Contract Updates

Contract Number: 00313 Street Light & Poles  

04-11-2018 :  Administrative update, change of Contracts Specialist.
03-08-2018 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEEffective 3/8/2018 This contract has been transferred back to Corey Larson from Tom Allman. Questions regarding this contract can now be directed to Tom Allman at
10-02-2015 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTCED's category three High Pressure Sodium Luminaries from General Electric have increased pricing due to manufacturer's price increase. New prices posted to portal page.
08-25-2015 : CONTRACT EXTENSION STATUSThe contract has been extended until 08/27/2012 via amendment with three vendors, Northwest Signal Supply chose not to extend.
03-23-2015 :  CONTRACTS SPECIALIST CHANGE: The new Contract Specialist is Mark Roush, phone 360-407-9311 & email
07-18-2014 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTContract prices for Beta/CREE items 20 & 21 of Category 4 and the Sun-Tech Photo Controller (section E of Category Three) are REDUCED, effective July 18, 2014. The reduced pricing is shown Pricing & Ordering page, effective July 18, 2014.
03-13-2014 : NEW CONTRACTContract awarded to Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) on the previously unawarded subcategories of Category Five of the contract. See Pricing & Ordering Information page.
10-28-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGEItems and options relating to the XSPR series of LED lights in Category Four of the contract have been re-configured. See Pricing & Ordering page.
10-28-2013 : CONTRACT CHANGEAdditional items have been added to Category One of the contract (relating to powder coated steel llight standards). See Pricing and Ordering page.
08-30-2013 : NEW CONTRACTContracts awarded 8/28/2013, effective 8/30/2013. See Pricing & Ordering page for information on pricing and ordering.