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Employment Projections

Employment projections provide job seekers, policy-makers and training providers an idea of how many jobs exist within industries and occupations and how the number of jobs are expected to change over time and what the future demand for workers will be.

Our projections show expected change in employment by industry and occupation, the current and projected employment counts, estimated growth rates and average annual openings.

We develop short-, medium- and long-term projections.

  •  Short-term projections are two-year projections.

  •  Medium-term projections are five-year projections.

  •  Long-term projections are 10-year projections.

We revise the projections annually.

How are employment projections developed?
We develop industry projections and convert them to occupations based on staffing patterns gleaned from occupational employment statistic surveys.

How do I learn more about projections methodology?
To learn more, read our employment projections report.

Occupational projections

  • Short-term occupational projections 
        XLS, 4.1 MB
  • Long-term occupational projections
        XLS, 4.4 MB
  • All occupational projections
        XLS, 1.4 MB

  • Industry projections

  • Short-term industry projections 
        XLS, 201 KB
  • Long-term industry projections
        XLS, 214 KB

  • Control totals and matrices

  • Short-term industry control totals 
         XLS, 690 KB
  • Long-term industry control totals
        XLS, 753 KB
  • All industry control totals
        XLS, 343 KB
  • Occupations-industry matrices
  •      XLS, 7.5 MB

    Projections methodology

  • Employment projections report 
        PDF, 1.9 MB
  • Employment projections appendix 
        XLS, 119 KB

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