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Vehicle Lifts and Related Garage Equip.(WSCA)       Naspo
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This contract is for vehicle lifts and related garage equipment for automobile, light and heavy duty trucks and transit. General product types included in this contract are: two-post lifts, four-post lifts, mobile column lifts, parallelogram lifts, scissor lifts, in-ground lifts and related garage equipment.

Vehicle lifts will be delivered to purchasers’ installation location or installed at the option of the purchaser. this contract has the following benefits:
• Product selection: gives the purchaser an array of certified lifts from qualified manufacturers from which to select. This allows the purchaser the flexibility to select, for safety and production purposes, the most appropriate lift for their intended use.
• Best manufacturer price plus second tier pricing option; see pricing.
• Only certified product (lifts) will be offered and sold under this contract.
• Guaranteed parts availability for seven years after the installation date.
• Catalogs and list pricing available electronically.
• The option of having the vehicle lift installed.

The intent of this program is to maximize savings, reduce individual state administrative costs in purchasing, compile standard specifications to encourage market competition, product availability and expand contract coverage to as many of the WSCA states and potentially non-WSCA states, desiring contract participation.
Current Term Start Date: 06-30-2016 Award Date: 04-13-2006 Est. Annual Worth: $24,598,884
Current Term Ends On: 12-31-2016 Final Term Ends On: 12-31-2016 Commodity Code(s): 075-69, 075-72, 075-78, 075-81, 075-83, 075-84, 075-85, 075-87, 075-89
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 7
Contact Info: Steve Hatfield at (360) 407-9276 or
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Information about the number of bids received is included to show:
  • Vendors which contracts would benefit from more competition.
  • Assure our customers that we sought the best overall value through as many competitive bids as possible.
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The NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization (formerly WSCA-NASPO) creates multi-State contracts in order to achieve cost-effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services. NASPO VP contracts maximize cost avoidance, reduce individual state administrative costs, and encourage market competition and product availability through standard specifications and consolidated requirements. NASPO VP contracts are available for use by public agencies when approved by the State Purchasing Director. List of current NASPO ValuePoint contracts