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 Frequently Asked Questions
  How do I use Site Search?
  How do I find the WorkSource Office directory?
  What is the best way to use Go2WorkSource to find a job?
  Can I get special help finding employment if I am a military Veteran?
  Where can I go to research a particular company?
  How do I get my resume online?
  How can I be chosen for an interview when I am competing with hundreds of other job seekers?"
  How do I update and/or change my summary statement?
  I have worked for many years and qualify for several different types of work. I have always used
a generic resume so I could use it for any kind of job I wanted to apply for but since I went online
I am not getting any response.
  How do I find jobs to apply for on the internet?
  How can I Select more than one Occupational Category when doing a Job Search?
  How do I use Keyword Search?
  What is the use of a Prospects Folder?
  What should I put on my resume, I have years and years of working experience; I don’t know
what to put in and what to leave out.
  How do I update my online resume?
  How do I write a resume? I don’t know where to begin.
  What happens to my Resume when I apply Online?
  What are the best web sites for information about careers and employment?
  I have noticed that there are a number of job listings on Go2Worksource.com that are dated back
more than 6 months. Are these job listings current and how long can jobs remain on your site?
  What are the Systems Requirements?