Contract Updates

Contract Number: 01713 Fully Refundable Airfare  

05-30-2017 : CONTRACT CHANGE Amendment 10 extends contract for 2 years with Alaska Airlines, effective date is 7/01/2017, and new expiration date is 6/30/2019. Amendment also increase pricing, changes two fare basis codes, and increases the Vendor Management Fee both effective 7/1/2017.
05-22-2017 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract will be extended to June 30, 2019. Alaska Airlines has requested a price increase which has been approved. An amendment will be sent to Alaska Airlines this week. The CCI will be updated as soon as the amendment is fully executed.
01-18-2017 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEContract Administrator has been changed to Kathie Steller for DES.
07-05-2016 :  A past due vendors for usage reporting. Price change has been posted on the portal page and no other issues.
05-17-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract has been extended to June 30, 2017. Fully executed document has been sent to Patty Eubank of Alaska Airlines. Portal page has been updated to 6-30-2017.
04-04-2016 :  Current term ends on 6/30/16. We are collecting data on for an extension. If all parties agree, DES will execute a one year extension.
03-08-2016 : CONTRACT CHANGEThe DES Contract Administrator is now Scott Schumacher.
01-20-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSCustomer/Vendor report card to be issued to the agencies in Mid April.
06-23-2015 :  Amendment #5 issued to add additional refundable city pairs. The five new locations are SEA/TPA, SEA/IAD, SEA/OKC, SEA/MKE and SEA/JFK updated CCI to reflect changes.
04-15-2015 :  Fully Refundable Airfare contract extended Contract #01713 (Fully Refundable Airfare) has been extended for one year 07/01/15 to 06/30/16 with Alaska Airlines all other pricing and, terms and conditions remain unchanged. Enterprise Services is seeking continuous customer feedback on this contract using the Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback. If you have questions regarding the contract, please contact Contract Specialist Jessica Smith, (360) 407-8408.
04-15-2015 :  Extension approved on contract 001713 Fully Refundable Airfare. Contract extended for one year 07/01/15 to 06/30/16 with Alaska Airlines all other pricing and, terms and conditions remain unchanged. We do not anticipate a break in contract coverage.
04-15-2015 :  Feedback period ended April 15th per broadcast. Received feedback from WSAC & WSDOT. Vendor up to date on sales reporting and management fee payments, based on all of the above factors, have mailed the vendor contract amendment for a 1 year extension.
03-30-2015 :  Broadcast schedule to send out Friday April 3rd Feedback sought on Contract #01713 (Fully Refundable Airfare) Contract # 01713 (Fully Refundable Airfare) is scheduled to expire June 30, 2015. Enterprise Services is seeking customer feedback by April 15, 2015 using the online Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback. Customers who feel that the current contract does not meet their needs are encouraged to contact Contracts Specialist Jessica Smith at (360) 407-8408.
03-30-2015 :  Contract extension process to begin promptly, with an extension date to occur June 2015 to ensure extension is in place prior to current term's expiration. Next step: obtain customer feedback via vendor report card. Broadcast to be issued and key Contract users contacted. Interested customers should contact Jessica Smith at 360.407.8408 or email at
02-17-2015 :  If you have travel questions please contact Jessica Smith by phone at 360-407-8408 or by email at
10-21-2014 :  TAll State Agencies and Participating Institutions of Higher Education (College and Universities, Community and Technical Colleges). Please note that this contract has not been extended to Political Subdivisions or Non Profit Organizations.
07-09-2014 :  Updated both Current Contract Information (CCI) and Pricing & Ordering Information to reflect new prices for Alaska Airlines. Effective 07/01/14
06-30-2014 :  Amendment #4 for Alaska Airlines. Price adjustment for .75 to 1.4 percent on the routs requested by Alaska Airlines. New price adjustment effective July 1st 2014.
06-24-2014 :  Price adjustment approved by Chief Procurement Officer for .75 to 1.4 percent on the routs requested by Alaska Airlines. New price adjustment effective July 1st 2014.
06-11-2014 :  Sent price increase request to Unit Manager for Review
06-04-2014 :  Sent price increase request to Management Analyst on 5/14/14.
05-15-2014 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: Connie Stacy is no longer the Contracts Specialist for this contract. The new Contracts Specialist is Jessica Smith. Jessica can be reached by phone at 360-407-8408 and by email at
03-26-2014 :  Updated CCI "city pair" which noted the effective dates for 6 new locations: SEA/DET, SEA/TPA, SEA/MYS, PDX/DET, PDX/TPA and PDX/MSY.
01-10-2014 :  AA able to provide usage in a "city pair" only format which is sufficient for mgmt fee purposes. For quarters 3 and 4, total of 22,492 flights worth $3,023,363.00
12-10-2013 :  CCI posted to contract portal page, fares will be posted in GDS by 5:00 pm tonite. Notified Travel Providers.
12-10-2013 :  AA returned Amendment, prepared MTF and CCI, forwarded to UM for review/approval
12-05-2013 :  Sent AA an Amendment requesting addition of SEA/PDX to Houston TX
05-13-2013 :  Alaska provided pricing for an additional eleven city pairs, plus the original nine that had not been included in the award since they did not bid/offer them. AA indicates it was an oversight on their part.
05-08-2013 :  Award approved, Alaska Air notified
05-07-2013 :  Proposed award to Alaska Airlines provided to UM, Cheral Jones, for review/approval. New contract effective July 1, 2013.
04-18-2013 :  No bidder has requested a prebid conference which was offered as an option/telecon
04-15-2013 :  IFB posted, closes 05/01/13
03-15-2013 :  replaces 00310 which has been extended through end of June, 2013 only.