Contract Updates

Contract Number: 00307 Janitorial Products and Other, WSCA  

06-26-2013 :  Contract admin has been changed to Wendy Walker.
06-20-2013 : NEW CONTRACTOregon announced its Intent to award on June 12, 2013 and announced this morning 6/20/12 they are moving forward with The Notice to Proceed and award the contract. A new contract should be in place by 7/1/13.
04-10-2013 :  Pre-Proposal Conference will be held April 11, 2013 at 10:00AM. For contact information and location login to WEBS and download the solicitation.
04-03-2013 :  Being rebid under 00812. Oregon has posted the RFP for Janitorial Supplies 4/3/13. Please contact Pam Johnson at (503) 378-4731 or for any information regarding the solicitation.
12-12-2012 :  Contractor Administrator changed to Jennifer Burbage
06-07-2012 : CONTRACT EXTENSIONThe State of Oregon has extended the contract out effective July 31, 2012 through July 30, 2013 in order to allow the WSCA states ample time to make a determination on how they will proceed. Washington will be combing with Oregon to make an Washington/Oregon specific contract.
06-01-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSContract will be extended for an additional period yet to be determined. Showed know by early next week.
05-01-2012 : CONTRACT REBIDContract will be extended for an additonal period yet to be determined.
04-04-2012 : CONTRACT REBIDConference call 4/3/2012 with all participants discussing contract issues for the upcoming bid.
02-28-2012 : CONTRACT CHANGECoastwide Lab and Waxie have been approved by the State of Oregon for a price increase. Coastwide will receive a 2.7% increase and Waxie a less than 2.7% increase. Updated prices will be reflected on the vendors webpage. Effective date for the price increase is March 01, 2012.
02-24-2012 : CONTRACT REBIDConference call with WSCA and other states today. Possible new contract #00812. Conference call postponed until Deanna Coleman can gather her files together after a computer glitch.
02-17-2012 : CONTRACT REBIDState of Oregon working on WSCA Solicitation for the re-bid of this contract
02-17-2012 : CONTRACT STATUSContract updated to revise contact information from Shannon McGuire and Marci Disken to Tim Shay and to update website link for Mt Hood.
09-15-2011 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEEffective 9/15/11 contact has been changed to Shannon McGuire, (360)407-9406 or Alternate contact is Marci Disken at (360)407-9405 or
07-26-2011 : CONTRACT CHANGEEffective August 1, 2011: Coastwide Laboratories - Contract Price Increase: overall weighted average price change 3.9%. Price increase applies only to orders placed on or after August 1, 2011. All terms and conditions remain unchanged.
02-25-2011 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTWaxie Sanitary Supply: Price Increase effective 03.01.2011. After reviewing the data submitted, the manufacturer's justification letter's and reviewing the indexes that apply. The price increase request has been approved for a weighted-average price change of 2%.
02-08-2011 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTCoastwide Labs: Price Increase effective 02.14.2011. After reviewing the data submitted, the manufacturer's justification letter's and reviewing the indexes that apply. The price increase request has been approved for a weighted-average price change of 2.4%.
06-29-2010 :  Contract Extension: the contract has been extended for the period of twenty four (24) months. Effective July 31st, 2010 and expires on July 30th, 2012. All terms and conditions remain the same.
03-18-2010 :  Coastwide Laboratories/ Staples: for those customers who have been invoiced fuel surcharges on your invoices;credit is being issued back to your facility. Your contract representative will be in contact within the next couple of weeks with the credit information.
02-04-2010 :  Pricing Update: Coastwide Labortories - current contract pricing will be extended through July 31, 2010.
01-21-2010 :  Waxie: MFG JohnsonDiversy changes in name brand - JohnsonDiversey, the parent company to Butchers, Taski, McGee, and Johnson Wax Professional are combining 7 brands into one common name of Diversey. This migration will allow Waxie to become more efficient in the long run by reducing 700 items to about 340. This will include a phase out process to deplete the current inventory. Over the next several months customers will witness the high velocity items being phased with new items being added to the contract with the Waxie item numbers for all the SCJ items.
11-12-2009 :  Vendor: Waxie Sanitary Supply: GA/MMC is very pleased to announce that current pricing with Waxie Sanitary Supply will hold until Feb 28th, 2010 versus the proposed price increase scheduled for Jan 1, 2010. The next scheduled proposed increase for March 1, 2010 will be valid through Feb 28th, 2011. Please contact your Waxie Sanitary Supply Representative for any inquiries or needs. This is the time to take advantage of all maximum discounts available through Contract 00307 and Waxie Sanitary Supply.
11-03-2009 :  Ware Washing category is now in effect as contract 03106 has been terminated. The Eco Lab product line will remain the same with the current awarded vendors; Waxie Sanitary Supply and Mt. Hood Chemicals.
10-02-2009 :  Ware Washing Product Line: Contract 03106 is being terminated as of Nov 1, 2009. The Eco Lad product line will be available through the awarded vendors Waxie Janitorial Supply and Coastwide Labs. Please contact your current Sales Representative to secure product to avoid any break in service for your facility. If you require further information please contact me at Pricing will be made available shortly on the vendors contract webpage.
08-26-2009 :  CCI #17 Vendor Update Waxie:Line and Contract Discounts have been updated. Please view the Current Contract Information page for further details.
08-20-2009 :  Vendor: Coastwide Laboratories - Price Increase has been approved and is effective as of 08/20/2009. Previous update schedule was for 08/01/2009.
07-17-2009 :  Vendor: Coastwide Laboratories - vendor has proposed a price increase with the effective date upon approval being August 1st, 2009. The overall contract increase is 5%; the approval process is currently being conducted with WSCA lead state.
07-01-2009 :  Vendor: Waxie Sanitary Supply - All EPP, Green Seal 37 and EcoLogo certified products are now indicated on the contract price sheet by the bold green print.
06-30-2009 :  Effective July 1, 2009: Waxie Sanitary Supply - Contract Price Increase for an overall average of 0.003% for all active categories.
05-08-2009 :  Proposed Price Increase Vendor: Waxie Sanitary Supplies Proposed Effective Date: July 1, 2009 Proposed pricing to be forwarded for review and approval. Notification will be sent as soon as the request has been approved.
04-15-2009 :  Contract 00307: Waxie Sanitary Supply re: Proposed MFG Change for Platistic Products. Waxie Sanitary Supply is proposing the move from Continental Manufacturing Inc. to Rubbermaid Inc as it’s primary supplier of for plastic products. Upon completion of the proposal, a completed list of the product and item number changes will be posted as an "Items Addition" to the current contract. The decision to shift to Rubbermaid is in part due to the perception of the consistently superior quality along with the Rubbermaid proposed contract pricing. Currently there is no set schedule for the date of transition.
02-06-2009 :  Recieved updated insurance certificate from Coastwide Laboratories, Inc., issued on 01/03/2009,, valid from 02/01/2009 to 02/01/2010
02-05-2009 :  Addendum #14 In conjunction with the prior increase from Waxie Sanitary Supply the proposed price increase for Coastwide Laboratories has also been approved. Effective February 9th, 2009 the following odering discounts along with the price increase become effective: Electronic Ordering and Invoicing 1% Discounts if the order is: Less than $50 $5 Handling Fee $50 - $499.99 no discount $500.00 - $999.99 1% will be applied to the order $1,000 - $1,499.99 2% will be applied to the order $1,500 - $2,499.99 3% will be applied to the order $2,500 or more 4% will be applied to the order To take advantage of the new discounts please contact your Coastwide Sales Representative for further details and instructions.
01-15-2009 :  Waxie Sanitary Supply: Addendum CA#04 for the proposed price increase has been approved. The contract average for the increase: 3.1%. Effective 01.15.2009.
12-17-2008 :  Received updated insurance certificate from Coastwide Laboratories, Inc. issued on 12-09-08 valid from 01-01-08 to 02-01-09
12-03-2008 :  Waxie Sanitary Supply has submitted proposed pricing increase for a implementation date of January 1, 2009. The average contract increase would be + 5% for goods sold. WSCA lead ( State of Oregon) is currently reviewing the proposal. the advanced notice is being sent in order for all customers to be able to review budgets for the janitorial products currently being purchased.
12-03-2008 :  Recieved insurance certificate from Mt. Hood Solutions Company, issued on 11-26-2008, valid from 12-01-2008 to 12-01-2009
11-04-2008 :  Insurance certificate received from Waxie Sanitary Supply, policy issue date 10-29-08 effective on 11-1-08 expires on 11-1-09
09-18-2008 :  CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR: Effective 9/18/08, Keith Farley is the new contract administrator of contract 00307.
09-18-2008 :  COASTWIDE PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Coastwide Laboratories is authorized a price adjustment in accordance with the 00307 contract terms and conditions. New pricing is effective 9/23/08.
08-27-2008 :  SPECIAL NOTICE: ***** NO WAIVER IS REQUIRED ***** State Master Contract 00307 is available for use by all Washington State Agencies, Washington State Institutions of Higher Education, GA Materials Management Center, and Political Subdivisions and Qualified Non-profit Corporations that are current members of the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC). CONTACT THE GA MATERIALS MANAGEMENT CENTER, KEITH FARLEY AT 360 902-7423 or The vendors provide dedicated web ordering portals for this contract. Please reference the Current Contract Information (CCI) document for expanded details.
08-27-2008 :  MT. HOOD SOLUTIONS ENTRY: The State of Washington has successfully negotiated Mt. Hood Solutions onto the 00307- WSCA Janitorial Products and Related Services contract. Mt. Hood was one of three vendors awarded by the State of Oregon (lead state) making Mt. Hood qualified to be a vendor under Washington’s 00307 contract (Participation Agreement). UPDATE (9/4/08): I sent a brief email to Mt. Hood, Tom Mulflur asking if there are any initial/start up hiccups. I received a quick response, no hiccups and all is well.
07-23-2008 :  Coastwide Laboratories has requested a price adjustment. The Office of State Procurement is processing and evaluating the Coastwide request.
07-23-2008 :  Waxie Sanitary Supply requested and is authorized a price adjustment effective 8/1/08.
07-15-2008 :  MT. HOOD ENTRY TO THE CONTRACT: Mt. Hood has requested entry into the 00307 contract. OSP is considering the entry in conformity with the contract terms.
07-15-2008 :  PRICE ADJUSTMENT (COASTWIDE): Coastewide has approached the state of Oregon for a price adjustment in conformity with the contract terms. If granted, the adjustment will impact the 00307 contract pricing.
07-11-2008 :  COASTWIDE PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Coastwide, in accordance with the contract terms approached the State of Oregon and requested a price adjustment and fuel surcharge. This contract is a Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract and Oregon is the lead state. Per our agreement with Oregon, they perform all price adjustment analysis and approval (including fuel surcharges). Awaiting Result.
02-25-2008 :  OSP has completed the adjustment evaluation and it is appropriate. Effective 3/27/08, Coastwide Laboratories is authorized to update their dedicated ordering portal with the new pricing.
02-13-2008 :  On 2/11/2008 Coastwide Laboratories Inc. requested a price adjustment on State Master Contract 00307. Per the adjustment clause, if appropriate, the adjustment may not take effect before 3/27/2008. OSP is evaluating the adjustment request and will update as needed.
12-19-2007 :  The Office of State Procurement has made an award to Coastwide Laboratories and Waxie Sanitary Supply for contract 00307, WSCA Janitorial Products, dispensing machines, training, testing and servicing. This contract is convenient use at this time. The effective start date of the agreement is 1/1/2008 with an expiration date of 7/30/2010. This contract may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties. Qualified customers include, Washington Agencies, WA Institutions of Higher Education, and political subdivision/non-profits that are current members of the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC). Both Contractors are constructing dedicated ordering sites (dedicated URL’s) in anticipation of the 1/1/2008 start date and will also include alternative ordering methods.
07-11-2007 :  The WSCA (Oregon Lead) bid has been evaluated by Oregon Procurement and has been forwarded to the Oregon AAG for their review and approval. This process historically takes much time and effort. I estimate 60 to 90 days for a response.
03-14-2007 :  This is an Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract and the State of Oregon is the lead state. The project coordinator has informed me the bid opening has been extended to late March.