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Unemployment Exhaustee Report

The Unemployment Exhaustee Report documents the results from a survey of claimants who received all of their unemployment benefits prior to finding work. This was a one-time report produced in support of Retooling Washington’s Workforce.

The Unemployment Exhaustee Report provides insight into exhaustees’ employment situation, programs or services they used to look for work, and barriers they encountered during their job search. Exhaustees are unemployment-insurance claimants who used all available unemployment benefits prior to finding work.

We used an online survey of exhaustees to gather information in the report.

How is this information used?

Workforce planners and policy-makers can use the survey results to identify key factors and barriers to employment and to determine policy changes that might improve the employment situation for unemployed workers.

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Reports are maintained on our site for four years. Electronic versions of older reports are available by sending an email to Include your name and the report’s name and year.


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