Contract Updates

Contract Number: 01910 Breast Pumps & Access WSCA-NASPO  

02-18-2014 : PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Hygeia is requesting a price increase on this contract, have provided information to Jessica Cole to analyze if a price increase in the requested amount of 9.588% is warranted. Part 2 of the price increase request from Hygeia if to add the .75% managment fee/WSCA-NASPO fee as well.
12-24-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: CCI updated to change Hygeia's vendor representative information Remove Decky Goodrich and added Tom Dempski.
11-26-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Amendment #14 done to reivise item number 67443 to change battery pack from 1 per case to 3 per case and added updated price sheet.
10-02-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Contract Amendment #16 has been completed and sent to Medela, this amendment is for the updates on the Price Sheet dated September 26, 2013.
08-26-2013 : CONTRACT STATUS: Vendor/Contract report card issued to all states with WSCA-NASBO to collect data on how the current contract is working for the states and state agencies. This is in preparation for the Vendor/States meeting scheduled for November 7th and 8th 2013 in SeaTac to discuss contractor performance issues with the WSCA-NASPO representative Tim Hay.
04-25-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Amendment number 15 issued to Medela to incorporate their updated Price Sheet dated April 25, 2013. This updated does not change the current scope of work and all other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
04-10-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Amendment number 14 issued to Hygeia to add one additional new Breastpump, this pump added do to the unavailability of this type of pump. This pump will remain on contract for six months only unless need persist.
04-04-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Amendment number 13 was issued to add one item to Medela's price sheet. Added a reconditioned Symphony Pump.
03-15-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Amendment 11 prepaired to add two addtional items to Medela's price sheet per customer request.
01-25-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Contract Amendment & Novation has been prepared and issued to Ameda Inc. Evenflo Company sold to Ameda, Evenflo's Ameda brand business and related assets.
01-04-2013 : CONTRACT STATUS:  
01-02-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSION: Contract extended for an additional two year term through January 18, 2015. Contractors have been notified by letter of the extension as described in the contract.
12-12-2012 : CONTRACT STATUS: Updated contract information on portal page to reference DES only.
11-30-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: CCI updated to reflect Contracts Specialist update to Tim Shay.
05-03-2012 : CONTRACT STATUS: Several new users have signed PA's with vendors on this contract in the previous month. No Contract issues to report.
03-05-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Ameda sales representative information updated in CCI.
12-09-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: CS Updated address for Hygeia II Medical Group in the CCI for this contract.
11-14-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Two new items were added to Medela price list with current pricing.
10-06-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Four (optional) line items have been discontinued and deleted from Medela's price list, per Amendment #M-07.
10-06-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Pricing has been provided for cleaning, testing and repairs to the Medella breast pumps, per Amendment #M-06.
10-03-2011 : PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Reduced pricing on select Medela products are now in effect.
09-30-2011 : PRICE ADJUSTMENT: CS made price adjustments and posted to the CCI per 9/19/11 entry, reduced pricing effective 10/1/11
09-19-2011 : PRICE ADJUSTMENT: CS processed Amendment #M-05 for price reduction on select accessories - effective 10/01/11
05-03-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Per request from Petra Talley with Hygeia, the CCI has been updated to replace Richard Weston with Decky Goodrich as President and CEO of Hygeia II Medical Group. Richard is still with the company in another capacity.
04-07-2011 : : Medela has developed an insert for all electric pumps to ensure proper handling and storage of the AC Power Adapter. There have been a few reported issues of power adapters getting too hot due to cord being wrapped around transformer. Copy of correspondence has been included with contract file. If you would like a copy, please contact Melissa Cox at 360-902-7439.
04-07-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGE: Added the following items to Medela's pricelist: 1.Item # 87233 Pump & Save™ Breastmilk Bags 20 Count with New Easy Connect Adapter (12 boxes of 20 bags per case) $56.88 per case. Item # 87233 must be ordered in case quantity only. 2. Item # 87123 Tender Care™ Hydrogel Pads (4 pads per box, 12 boxes per case) $57.00 per case. Item # 87123 must be ordered in case quantity only. 3. Item # 87124 Tender Care™ Hydrogel Pads- Bulk Pack (100 pads per case) $118.75.00 per case. Item # 87124 must be ordered in case quantity only. 4. Item # 57045W Personal Double Pump w/battery (3 per case) $95.00 each. Pumps must be ordered in quantities of 3. 5. Item # 6007080 Symphony Carrying Case $62.97 each.
02-18-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Updated CCI to include new phone and fax number for Ameda's dedicated customer service representative.
01-26-2011 :  Issued contract amendment # 01910M-1 with Medela to address product number changes/additions, and a price decrease on item# 67900-67905 Easy Expressions Halter from $13.00 to $9.00. Revised price sheet will be posted on GA website once amendment has been executed.
01-05-2011 :  This contract will go into effect on January 18, 2011. The contract was awarded to three vendors- Medela, Inc., Ameda/Evenflo, and Hygeia II Medical Group. This contract is available to all Washington State Purchasing Cooperative Members. Please note that state of Washington use is restricted to Medela, Inc. Other states interested in utilizing this contract will need to execute a participating addendum. For questions regarding this process, please contact the WSCA Cooperative Development Team at or visit the WSCA website at
07-09-2010 :  Sourcing team continues to work the on