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EXPIRED -- Conveyance Maintenance and Repair   
Contract#:  01507   Replaces: 01700    
EXPIRED: This contract for repair and maintenance of elevators and other conveyances for state agencies and political subdivisions EXPIRED March 31, 2015. See Contract 00713 for information about continuing service.
This contract is terminated.

Current Term Start Date: 12-01-2014 Award Date: 04-17-2007 Est. Annual Worth: $8,887,335
Current Term Ends On: 03-31-2015 Final Term Ends On: 03-31-2015 Commodity Code(s): 295-40 ,755-10 ,755-15 ,755-20 ,755-25 ,755-30 ,755-35 ,755-47
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 3
Contact Info:  Master Contracts & Consulting – Bart Potter at (360) 407-9431 or
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