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Weigh in Motion & Vehicle ID System      
Contract#:  03707       
This contract will be awarded under a sole-source award to provide mainline weigh-in-motion (WIM) sorting systems to automate the operation of commercial vehicle enforcement weigh stations with integrated functions of traffic management, weight enforcement, vehicle identification, permit/credential verification and data collection through the following systems:

• Mainline WIM (Weigh-in-Motion)
• AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification)
• AVC (Automatic Vehicle Classification)
• ECS (Enforcement Camera)
• LCS (Lane Control)
• Communications
Current Term Start Date: 01-04-2008 Award Date: 01-04-2008 Est. Annual Worth: $582,801
Current Term Ends On: 01-03-2014 Final Term Ends On: 01-03-2014 Commodity Code(s): 120-64, 780-04, 780-08, 780-12, 780-16, 780-18, 780-20, 780-24, 780-28
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE
Contact Info: Corey Larson at (360) 407-9407 or
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