Contract Updates

Contract Number: 01010 Flatbed with Knuckle Boom Crane  

01-04-2017 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTPrice Increase for vendor Northend Truck Equipment, Inc. effective on 01/06/2017.
03-28-2016 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEAdministrative Change, Contracts Specialist changed from Mark Roush to Thomas Allman (360) 407-7964.
02-17-2016 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThis contract has been extended to April 15, 2017.
03-23-2015 :  CONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: The new Contract Specialist is Mark Roush, phone 360-407-9311 & email
10-29-2014 : CONTRACT CHANGEThe pricing and ordering page has been updated to reflect the correct prices for Northend Truck equipment. These prices were approved on July 11, 2014
07-11-2014 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTA price adjustment has been approved for Northend Truck Equipment. The new pricing is effective on July 11, 2014. Updated pricing has been posted to the website. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
04-02-2014 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSContract 01010 has been extended for an additional 2 years. The new stop date is 4/15/2016. Northend Equipment has also asked for a price decrease on the model and an increase on all options including an increase for the management fee. DES will begin processing the request as soon as personnel are available. The Oso landslide has shifted priorities and DES will make every attempt to process the request in a timely manner.
03-19-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSITEM ADDITION & ITEM REMOVAL: Effective 3/18/14, the PK26502 crane is removed from the contract and replaced with the PK23502 crane.
02-26-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSPer DOT request, DES (Stuart Sherman) sent the vendor an amendment to replace an end of life crane with a new crane.
02-25-2014 : CONTRACT STATUSDES (Stuart Sherman) sent the vendor (Northend Truck Equipment) an amendment to extend the contract for 24 months -- 4/16/14 through 4/15/16. All other terms and conditions remain the same. DES would like customers to provide feedback before DES brings the extension into effect. Please see the following link to provide feedback:
09-16-2013 :  The Flatbed with Knuckleboom Crane contract number 01010 is due to expire on April 15, 2014. The Department of Enterprise Services, Master Contracts and Consulting department is seeking feedback from contract users to aide in the determination of whether to extend this contract or to rebid it. Your input will be a prime consideration in that decision. Please use our online feedback form, which is available at: If you have questions about this contract, please contact Steve Jenkins, DES contracts specialist, at (360) 407-9415 or .
03-27-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract 01010 has been extended for a 24-month term thru April 15, 2014 with Northend Truck Equipment, Inc. All other terms, specifications and pricing remain unchanged.
01-04-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSThe initial term of this contract is due to expire on 4/15/12. The Office of State Procurement is seeking user feedback regarding the potential extension of this contract. Please submit your feedback at the following link: or contact the contract administrator Steve Jenkins at 360.407.9415 or
07-07-2010 :  The Contracts Specialist received an email from Jim O'Brien from Northend Truck Equipment stating that they will have late deliveries. The chassis dealer cannot meet thier delivery date which pushes Northend's deleivery date out to fit the chassis with the crane.
04-16-2010 :  AWARD: After evaluating the bids, an award has been made to Northend Truck Equipment. Northend was the lowest responive, responsible bidder. Notification went out to all bidders through WEBS and an award letter has been sent to Northend. The effective date of the contract is 4/16/2010. All documentation should be available on the contract portal page by 3 PM on 4/16/2010.
04-01-2010 :  Bids were opended on 3/24/2010. The CS is currently evaluating the bids.
03-11-2010 :  AMENDMENT: Amendment number 2 has been posted addressing some of the issues raised at the pre-bid. The bid opening date has been pushed out to 3/24/10. A few addional questions have come in and amendment 3 is likely to be posted with a few remaining clarifications.
03-03-2010 :  The Pre-bid was held on 3/2/10. A number of questions and concerns regarding the specificaitons arose. The CS will be contacting WSDOT for clarification on those itmes and an amendment will be issued. Due to the need for an amendment, the bid opening date will be pushed out. This will likely cause a short period where there will be a lapse in contract coverage.
02-18-2010 :  The IFB has been posted on 2/16/10. The Prebid is scheduled for 3/2/10 and bid opening is scheduled for 3/10/10.
02-08-2010 :  Assigned number to contract. This is a replacement contract of # 00704 which will expire on 3/19/10. The IFB has been drafted and the CS is currently reviewing the peer reviews. CS intends to post the IFB on 2/10/10.