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Reports, data & tools

Reports, data & tools

Our tools and reports use Washington state labor market information to help job seekers, employers and public officials make informed career, hiring or policy decisions. For more information on any report, contact an economist.
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Economic reports and data

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Business Employment DynamicsPDFQuarterly05/26/2016
A national and state view of changes to businesses and the job market.
Current Employment StatisticsXLSMonthly05/24/2016
Monthly estimates of employment, hours worked and earnings.
Washington Employment EstimatesXLSMonthly05/24/2016
Monthly estimates of nonfarm employment in Washington state, benchmarked quarterly.
Monthly Employment ReportPDF | XLSMonthly05/18/2016
Monthly report on employment and unemployment in Washington state. Provides statewide and county-level data.
Unemployment Benefits ReportPDFMonthly05/13/2016
Monthly unemployment benefits reports by legislative district, congressional district and by county.
Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund ForecastPDFQuarterly12/18/2015
This report provides the status and updated projections of the state’s unemployment-insurance trust fund.
Median and Average Hourly WagesXLSYearly12/14/2015
The median and average hourly wage tables include annual data going back to 1990 for the state and each county. Unadjusted, inflation-adjusted and annualized data are listed, as well as a breakout for the private sector.
Labor Market and Economic ReportPDFYearly04/02/2015
Yearly report on Washington state’s labor market and economy.

Industry reports, data and tools

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Employment Projections PDF | XLSYearly05/04/2016
Short- and long-term employment outlook by industry and occupation.
Quarterly Census of Employment and WagesXLSQuarterly04/27/2016
Industry employment and wage data from employer tax records.
Find employersWebYearly03/28/2016
Contact information for more than 330,000 employers in Washington state.
Fruit Growers Wage Survey PDFOne Time11/12/2015
This report has been discontinued.
Establishment SizeXLSYearly11/06/2015
The number of establishments and establishment size class based on the number of employees in each Washington industry.
Agricultural Workforce ReportPDFYearly05/21/2015
Overview of agricultural employment and wages in Washington state.
Industry trendsWebMonthly08/19/2014
Economic indicators and trends in Washington state industries

Occupational reports, data and tools

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Employer Demand ReportPDF | XLSMonthly04/29/2016
Monthly employer demand reports reflect the top 25 skill sets and certifications that employers are looking for in workers, as well as the top 25 occupations and employers.
Occupational Employment and Wage EstimatesPDF | XLSYearly09/11/2015
Employment and wage estimates by occupation and area.
Job Vacancy and Hiring Survey ReportPDF | XLSSemiannual01/15/2015
The number of job openings in Washington’s job market.
Learn about an occupationWebYearly10/21/2014
Discover which occupations have the most job opportunities.
Employee Benefits Survey ReportPDF | XLSYearly03/17/2014
Annual report on the health insurance, retirement and paid-leave benefits offered to employees.

Regional reports, data and tools

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Local Unemployment StatisticsXLSMonthly05/24/2016
Statewide and local-level monthly unemployment estimates.
Labor Market Supply/Demand ReportsXLSMonthly05/24/2016
The labor market supply/demand reports represent comparisons of online job postings and data on unemployment benefit claimants and WorkSource job seekers. The data is organized by workforce development area (WDA) and occupation category.
EB-5 Investor Targeted Employment AreasPDF | XLSYearly05/02/2016
Areas with reduced investment requirements for immigrant investor (EB-5) visas.
Distressed areas listWebYearly04/19/2016
Counties where long-term unemployment is higher than the statewide average.
WorkSource System Performance Dashboard ReportsXLSQuarterly12/22/2015
Quarterly dashboards showing performance indicators, common measures and results for all workforce development areas.
County ProfilesWebYearly07/30/2015
Labor market profiles of counties in Washington state. Including geography, industries, population, workforce, wages and income.
Labor area summariesWebMonthly05/20/2015
Labor market trends in the metropolitan areas and counties of Washington state.
Numbers and trendsWebMonthly09/23/2014
Top economic indicators for Washington state’s workforce.
Local employment dynamicsWebQuarterly08/04/2014
Labor-market information by geographic area, industry, age and gender.

Special reports

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Self-Employment Assistance Program (Legislative Report)PDFSemiannual12/31/2015
Special report on the performance of the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP).
Training Benefits Program Annual Report and Net Impact StudiesPDFYearly12/07/2015
Reports to the Washington State Legislature on the Training Benefits Program.
Green-Economy Jobs ReportPDFBiannual07/08/2015
Wages, necessary skills and employment prospects for green-economy jobs in Washington state.
WorkFirst and Workforce Investment Act Title 1-B ReportPDF | XLSAnnual12/03/2014
The report describes short-term and long-term employment- and training-related outcomes and funding of WorkFirst and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I-B workforce training programs. This report also includes a visual representation of Washington’s full workforce development system.
WorkSource Net Impact StudyPDFOne Time11/21/2013
A 2013 Assessment of the effectiveness of WorkSource job-search services.
E2SSB 5809 Workforce Training Bill ReportsPDFYearly06/18/2013
Three reports on effect of E2SSB 5809 training on employment rates and wages, completed in 2013.
Workforce Effects of Biomass and Solar GenerationPDFOne Time06/29/2012
Special report on the economic and workforce effects of biomass and solar electricity generation.
Unemployment Benefits Exhaustee Survey ReportPDFOne Time07/27/2011
Results from a survey of claimants who used up all of their unemployment benefits prior to finding work.


Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Economic symposiumsPDFYearly11/03/2015
Presentations from economic symposiums held around the state.