Contract Updates

Contract Number: 00711 Household Appliances  

05-17-2018 :  New Contract Administrator is Mo Tabor. Mo can be reached at 360.407.8033 or
02-22-2018 :  New contract administrator is Breann Aggers. Breann can be reached at (360) 407-9416 or email
07-05-2016 :  A few call have come in regarding this contract. In particular, Parks and Rec have inquired. No issues to report.
12-09-2015 :  No contract updates and or issues to report
11-19-2015 :  Recieved signed copy of extension
11-16-2015 :  Extension approved on contract 00711 Household Appliances. Contract extended for one year 12/01/15 to 11/30/16 with GE all other pricing and, terms and conditions remain unchanged. We do not anticipate a break in contract coverage.
11-16-2015 :  Feedback period ended per broadcast. Received no feedback. Vendor up to date on sales reporting and management fee payments, based on all of the above factors, have mailed the vendor contract amendment for a 1 year extension.
10-26-2015 :  Contract extension process to begin promptly, with an extension date to occur Dec. 2015 to ensure extension is in place prior to current term's expiration. Next step: obtain customer feedback via vendor report card. Broadcast to be issued and key Contract users contacted. Interested customers should contact Jessica Smith at 360.407.8408 or email at Broadcast: Feedback sought on Contract #00711 (Household Appliances) Contract # 00711 (Household Appliances) is scheduled to expire Dec 1, 2015. Enterprise Services is seeking customer feedback by Oct 1, 2015 using the online Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback. Customers who feel that the current contract does not meet their needs are encouraged to contact Contracts Specialist Jessica Smith at (360) 407-8408.
10-03-2014 :  Amendment 8: Remove no longer available inventory WNRD2050GWC commercial washer and the DNCD450EGWC commercial dryer. Effective December 31, 2014 or when current inventory is depleted.
04-03-2014 :  Updated both Current Contract Information (CCI) and Pricing & Ordering Information to reflect new prices for General Electric Company. Effective 04/01/14
04-03-2014 :  General Electric Company Contract Amendment #7 updates pricing for selected appliances and updates model numbers. Effective 04/01/14
01-22-2014 :  Amendment 6: Remove GE no longer available models and update current model numbers. See attachment with updated information. Pricing remains unchanged.
01-09-2014 :  No pending activity to report at this time.
12-30-2013 :  CONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: Stuart Sherman is no longer the Contracts Specialist for this contract. The new Contracts Specialist is Jessica Smith. Jessica can be reached by phone at 360-407-8408 and by email at
10-31-2013 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONContract 00711 with General Electric has been extended for two years. Current term is set to expire 11/30/13. Extension is effective 12/01/2013 through 11/30/15.
09-30-2013 :  REPORT CARDS & VENDOR FEEDBACK Report Cards and Vendor Feedback are sought for General Electric.
04-04-2013 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGECONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: Kathie Collins is no longer the Contracts Specialist for this contract. The new Contracts Specialist is Stuart Sherman. Stuart can be reached by phone at 360-407-8979 and by email at
03-11-2013 :  GE/Rusha informed that DES customer/agency numbers must be gathered for each sale made on contract #00711. When GE reports their sales to DES they are not identifying the customer number, rather they are submitting them under misc. sales. DES/contract specialist has provided GE a list of valid customer numbers to use. The housing authorities are the sales that are not being correctly identified. GE informed that if they can't identify a customer number to call contracts specialist for assistance, prior to submitting their quarterly reports.
02-13-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGEAmendment #4 regarding disposal of appliances containing CFC's signed by GE and DES with an execution date of 2/13/13. Amendment states: "Vendor shall dispose of appliances containing CFC’s at an EPA approved disposal site that reclaims the refrigerant. Upon request GE’s delivery subcontractor agent can provide a Certificate of Proper Disposal of appliances." GE had been disposing of all CFC's in this manner. This amendment documents the process (Snohomish County requested clarification). DES Note: Pricing & Ordering and CCI pages have been revised and posted to portal page. Vendor sent copy of executed amendment.
01-11-2013 :  Microwave Ovens: DES has requested GE evaluate the current contract pricing for microwaves as a result of receiving a "best buy" from an agency. DES will announce findings in the next week. Update: GE states their microwaves are at the lowest price point available. GE/Rusha states other entities sell their units lower at times as a loss leader (holiday/black Friday etc).
12-14-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEUpdated GA/OSP references in portal page documents to DES (12/12/12). Change was administrative in nature with no amendment required.
11-06-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEAmendment #3 to remove 3 discontinued compact refrigerators has been approved with an execution date of 11/6/12. Biweekly Broadcast requested on 11/6/12.
10-11-2012 :  DISCONTINUED REFRIGERATORS: GE has notified the State that three compact refrigerators (1.7 cu ft, 4.3 cu ft, 5.7 cu ft) are being discontinued and that replacement products are currently unavailable. Standard Terms & Conditions, section 3.1 Contracts Modifications allows for deleting products, upon mutual agreement. Amendment #3 will be issued to remove these items from contract. There were 14 units ordered since contract award for the 4.3 cu ft refrigerator. GE/Rusha has stated they expect to have a compact 4 cu ft unit available around 3/13 at which time the State will determine the appropriateness of adding to contract.
09-14-2012 :  No pending activity to report at this time.
08-10-2012 :  No pending activity to report at this time.
07-18-2012 :  Review of spend on this new contract shows that DSHS/CDHL and the Housing Authorities are the largest consumers of this commodity. 2012 qtr 1 & 2 spend is about $300,000.
06-06-2012 :  Office of State Procurement name changed to Contracts & Legal Services Division, Master Contracts & Consulting Unit.
05-22-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEAmendment #2 signed by GE and OSP management. Execution date is 5/22/12. Contract allows for discontinued product to be replaced with equal product at no additional cost to State (Appendix B) and allows for contract modifications, adding/deleting (appendix A). Four washing machines and two dryers will be impacted. Pricing & Ordering page revised as well as the CCI and posted to WEB. Biweekly broadcast completed. Vendor sent copy of executed amendment and copies of Pricing and Ordering Page.
05-22-2012 :  GE REQUESTS MODEL CHANGES DUE TO NEW MODEL AVAILABILITY. GE has provided list of new models that will replace previous models. Four washing machines and two dryers will be impacted. Contract allows for discontinued product to be replaced with equal product at no additional cost to State (Appendix B) and allows for contract modifications, adding/deleting (appendix A). Contract Specialist emailed amendment #2 to GE. Anticipated execution date is today 5/22/12.
05-10-2012 :  No pending activity to report at this time.
04-25-2012 :  OFM DECISION REGARDING PURCHASE OF ITEMS FOR STATE BREAKROOMS (11/18/10): "It is OFM’s position that state funds may be used to provide adequate on-site facilities for employees to take breaks and eat lunch. This would include purchasing equipment such as tables, chairs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffeemakers, etc. This is not viewed as personal use of state property since these facilities are located at the employees’ workplace and are used during required break and lunch periods. Furthermore, it is considered to be advantageous to the state to have employees on site during these periods." "In these economic times, many types of expenditures that are in the best interest of an agency – such as employee training – are not being approved. " is not OFM’s place to make a “decision” related to appliances in break rooms. That decision belongs to the agency head."
04-10-2012 :  GE completed their Contract Usage Reporting for the first quarter of this newly awarded contract. This contract has a 1.5% management fee which GE has also remitted for their first quarter.
03-27-2012 :  Appliance Removal Fee: DOR charged $60.00 for appliance removal fee instead of $50.00 charge per contract. Rusha/GE in process of correcting for DOR.
03-09-2012 :  No pending actions at this time.
02-01-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGEAMENDMENT #1 EXECUTED ON 2/1/12. GE has replaced seven regfrigerator/freezers and two dishwashers with new models. Please see "Pricing & Ordering Information" for details. Contract allows for discontinued product to be replaced with equal product at no additional cost to State (Appendix B) and allows for contract modifications, adding/deleting (appendix A). OSP Note: Biweekly Announcement completed and 00711p and 00711c posted to portal page. Executed amendment #1 emailed to GE/Rusha.
01-25-2012 :  AMENDMENT #1: forwarded amendment #1 to GE for signature. GE will send amendment back to OSP for final signature in the next week. GE has provided list of new models that will replace previous models. Seven refrigerator/freezers and two dishwashers will be impacted. One request to replace refrigerator model #GTH18DBX with GTH18DBD has been denied at this time as GE currently does not have the specifications available. Replacement GTH18DBD doesn't have a release date until 6/1/12. GE has been directed to resubmit the request to replace GTH18DBX with GTH18DBD at a later date when they can provide the specifications.
01-05-2012 :  GE in process of confirming replacement models are equal to discontinued models. Once confirmation is made contracts specialist will proceed with amendment.
12-20-2011 :  GE REQUESTS MODEL CHANGES DUE TO NEW MODEL AVAILABILITY. GE has provided list of new models that will replace previous models. Eight refrigerator/freezers and two dishwashers may be impacted. Contract allows for discontinued product to be replaced with equal product at no additional cost to State (Appendix B) and allows for contract modifications, adding/deleting (appendix A). Contracts Specialist requests additional information of GE (12/20/11) to confirm replacement model information.
11-30-2011 :  AWARD: Contracts Specialist/Mcguire awarded the Appliances/Household contract through WEBS 11/30/11 to GE after determing GE the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. Award letter emailed to GE/Rusha Miles on 11/30/11 as well.
11-22-2011 :  APPARENT SUCCESSFUL BIDDER ANNOUNCED: GE is the apparent successful bidder. Intent to award emailed on 11/22/11.
11-17-2011 :  NON-RESPONSIVE LETTERS: Sent non-responsive letters today to Business Services Solution and Sears.
11-08-2011 :  BID CLOSED 11/8/11 AT 2:00 PM. 4 bid responses were received. Evaluation of responses will begin with an anticipated "apparent successful bidder" to be announced in the next 7-10 days.
10-31-2011 :  OPTIONAL PRE-BID CONFERENCE: Pre-bid conference held 10/31/11 at 2:00 p.m. Participating via teleconference were: 1) Rusha Miles/GE 2) Jill Ranft/Best Buy 3) Brian Quinlan/Best Buy 4) Alan Hoffer/Seattle Housing Authority DES/OSP Staff Present: Shannon McGuire, Kathie Collins, Jennifer Burbage. No amendment was issued as a result of this pre-bid conference.
10-19-2011 :  WEBS ELECTRONICALLY NOTIFED: A. 409 total vendors. B. 4 Minority & Woman Owned. C. 5 Total Minority Owned. D. 5 Total Veteran Owned. E. 5 Total Woman Owned. F. 14 Total Washington Small Business.
10-19-2011 :  Solicitation Posted To WEBS on 10/19/11. Bid Schedule: Optional Pre-Bid Conference scheduled for 10/31/11 at 2:00 pm. Bidders wishing to participate in the pre-bid conference by teleconference must register with/at by 10/24/11. Bid closing will be 11/8/11 at 2:00pm.
10-19-2011 :  Unit Manager Review complete of IFB draft 10/17/11 (Jones). UM made final changes to IFB and final approval given to post IFB to WEBS.
10-18-2011 :  9/28/10: Contract Specialist Update - Contract Specialist Mcguire assumes responsibility of writing terms/conditions and CS Collins will prepare specifications and list of items to be bid. 10/12/11: Peer Review Requested - Draft IFB (dated 10/6/11) prepared and under peer review (Gaffney, Shay, Collins). 10/17/11: Peer Review Corrections - Contract Specialist McGuire/Collins make changes resulting from peer review to IFB Draft. 10/17/11: OMWBE Notification - Notified C Canorro/MWOBE that 0711 IFB will be released this week. 10/17/11: Stakeholder Review Requested - Draft IFB (dated 10/17/11) sent to Stakeholders for review: Hoffer/Seattle Housing Authority & Nystrom/DSHS. 10/17/1l: UM Review Requested of IFB draft (dated 10/17/11) 10/18/11: Stakeholder Review Response - Alan /Seattle Housing Authority approves draft & Carla/DSHS due to limited resources declines participation in stakeholder review. Contract Specialist/Collins informes Carla that OSP will release solicitation and let DSHS know when award is made.
09-09-2011 :  Draft IFB development continues.
08-02-2011 :  Started developing draft IFB document.
07-28-2011 :  STAKEHOLDER GROUP UPDATE: Carla Nystrom/DSHS will be participating in stakeholder group instead of Erin Hamilton/DSHS.
06-09-2011 :  STAKEHOLDER GROUP: King County Housing authority has not responded to the invitation to participate in stakeholder work.
05-11-2011 :  STAKEHOLDER GROUP-SEATTLE HOUSING AUTHORITY. 5/11/10: Alan Hoffer, Seattle Housing Authority will participate in the stakeholder group.
05-10-2011 :  STAKEHOLDER GROUP: At this time only DSHS/Erin Hamilton has chosen to participate in our stakeholder group for rebid of this contract. Contracts Specialist following up with Seattle Housing Authority and King County Housing Authority on their interest in participating. Rebid contract number is 00711.
04-12-2011 :  STAKEHOLDER GROUP FORMING: The two largest purchasers on this contract are Seattle Housing Authority and King County Housing Authority. DSHS & Liquor Control Board have identified the current contract #04405 as critical. I have invited Seattle Housing Authority, King County Housing Authority and DSHS to participate in a stakeholder group for this rebid. LCB will not participate in the stakeholder group as their spend was only $2,688 in 2010. The stakeholder group work would consist of reviewing specifications prior to posting the solicitation and attending the pre-bid conference.
02-09-2011 : NEW CONTRACTThis is a rebid of Contract 04405, which is due to expire November 30, 2011. Additionally, request for report cards were included in the bi-weekly broadcast (2/17/11) with a response date of March 30, 2011. Broadcast also solicited participation in the stakeholder committee and evaluation committee for the development and award of contract #00711.