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Job Description Writer   The Job Description Writer helps employers and Workforce Professionals write job descriptions. Use the keyword search to identify your occupation.
Hiring Guidelines   Links to information on topics including hiring employees, foreign labor certification and employer incentives.
Workforce Toolkit   Provides a comprehensive guide to the services available, at little or no cost, through America's Workforce Network (AWN) to help prepare your workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st Century's global economy.
Recruiting   Articles and advice on recruiting the best employees available for your hiring needs.
 Testing and Assessment
Testing and Assessment Center   Discover how pre-employment testing can help businesses find workers with the right skills. Job seekers can use self-assessments to gauge their skill levels and find where improvement is needed.
Employee Screening and Testing   Find companies offering employee assessment services and read guides on the assessment and screening process.
Free Online Tests and Assessments   Find tools, guides, and services related to screening of employees during the hiring process.
Lie Detector Testing   Find out about the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and the restrictions on lie detector tests for employees.
Employer Guide to Good Practices (PDF)   Review this resource designed to help managers and human resource professionals use assessment practices to reach their employment goals.
Shared Work Program   The Employment Security Department’s "Shared Work Program" provides qualified employers of Washington State an alternative to layoffs of skilled employees during unanticipated temporary economic downturns. Shared Work is a voluntary employer initiated program that creates a win/win situation for both employers and participating employees.
The Employment Security Department administers a variety of programs to provide businesses and individuals with essential skills and the information and tools they need to adapt to a changing economy. Select one of the categories below for information:
Career Bridge   Career Bridge is the Web site for Washington state's Eligible Training Provider (ETP) list. The ETP List ensures that certain performance standards are met for programs receiving federal workforce funding under the Workforce Investment Act. Career Bridge matches each job with education and training programs offered throughout the state. Future students can see at a glance the cost of tuition, books and other fees, the location and length of training, entrance requirements and more, as they consider pursuing a particular career path.
On The Job Training   Find out more about on-the-job training as it relates to apprenticeship.
Federal Training Programs   Learn about various Federal programs to train workers through vocational education, apprenticeship, or employer hiring incentives.
Training for Veterans   Find information on initiatives for veterans, reservists, and National Guard members to acquire vocational training.
US Department of Labor   Information to help you improve your workforce and take advantage of existing government programs.
 Wages and Benefits
Minimum Wages   Read about the minimum wage regulations from the U.S. Department of Labor and find information on the Fair Labor Standards Act.
National Wage Rates   Wage data from around the nation to help determine what you should be paying your employees.
Employee Benefits   Compliance information and tools for employee benefit plan sponsors, service-providers and participants.