Contract Updates

Contract Number: 00107 Glass Beads for Traffic Marking Paint  

01-22-2014 :  Contract has expired and been replaced by Contract 02513 Retro-Reflective Materials for Traffic Marking Paint.
10-11-2013 : CONTRACT REBIDIFB 02513 Retro-Reflective Materials for Traffic Marking Paint was posted via WEBS on 10/11/13. Pre-Bid conference is scheduled for 10/24/13 at 1:30pm at 1500 Jefferson Olympia 98501 Room 2332. Bid closes 11/13/13 at 2PM Sharp. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Melanie Williams at (360) 407-9399 or
10-07-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSContract rebid is underway. New contract number is 02513.
08-29-2013 : CONTRACT STATUSThe Glass Beads for Traffic Marking Paint contract (#00107) expires December 31, 2013. Enterprise Services is seeking feedback from contract users about vendor and contract performance. Please submit your comments using the online vendor feedback form by no later than September 31, 2013. If you have questions or need further information about this contract, please contact Melanie Williams, DES contracts specialist, at (360) 407-9399 or
07-17-2013 : PRICE ADJUSTMENTPrice adjustment goes into effect for Potters Industries 7/18/13 due to the .74% management fee.
10-15-2012 : ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGEAs a result of staffing moves and reassignments within the Department of Enterprise Services, this contract will now be administered by Melanie Williams. Please contact Melanie at (360) 407-9399 or
10-21-2010 :  Contract extensions with both vendors have been approved by OSP. Extension period: 1/1/2011 thru 12/31/2013
02-25-2010 :  As a result of restructuring of contract responsibilities within the Office of State Procurement, this contract will be administered by Scott Geist as of March 1, 2010.
06-15-2009 :  This contract will be considered for extension prior to the expiration of its current two-year term on March 31, 2011. OSP will begin seeking customer feedback on the contract vendor in July 2010.
04-20-2009 :  This revision increases the price per pound for Alpine Products by $0.005 (one-half of one cent) for Type I glass beads and Type P glass beads (see table below). This represents a total price increase of just over 1.4 percent for Type P beads and 1.8 percent for Type I beads. This increase for Alpine corresponds to a similar increase for Potters Industries. The Current Contract Information (CCI) has been revised to reflect the adjustment.
12-24-2008 :  Insurance certificate received from PQ Corporation (Potters Industries), policy issue date 12/11/08 effective on 12/15/08 expires on 12/15/09
09-08-2008 :  A candidate was not selected in the recruitment process to fill the CS3 position that has been open (Ken Woodfork’s CS3 vacancy), therefore, Corinna Cooper has been reassigned the vacant position administering the Heavy Equipment Desk. Bart Potter will be administering the Chemicals Desk including this contract. Bart can be reached at 360-902-7448.
03-06-2008 :  The Office of State Procurement underwent an internal re-organization wich resulted in several promotional opportunities. Contracts Specialist Corinna Cooper took advantage of this opportunity and is newly assigned to handle the chemical commodities which includes this contract. Corinna can be reached at 360-902-7440.
09-05-2007 :  Issued CCI to change OSP Contracts Specialist to Heidi Bohl.
06-19-2007 :  The Office of State Procurement has successfully negotiated a 36-month contract extension with Potter Industries (serving State Agencies) and Alpine Products (serving the WSPC members). Contract 00107- Glass Beads for Traffic Marking will expire on 12/31/10 if not extended by mutual agreement. Both contractors have voluntarily reduced their bead price for a six month period (7/1/07 through 12/31/07) on line items 5, 6, 7, and 8.
03-01-2007 :  The State of Washington has awarded the 00107 Glass Bead contract to Potters Industries (state agencies and other purchasers) and Alpine Products (political subdivisions). The contract term is 3/1/07 through 12/31/07 with the possibility of contract extensions through 12/31/13.
01-23-2007 :  The State of Washington has released solicitation opportunity 00107- Glass Beads for Traffic Marking Paint. Optional prebid conference is scheduled on 2/7/07 at 2:00 pm at the Office of State Procurement. Bid opening (deadline for receiving bids) is scheduled on 2/15/07 at 2:00 pm.