Contract Updates


05-02-2006 :  Developing rebid document; anticipate to receive revised specifications from WSDOT by May 5th, 2006. Current contract will be allowed to expire and customers may purchase units on an as needed basis in accordance with the Washington State Purchasing Manual.
04-03-2006 :  Letters to McCain Traffic and US Traffic informing them that contract will be allowed to expire and rebid with revised specifications.
03-30-2006 :  Per WSDOT's request contract will be allowed to expire at the end of this term, which is May 30, 2006 and rebid with revised specifications.
03-09-2006 :  CCI to incorporate powder coating option per customer request.
02-10-2006 :  WSDOT requested to let contract expire at the end of its term and rebid with revised specifications. In order to keep upcoming projects on schedule WSDOT requested to add powder coating as an option to existing contract. WSDOT is aware that this is a critical contract; that there will be a lapse in contract coverage and declined a short term extension until new contract is in place.
04-11-2005 :  Effective May 31, 2005 contract is extended for a period of 12 month with no change in pricing.
01-10-2005 :  CPEs are due January 13, 2005.
12-13-2004 :  Contract is due to expire May 30, 2005 and has three (3) 1-year extensions left. CPE to DOT with response date of January 13, 2005.
11-19-2004 :  For end-users convenience U.S. Traffic Corporation has requested to add Pacific Signal Supply as a distributor, see CCI for updated information.
05-28-2004 :  Contract is being extended for a period of 12 months effective May 31, 2004. Updated State Procurement Officer information. A proposed price increase submitted by US Traffic Corporation is being reviewed by OSP. Price increase may follow after approval.
05-07-2004 :  Pursuing a 12 month extension. Received acceptance of extension offer from both contractors. However, one contractor is requesting a price increase. We will evaluate the validity of the price increase before we recommend the extension. We anticipate there should be no lapse in contract coverage.
03-09-2004 :  CPE's have been seent to contract users with responses due back 3/20/04. CCI has the potential to be extended.
02-10-2004 :  Contract expires 5/30/04 with the option to extend. SPO will be sending CPE's out to WSDOT in March.
06-07-2002 :  Award notice