Contract Updates

Contract Number: 00106 Paint, Waterborne Traffic Marking  

12-03-2009 :  The contract expired 11/30/09 with the acquiescence of the stakeholder, the Department of Transportation. DOT and OSP mutually agreed and are closely holding to a timeline that calls for award of replacement contract 07609 by the end of 2009. Bids are due 12/3/09 for solicitation 07609.
06-22-2009 :  Primary state customer DOT has formally requested a rebid of this contract. DOT has committed to providing specifications and usage projections to GA by July 24, 2009. In the interim, according to DOT, the agency will be surveying its regions to gain information about the potential for a more relaxed tote specification than the current contract. This recognizes the current 250-gallon steel tote is not standard in the traffic-striping paint industry. DOT is working with its lab personnel to ensure it can handle the testing required for new specs.
06-11-2009 :  OSP and DOT staff have discussed the viability of extending 00106 by Nov. 30, 2009. The discussions have also explored the option of rebidding the contract and the potential for gains in service, product availability and pricing.
10-08-2008 :  Contract has been amended to add two new products -- cold-weather and high-built paint -- for a DOT trial program. DOT will apply these products beginning immediately to fall and winter roads to test their viability. DOT will prepare a report next summer with results of the test. The new products will be considered for permanent inclusion in this and future contracts based on the quality of the observed performance. All other terms of the contract remain unchanged.
09-08-2008 :  A candidate was not selected in the recruitment process to fill the CS3 position that has been open (Ken Woodfork’s CS3 vacancy), therefore, Corinna Cooper has been reassigned the vacant position administering the Heavy Equipment Desk. Bart Potter will be administering the Chemicals Desk including this contract. Bart can be reached at 360-902-7448.
09-08-2008 :  With WSDOT's recommendation and the Office of State Procurements final approval, Executed Amendments, extending the Contract until 11/30/2009, were sent to Ennis Paint, Inc. and Alpine Products, Inc. on 9/8/2008. All pricing, terms and specifications will remain unchanged during the extension.
08-25-2008 :  Contracts Specialist (CS) received feedback from Ennis Paint, Inc. regarding a price increase. Ennis will not be requesting a price increase for the 2009 season. Ennis has agreed to a contract extension from 12/1/2008 thru 11/30/2009, and will hold their current pricing. All paints will still be available on the Contact, however, Ennis strongly urges WSDOT to use the 983701 and 983711 white paints and the 983702 and 983712 yellow paints. A Contract Amendment was signed by Ennis Paint, Inc. The CS is in contact with Alpine Products, Inc. who provides paint to the Political Subdivisions regarding their intentions with the Contract.
08-18-2008 :  Contracts Specialist (CS) received feedback from Ennis Paint, Inc. on 8/15/2008 regarding an extension. Ennis Paint, Inc. is committed to renewing Contract 00106, however, they will be requesting a price increase. Ennis Paint, Inc. will provide final prices and documentation by COB 8/22/2008.
07-16-2008 :  John Stefani requested a 30-day extension for Ennis Paint, Inc. to respond to a proposed 12-month extension because Ennis learned that Dow Chemical purchased Rohm and Haas (manufacturers). A 30-day response time was granted by the Contract Specialist and responses are now due August 15, 2008.
06-26-2008 :  Contracts Specialist received feedback from WSDOT and the customer would like to extend the contract for an additional 12 months thru 11/30/2009. An extension letter and Amendment was sent to Ennis Paint, Inc. and Alpine Products, Inc. on 6/26/2008 with responses due 7/15/2008. Contracts Specialist anticipated no break in Contract coverage.
06-10-2008 :  The Contract expires on November 30, 2008. The Contract Specialist sent an email to WSDOT, Gary Smith, to complete the Customer Feedback forms online. Responses are due by June 24, 2008.
05-13-2008 :  At the request of WSDOT, Gary Smith, the Contract Specialist updated the CCI to include WSDOT Commodity Codes. Listing the codes will improve the overall accountability and budget requirements for WSDOT. The Contract expires on November 30, 2008. A meeting will take place with WSDOT on June 10, 2008 to discuss the future of the Contract.
04-14-2008 :  The Office of State Procurement, at the request and approval of WSDOT, has added additional products to this Contract. These additional products are being added to give WSDOT and Political Subdivisions additional choices for their traffic paint needs. The following products have been added to the contract, via Contract Amendment No.3 to Ennis Paint, Inc. and Alpine Products, Inc., in accordance with the CPS Part III – Section 31, Line Item Additions or Deletions: Product No. 983711 - White Waterborne Paint Product No. 983712 – Yellow Waterborne Paint Product No. 983721 - White Waterborne Paint Product No. 983722 – Yellow Waterborne Paint The Amendments have been signed and executed by Corinna Cooper, and approved by Michael Maverick, with authorized signature authority on 4/11/08. The Current Contract Information (CCI) has been posted to the website.
03-06-2008 :  The Office of State Procurement underwent an internal re-organization wich resulted in several promotional opportunities. Contracts Specialist Corinna Cooper took advantage of this opportunity and is newly assigned to handle the chemical commodities which includes this contract. Corinna can be reached at 360-902-7440.
08-29-2007 :  Issued CCI to change OSP Contracts Specialist to Heidi Bohl.
06-19-2007 :  Contract Vendor, Ennis Paints Inc., requests that water no longer be added to an empty paint tote. This practice was historically done to facilitate tote cleaning.
01-12-2007 :  EXTENSION ALPINE (FIRST): The State of Washington has successfully negotiated a contract extension with Alpine Products Inc. that extends the current contract through 11/30/08. Beginning 3/1/07 new pricing will go into effect.
12-05-2006 :  EXTENSION ENNIS (FIRST): The State of Washington has successfully negotiated a contract extension with Ennis Paint Inc. that extends the current contract through 11/30/08. Beginning 3/1/07 new pricing will go into effect.
04-18-2006 :  Ennis Paint Inc., the contractor for state master contract 00106, Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint, has requested Alpine Products Inc. take over the responsibility and service Washington State counties and cities (only) as was the case under the previous contract. Effective 4/19/06, Alpine Products Inc., will service all Washington State counties and cities that order off of state master contract 00106. Ennis Paint Inc. will continue to service all other entities ordering off of contract 00106. The other contract terms remain unchanged including pricing.
03-15-2006 :  15100 be removed from CCL and 00106 will be added in its place.
03-04-2006 :  The State of Washington has successfully negotiated a contract with Ennis Paint Inc. for the purchase of white and yellow traffic marking paint by the Washington Department of Transportation, other state agencies and institutions of higher education, political sub-divisions / self-certified nonprofits that are members of the State of Washington Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC), and political sub-divisions / nonprofit organizations that are members of the State of Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (DASCPP/ORCPP). The contract period is 2/21/06 through 2/20/07 with the possibility of extension through 2/20/2012.
02-11-2006 :  Bid opportunity 00106, Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint posted on Washington Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) on 1/10/06. Prebid scheduled for 1/25/06 at 9:00 am. Bid opening rescheduled to 2/15/06 at 2:00 pm. Bid 00106 is the replacement for contract 15100.
01-18-2006 :  The State of Washington has released bid 00106, Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint, as the replacement for state contract 15100 that is set to expire on 2/28/06.