Contract Updates

Contract Number: 01807 Analytical Laboratory Services  

08-06-2013 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: This contract expires on 10/31/2013 and will be replaced by State Master Contract #02413. Frontier Global-Science has been acquired by Eurofins, a US based environmental analysis laboratory corporation. The State is in receipt of a letter of assignment, the new UBI and Washington State ID number, and proof of laboratory and methods accreditation. The new name is Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences, Inc. Contact and billing information is updated on the Current Contract Information link on the contract portal page. For questions please contact Kevyn L. Davidson, Contract Administrator at
07-18-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSION: This contract has been extended with Frontier Geo-Science until 10/31/13 to allow for rebid, evaluation, award and implementation of the replacement contract, #02413.
07-11-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSION: This contract has been extended with Test America Laboratories, Onsite Environmental and ALS Lab Group until 10/31/13 to allow for rebid, evaluation, award and implementation of the new contract, #02413.
05-16-2013 : CONTRACT REBID: Technical advisors from WSDOT and Ecology are meeting on a weekly basis with the Procuremetn Coordinator to edit and define technical specifications and special terms and conditions.Evaluation criteria is being established. The timeline for this rebid is aggressive. Current vendors have been queried for input.
05-08-2013 : CONTRACT REBID: Stakeholder work has begun. Efforts are being made to identify accredited labs. An outreaach effort will be launched by the State to get labs registered in WEBS to increase the potential Bidder pool.
03-19-2013 : CONTRACT REBID: The sourcing team is currently being formed for the re-bid of this contract. The kick-off meeting will be scheduled for the week of April 15th. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to provide input. Please contact Kevyn Davidson at
02-08-2013 : CONTRACT REBID: Current contract term will terminate on August 7, 2013. The rebid process for the replacement contract will begin in April of 2013. Interested stakeholders who wish to provide input for the bid development of the replacement contract are encouraged to contact Kevyn Davidson at
12-05-2012 : CONTRACT STATUS: This contract remains active and unchanged.
11-09-2012 : CONTRACT STATUS: Usage on this contract remains steady. No outstanding contract issues to report.
09-04-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: New Contract Administrator is Kevyn Davidson.
07-02-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Contact Specialist for this contract has been changed to Kevyn Davidson Contract activity remains unremarkable.
06-29-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: CCI was updated to reflect Kevyn Davidson as the new contracts specialist for this contract.
04-09-2012 :  Letter sent to Nautilus Environmental on 4/9/12 denying them their requested price increase.
11-03-2011 :  Update Current Contract Information on State Website to reflect updated Contractor Contact Information.
08-31-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Updated Contract Administrator information on Website to indicate new mailing address of " 1500 Jefferson Street S.E., Olympia, WA 98501 " and new phone # of 360-407-9427.
08-03-2010 :  Washington State Contract #01807 for Analytical Laboratory Services will be ex