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Lamps and Ballasts   
Contract#:  07510   Replaces: 08596, 00802    
This contract supplies fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lights (CFL), high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, metal halide and halogen lamps, light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, and electro-magnetic and electronic ballasts.
All state agencies, plus political subdivisions, higher education institutions and other members of the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative, may use the contract (mandatory for WA state-level agencies). This contract does not include lighting fixtures.

As technology evolves and improves and manufacturing practices become more efficient, this contract can evolve, as well, to respond to opportunities to save energy and dollars, to embrace new products and new thinking, to offer better light at a better value. It is the state’s intention to encourage new or emerging technologies, and therefore the state reserves the right to add new commodities or commodity categories to the contract.
Current Term Start Date: 10-28-2013 Award Date: 09-09-2011 Est. Annual Worth: $1,198,358
Current Term Ends On: 10-28-2017 Final Term Ends On: 10-27-2019 Commodity Code(s): 285-06 ,285-50 ,285-55 ,559-55 ,906-58 ,912-32
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 4
Contact Info:  Master Contracts & Consulting – Facilities Team at (360) 407-2213 or
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The symbol of a tree indicates that environmentally preferred or friendly products are available.  These products may not be available from all vendors on this contract.