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Employer demand reports

The employer demand reports is a group of four reports that reflect the top 25 skill sets
and certifications that employers are looking for in workers, as well as the top 25 occupations
and employers.

Employer demand reports

This group of four reports includes:

    • Top 25 occupations
    • Top 25 hard skills
    • Top 25 certifications
    • Top 25 employers

Data sources

These reports are based on the Help Wanted OnLine® data series from the Conference Board*, which provide a measure of real-time labor demand gathered from online job ads, and on the real-time database of job announcements from Wanted Analytics, which could include significant duplications.

Brief explanation of methodology

For occupations, we provide the most recent, single month of information based on a consistent time series from the Help Wanted OnLine® data (HWOL). For employers, we provide the most recent four months of data from the HWOL data series compared to the previous year. For certifications and hard skills, we provide the most recent four months of information from Wanted Analytics.

Details of the HWOL methodology are provided as technical notes in the report library to the right. The Wanted Analytics data has not been screened to reduce duplications.

Update frequency

The Labor Market and Performance Analysis Office compiles these reports each month.

*The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest.

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