Contract Updates

Contract Number: 01713 Airfare, Fully Refundable  

03-26-2014 :  Updated CCI "city pair" which noted the effective dates for 6 new locations: SEA/DET, SEA/TPA, SEA/MYS, PDX/DET, PDX/TPA and PDX/MSY.
01-10-2014 :  AA able to provide usage in a "city pair" only format which is sufficient for mgmt fee purposes. For quarters 3 and 4, total of 22,492 flights worth $3,023,363.00
12-10-2013 :  CCI posted to contract portal page, fares will be posted in GDS by 5:00 pm tonite. Notified Travel Providers.
12-10-2013 :  AA returned Amendment, prepared MTF and CCI, forwarded to UM for review/approval
12-05-2013 :  Sent AA an Amendment requesting addition of SEA/PDX to Houston TX
05-13-2013 :  Alaska provided pricing for an additional eleven city pairs, plus the original nine that had not been included in the award since they did not bid/offer them. AA indicates it was an oversight on their part.
05-08-2013 :  Award approved, Alaska Air notified
05-07-2013 :  Proposed award to Alaska Airlines provided to UM, Cheral Jones, for review/approval. New contract effective July 1, 2013.
04-18-2013 :  No bidder has requested a prebid conference which was offered as an option/telecon
04-15-2013 :  IFB posted, closes 05/01/13
03-15-2013 :  replaces 00310 which has been extended through end of June, 2013 only.