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  Where can I find a WorkSource Generic Application Form?
  Can employers give preference to veterans when making hiring decisions?
  Do I need to be logged in before I can apply online for jobs?
  The instructions for some jobs say "How to Apply," but others say "How to Request a Referral." What is the difference?
  What happens when I apply online for a job?
  Why am I not getting a response from employers after applying online?
  Why can't I apply online for jobs in the "Contact Employer to Apply" section at the bottom of my Prospects Folder?
  Can I apply online for a job more than once?
  Is there a way to get a list of all the jobs I have applied online for?
  I have posted several résumés. How do I choose which one to send when applying online for a job?
  What will happen when I click ‘Apply Now’ in the Prospects Folder? Do I still need to send my résumé to the employer?
  What about jobs listed at the bottom of the page? How do I apply for them?
  Why does the Prospects Folder say "No jobs selected" instead of displaying my saved job search results?
  How can I apply Online using my saved résumé?
  What do I do if I receive a confirmation message when apply for a job?