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WorkSource Services for Employers
WorkSource Centers provide all the information, technology and services business needs to thrive. They represent a unique concept in the labor market - everything in one place. WorkSource Center Services are delivered to customers in a variety of ways, including:

Labor Market Information (LMI)

WorkSource offers local and state labor market information to employers via online service at Workforce Explorer as well as in groups or one-on-one at a WorkSource Center:
bullet Occupation descriptions
bullet Job and industry growth patterns
bullet Economic trends and forecasts
bullet Wage levels for various occupations
bullet Skill standards
bullet Labor force information
bullet Economic information (regional and county)
bullet Population and demographic information
bullet Affirmative action statistics
bullet Non-proprietary employer information
bullet Education and training outcomes: completion rates, placement rates and graduate wages

Job Listings

Employers can list job openings for individual or groups of qualified workers. Services are self-serve at Go2WorkSource.com or staff assisted at WorkSource Centers. Employers list requirements such as:
bullet Start date
bullet Wages and fringe benefits
bullet Worker qualifications required to perform the job
bullet Work schedule conditions, and travel requirements
bullet Legal requirements such as occupations licenses, bonding, and insurance; and application instructions.

Applicant Referral

WorkSource refers qualified job-seekers to employers based on the employer's requirements. Applicants may apply on their own or be referred by staff at a WorkSource Center.

Employer Assessment

WorkSource staff listen to your business needs and offer services, options and solutions.

Employee Training & Retraining

WorkSource offers information about a variety of employee training, including:
bullet Workplace Basic Skills
bullet Employee Training
bullet English as a Second Language
bullet On-the-job training
bullet Apprenticeships
bullet Other customized or on-site training
bullet Get information on employer training incentives
bullet Explore partnerships with your local community & technical colleges

Business Assistance Information and Referrals

WorkSource can assist with:
bullet Business registration (Master Business Application)
bullet Finance programs for retention, creation or expansions
bullet Employment law assistance
bullet Fair labor practices
bullet Tax information
bullet Tax incentives and credit information
bullet Audit preparation, planning, and
bullet Other business resources

Unemployment Insurance Access

Employers can access general information on:
bullet Unemployment Insurance Taxes
bullet Benefit charging
bullet Experience rating
bullet Old Age & Survivor Insurance
bullet Tax rates, help with tax wage reporting and forms
bullet Access to UI laws and regulation and eligibility; and appeal process information

Internet Access

bullet WorkSource offers 24-hour access to business information through the WorkSource Website.
bullet WorkSource offices also offer employer resource areas with computers, Internet connections and staff assistance, if needed.

Business Closure/Reduction in Force Information & Referral

WorkSource provides assistance with:
bullet Major layoffs and plant closures
bullet Help with Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification Act (WARN) requirements
bullet Access to services to help