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  Do I need to register before I can post a résumé?
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  Do I need to be logged in before I can post a résumé?
  What is a User ID?
  What do I do if I forgot my User ID?
  Should I use the upload existing résumé method or Résumé Builder for my online résumé?
  Can employers see my résumé on the Internet?
  Can I change my Summary Statement?
  Can I post a résumé to Go2WorkSource if I live outside Washington state?
  I want to use an email address on my résumé, but I don't have one. Can I get a free email account?
  How can I see what my online résumé will look like when viewed by an employer?
  How do I convert an electronic résumé?
  Should I include a cover letter and references when I submit a résumé to the Internet?
  What do I do if I forgot my password?
  How can I update or delete my résumé?
  Can I submit more than one résumé?
  The text box to enter my free-form résumé is too small. Is there a more user-friendly way to do it?
  How can I know if my résumé is any good?
  How can I create a private résumé that employers won't see when they search?