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Organizational Development Personal Services    Two-Tier  
Contract#:  32010       Related Contracts: DOPMasterODContracts32206
Business Analysis

Conference Planners
Conference Speakers
Customer & Stakeholder Management

Current Term Start Date: 07-01-2015 Award Date: 07-01-2009 Est. Annual Worth: $509,045
Current Term Ends On: 02-11-2016 Final Term Ends On: 02-11-2016 Commodity Code(s): 918-49 ,926-23 ,946-20 ,958-02 ,958-03 ,958-05 ,958-12 ,958-13 ,958-14
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE
Contact Info:  Master Contracts & Consulting – Connie Stacy at (360) 407-9403 or
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M=OMWBE Certified Minority Owned W=OMWBE Certified Women Owned MW=OMWBE Certified Minority Women Owned
Two Tier Contract:
A Two-Tier Contract is a prequalified bidder pool arranged in specific categories. The first tier creates the pool of qualified vendors. The second tier is a competition that includes a specific Statement of Work, final vendor selection, and contract.