Florida executes this agreement with Veretx Standard Corporation until October 31, 2008. Included with its participating addendum, Florida includes its terms and conditions for Vertex Standard purchases. Florida also lists several unique terms and conditions including a 1% administration fee to be paid by the vendor for Florida sales. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by Vertex Standard and Florida, and the document meets all of WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. Florida has determined that this contract action is cost-effective and is in the best interests of the State. There is little risk by renewing Florida's participation on the contract. Florida's purchases will add to the total spend on the contract and I recommend that Florida's renewal petition be accepted based on the document submitted.
06-12-2007 :  The purpose of the contract action is to add a vendor and its 900 MHz microwave radio products to WSCA Contract #02702, Public Safety Communication Equipment. Washington's State Contract #01801 was expiring in June 2007. GE MDS was the sole source vendor on the state contract. Washington customers petitioned to add new upgraded products on to the state contract #01801 and continue sales of the 900 MHz series of radios. Upon discussions with customer's and the vendor GE MDS, a proposal to add the vendor to the WSCA contract was pursued. WSCA was contacted; the contract was reviewed for additions according to contract terms and conditions. Nothing from WSCA or the contract stands in the way of adding GE MDS to the contract so that WA and other states may maintain their 900 MHz legacy systems. In order to ensure the continuation of legacy systems in Washington and other WSCA states, the contractor General Electric, Microwave Data Systems, Inc (GE MDS) offers existing and new products in the 900 MHz band to WSCA customers. Existing contractors under phase one and phase two were given the opportunity to provide 900 MHz band products and accessories, but none either offer the product category or chose not to pursue the opportunity for this category. The 900 band area is not being served by any WSCA contractor. Currently, GE MDS sells the proposed products in all 50 states under state and cooperative agreements. Under the provisions of the WSCA contract #02702, section III (13), the lead state may add under phase one, a new contractor, GE MDS, Inc. and its 900 MHz band products and accessories on to the contract. The product model(s) added to the contract will have greater price discounts than those listed on the Washington state contract #01801. All products offered to WSCA customers meet or exceed all of the bid specifications of original request for bid. The contractor, GE MDS has examined and agrees to accept all of the terms and conditions of the WSCA Request for Bid and amendments. The contractor addition will be effective once the lead state, Washington approves the contractor and its offer of products and services. With the help of customers in WA, I have evaluated that the 900 MHz products meet or exceed the customers requirements and specifications for 900 MHz radio communications. GE MDS offers price discounts appropriate for a multi-state contract for all of its products and services. GE MDS also agrees to negotiate additional price discounts upon verification of increased potential spend due to new states being added to the contract. Upon presentation to the Washington evaluation committee, GE MDS may offer additional products in the 900 MHz band area to be added to the contract if the offered products meet the scope, terms and conditions of the contract. Specifications may be added or adjusted on a case by case basis to meet the needs of the WSCA customers. GE MDS product offering meets the needs of WSCA customers and its addition to the contract is in the best interest of WSCA and Washington State. I recommend that the vendor and its 900 MHz products be added to the contract based on the documents provided.
06-05-2007 :  State of California requests to execute a participating addendum with JPS/Raytheon for the period of May 18, 2007 through October 29, 2008. Attached to their participating addendum is a Master Price Agreement under Phase One including an administrative fee of 1% for sales in California to be reported each quarter. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by JPS and California, and the document meets WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. This agreement is in the best interests of the customer and complies with all of the contract conditions. I recommend that California be added to the contract based on the documents submitted.
06-04-2007 :  As part of the vendor addition to WSCA, WA negotiated pricing with vendor, GE MDS. Vendor offered a 20% discount off list price and a 25% discount for sales over $500,000.00. Sent that proposed pricing to customers who purchase such products. After compiling feedback, WA proposed an increase discount of 25% for WSCA customers and a 30% discount for sales over $500,000.00. Vendor agreed and plans to implement that pricing structure into the contract. WA awaits vendors offer of services and pricing to be listed in the contract amendment for WA's approval.
05-11-2007 :  Washington plans to add vendor, GE MDS, Inc. to WSCA contract #02702 under phase one of the contract. Sent e-mail and phone call to proposed vendor, GE MDS, Inc. to obtain pricing for new products to be added to the contract. GE MDS has deadline of May 18, 2007 to respond with old prices, new prices and benefits for customers on WSCA.
04-23-2007 :  The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) contacted WA State Procurement for correct procedures for purchasing radios on the WSCA contract #02702. DFW proposes to purchase 160 ICOM radios for just over $200,000.00 from National Interop. I received an e-mail from ICOM that National Interop is an authorized distributor of ICOM radios. I also confirmed from DFW that ICOM radios were selected because they are compatible with the DFW's communication system. I also received an e-mail from Lt. John McIntosh of DFW that the proposed purchase of ICOM radios meet or exceed the P-25 requirement set by the SIEC Committee for radio purchases. ICOM has authorized this purchase after providing their best offer to DFW which was higher than National Interop's offer to sell the radios. This purchase meets all of the terms and conditions of purchases under the WSCA Contract #02702 phase one; the purchase presents the best overall value to Washington State through lower costs and better local services supporting the purchase. This is a qualified purchase under the authorized distributors provision, Section II (39) of RFP incorporated into the WSCA Contract. I recommend that this purchase be allowed since this volume purchase offers additional savings to DFW.
04-23-2007 :  Updated the list of participating states on the WSCA contract. The following are confirmed participating states: New Jersey Transit Corporation, Washington, Kansas, Califronia, Wisconsin, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, South Dakota, OKLAHOMA, Utah, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Wyoming and Mississippi. The State of Georgia is pending admission, and Minnesota is pending withdrawal.
03-27-2007 :  New Jersey Transit Corporation (public agency) of New Jersey requests to participate on the WSCA contract and names Harris Tratex Networks Operating Corporation as the preferred vendor. Attached to their participating addendum is a scope of work, and New Jersey Transit's terms and conditions, optional items and technical services, phase one and two pricing lists from Harris. All of the addendum conditions are agreed upon by the vendor and New Jersey Transit, and the document meets all of WSCA's regulations for participating on the contract. There is little risk by adding New Jersey to the contract and I recommend that New Jersey Transit be added to the contract based on the documents submitted.
10-26-2006 :  Talked to Evelyn Peters, of Emergency Management System, Homeland Security about purchases of radio equipment using the WSCA contract. Ms. Peters reported that all radio communication equipment was purchased using WSCA Contract #02702. She reported that all of the specifications needed by the WA Military Dept. were met by Contract #02702. The WA Military Dept. intends to make more radio communication purchases on the contract.
07-08-2006 :  Added Pacific Electronics, Inc as new alternate contact for M/A COM vendor activity.
06-09-2006 :  Administrative Change: RFS price increase on products: Celliflex, Flexwell, Helliflex, Radiaflex and jumper products. Price increase justified due to significant increase in raw materials costs.
02-01-2006 :  Sent CPE request to WSDOT(Gary Smith and Terry Miller), WSP, DOC, DNR with a respond date of 03/01/2006.
01-25-2006 :  January 25, 2006 updated SmartLink Contact information to Steve Scott.
01-23-2006 :  January 23, 2006 sent Contract Performance Evaluation (CPE) to Lee Ann Pope of WSCA. I requested that Lee Ann sends each WSCA Director a copy of the CPE and they have them completed and returned to PCA March 1, 2006.
01-06-2006 :  Will send contract extension request to the WSCA Directors to see if they would like to extend the contract.
12-12-2005 :  Administrative Change: Tait North America - Provided link to vendors catalog.
06-21-2005 :  June 17, 2005, WSCA Director's voted and approved adding the State of Kansas to the contract. The contract was updated to reflect the WSCA director's approval on June 22, 2005.
06-10-2005 :  Administrative Changes: ICOM - updated product information links. EF Johnson - updated WSCA Contact Information. General Dynamics - updated product information
05-20-2005 :  Valmont was awarded the 3 and 4 Round Hollow legged Heavy Microwave Towers. Servando Patlan and Dale Colbert signed the offer and award. I contact Dennis Beal of Valmont and advised him of the award.
05-17-2005 :  Fred Radovich of Motorola requested that I list the daily rate of $1,350 per day for most of thier contract services. I update the contract to reflect Motorola's original pricing. Posted the revised CCI.
04-04-2005 :  Administrated Change: Updated Kenwood radio model number TK-5210.
03-07-2005 :  03/07/05 The State of California added Vertex Standard USA, Inc., as an authorized vendor on the WSCA Public Safety Contract. PA sent to Dale Colbert for counter signatures, as the State of California was officially added to the WSCA Contract on October 2004.
02-18-2005 :  Administrative change: Updated Relm authorized dealer list. Updated Tait contact information.
01-21-2005 :  January 21, 2005 updated Vertex Standards authorized dealers list.
01-05-2005 :  State of Alaska added Relm as a authorized vendor on the WSCA Public Safety Contract. PA sent to Dale Colbert for counter signature, as the State of Alaska was officially added to the WSCA Contract on April 7, 2004.
12-29-2004 :  Administrated Change: Updated Kenwood's Dealer list.
12-16-2004 :  Administrated Change: Provided link to Alcatel's Radio and Network Product Catalogs.
11-22-2004 :  11/22/04 The State of Oklahoma added Alcatel as an authorized contract vendor for their state. I sent the signed PA to Dale Colbert for his counter signature, as the State of Oklahoma was officially added to the WSCA Contract on January 22, 2004.
11-22-2004 :  11/22/04 The State of Minnesota added Motorola Inc. and EF Johnson as an authorized contract vendors for their state. I sent the signed PA to Dale Colbert for his counter signature, as the State of Minnesota was officially added to the WSCA Contract on May 21, 2004.
11-22-2004 :  Administrated Change: Updated Motorola's Washington State Contact Information and added additional radio model representative examples.
11-16-2004 :  11/09/04 The State of South Dakota added Motorola Inc. as an authorized contract vendor for their state. I sent the signed PA to Dale Colbert for his counter signature, as the State of South Dakota was officially added to the WSCA Contract on September 10, 2004.
11-09-2004 :  Administrated Change: Motorola's volume discount program was entered into the current contract information sheet with the wrong discount levels. I corrected Motorola's Volume Discount Program to match there original bid pricing.
10-07-2004 :  October 7, 2004 the WSCA Director voted and approved the addition of the State of Wisconsin to Contract 02702.
10-07-2004 :  Added the