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Firm Size

Firm size data provide a count of firms and their size based on their number of employees, for each Washington industry and for each county.

Every year, we tabulate the number of firms operating in Washington state and sort them by size. We provide counts by industry sector and subsector and for each county. The data are screened to protect confidentiality.

The data are useful in understanding the distribution of jobs between small and large firms and are helpful for tracking job growth by firm size.

What is the data source?

We use first quarter data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), Enhanced Quarterly Unemployment Insurance file to build the firm size dataset. First-quarter QCEW is the only quarter where economic and non-economic changes are allowed. This ensures the integrity of the data for economic analysis.

How often are the firm size data updated?

Annually, in September.

How is this information used?

  •  To understand the distribution of jobs and firms.

  •  To identify the number of firms and their employment by criteria.

  •  To track net job growth by firm size.

  •   To ensure proposed changes do not affect one size of employer more than another.

Request a report

Reports are maintained on our site for four years. Electronic versions of older reports are available by sending an email to Include your name and the report’s name and year.


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