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On-Site Document Destruction   
Contract#:  05906   Replaces: 12096, 10190, 07300, 02107, 02703    Related Contracts: 021070150915104
Contract for on-site document destruction services. This was the Facilities Services Master Contract Program, but the other contracts have been separated out in order to provide greater visibility to each service.
This master contract program was disbanded to enable customers to more easily and efficiently find the services that were under the umbrella program. When the On-Site Document Destruction contract was extended, it was given contract # 05906 and the CCI was changed to only reflect document destruction. There is currently one service available under this contract: On-Site Document Destruction. The other two services that had previously been on this contract have been separated out and are under their own contract numbers.

- The Security Guard contract has been separated from this umbrella program and is on its own. You can find information about this contract under contract # 02107.

- The Scrap Metal Collection & Recycling contract has been separated from this umbrella program and is on its own. You can find information about this contract under contract # 01509.

With this contract you have the security of using a state contract with all its protections, and the security of knowing that the state contract's contract administrator is available to help you with any problems, concerns, or issues.

Contract benefits for ON-SITE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION (05906AA):
• Contractor's policy is to recycle 100% of the paper they shred. Contact the contractor for more information.
• Service schedule is mutually agreed on between you and the contractor.
• Services are provided no later than 7 calendar days after a request.
• Contractor provides secure bins free-of-charge.
• Contractor is National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified.
• Contractor provides a Certificate of Destruction at the time of service.

Contract Administrator: Kevyn Davidson, 360-407-9413,
Current Term Start Date: 11-01-2010 Award Date: 10-20-2006 Est. Annual Worth: $881,643
Current Term Ends On: 08-31-2013 Final Term Ends On: 08-31-2013 Commodity Code(s): 958-82 ,990-10
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE
Contact Info:  Master Contracts & Consulting – Teri Lund at (360) 407-8529 or
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