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Conveyance Maintenance and Repair --Statewide        
Contract#:  01507   Replaces: 01700    
Conveyance (elevator and escalator) repair, service and maintenance for state agencies and political subdivisions.
This contract is intended to satisfy the need of agencies to keep their conveyances in safe working order.

Important notice:

If you are a city, town, county, or other municipality and have a requirement to have contracts approved by your governing body (i.e. council, commission, etc.) or have a requirement to document use of the state contract in a contract of your own, please coordinate this effort with your contracting or purchasing staff as well as this contract's administrator.

It is critical that all requirements be taken care of prior to DES doing an amendment to add you to the contract, because that amendment obligates you and the vendor.

Contract benefits:
• Maximize the state's collective buying power.
• Full maintenance service for equipment.
• Replacement of all operating parts that may burn out, wear out, or fail.
• 24-hour, 7-day, statewide toll-free answering service.
• Normal business hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
• Contractor can work on any manufacturer's conveyance.
• Conveyances covered in the contract are electric elevators, hydraulic elevators, dumbwaiters, and vertical platform lifts.
• DES has the option to bring in a consultant to inspect conveyances to identify any deficiencies requiring correction by the contractor.
Current Term Start Date: 05-01-2013 Award Date: 04-17-2007 Est. Annual Worth: $5,908,702
Current Term Ends On: 10-31-2014 Final Term Ends On: 10-31-2014 Commodity Code(s): 295-40 ,755-10 ,755-15 ,755-20 ,755-25 ,755-30 ,755-35 ,755-47
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 3
Contact Info:  Master Contracts & Consulting – Breann Aggers at (360) 407-9416 or
Who can use this contract?   
  • Washington State agencies
  • Qualified Cooperative Members (Political Subdivisions/Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Participating Colleges, Universities, Community & Technical Colleges
  • Oregon Coop Members
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