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Reports, data & tools

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Economic reports and data

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Monthly Employment ReportPDF | XLSMonthly12/19/2018
The monthly report on employment and unemployment in Washington state has been moved to our new website:
Washington Employment EstimatesXLSMonthly12/19/2018
The monthly estimates of nonfarm employment in Washington state, benchmarked quarterly, have moved to our new website:.
Business Employment DynamicsPDFQuarterly12/07/2018
A national and state view of changes to businesses and the job market.
Current Employment StatisticsXLSMonthly11/20/2018
The monthly estimates of employment, hours worked and earnings have moved to our new website at: .
Median and Average Hourly WagesXLSYearly09/13/2018
The median and average hourly wage tables include annual data going back to 1990 for the state and each county. Unadjusted, inflation-adjusted and annualized data are listed, as well as a breakout for the private sector.
Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund ForecastPDFQuarterly07/26/2018
This report provides the status and updated projections of the state’s unemployment-insurance trust fund.
Unemployment Benefits ReportPDFMonthly07/17/2018
Monthly unemployment benefits reports by legislative district, congressional district and by county.
Labor Market and Economic ReportPDFYearly04/11/2018
Yearly report on Washington state’s labor market and economy.

Industry reports, data and tools

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Quarterly Census of Employment and WagesXLSQuarterly09/27/2018
Industry employment and wage data from employer tax records.
Find employersWebYearly05/16/2018
Contact information for more than 330,000 employers in Washington state.
Establishment SizeXLSYearly12/19/2017
The number of establishments and establishment size class based on the number of employees in each Washington industry.
Employment Projections PDF | XLSYearly09/11/2017
The Employment Projections are now found here:
Agricultural Wage and Practice Survey PDFBiannual06/07/2017
Agricultural wage and practice survey
Agricultural Workforce ReportPDFYearly11/15/2016
Overview of agricultural employment and wages in Washington state.
Agriculture Employment and Wage ReportPDF | XLSMonthly06/18/2014
The monthly agriculture employment and wage report will no longer be provided beginning with the May 2014 report due to a decline in funding.

Occupational reports, data and tools

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Occupational Employment and Wage EstimatesPDF | XLSYearly09/20/2018
Employment and wage estimates by occupation and area.
Employer Demand ReportPDF | XLSMonthly09/07/2018
The monthly employer demand reports have moved to a new location:
Job Vacancy and Hiring Survey ReportPDF | XLSSemiannual01/15/2015
The number of job openings in Washington’s job market.
Learn about an occupationWebYearly10/21/2014
The learn about an occupation page has moved here:
Employee Benefits Survey ReportPDF | XLSYearly03/17/2014
Annual report on the health insurance, retirement and paid-leave benefits offered to employees.

Regional reports, data and tools

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Local Unemployment StatisticsXLSMonthly12/19/2018
Statewide and local-level monthly unemployment estimates.
Labor Market Supply/Demand ReportsXLSMonthly06/28/2018
The labor market supply/demand reports have moved here:
EB-5 Investor Targeted Employment AreasPDF | XLSYearly04/25/2018
Areas with reduced investment requirements for immigrant investor (EB-5) visas.
Distressed areas listWebYearly04/24/2018
Counties where long-term unemployment is higher than the statewide average.
Labor area summariesWebMonthly04/25/2017
The labor area summaries have moved here:
County ProfilesWebYearly07/30/2015
The county profiles and data tables have moved here:
Local employment dynamicsWebQuarterly08/04/2014
Labor-market information by geographic area, industry, age and gender.

Special reports

Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Training Benefits Program Annual Report and Net Impact StudiesPDFYearly12/13/2016
Reports to the Washington State Legislature on the Training Benefits Program.
Self-Employment Assistance Program (Legislative Report)PDFSemiannual12/31/2015
Special report on the performance of the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP).
WorkFirst and Workforce Investment Act Title 1-B ReportPDF | XLSAnnual12/03/2014
The report describes short-term and long-term employment- and training-related outcomes and funding of WorkFirst and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I-B workforce training programs. This report also includes a visual representation of Washington’s full workforce development system.
WorkSource Net Impact StudyPDFOne Time11/21/2013
A 2013 Assessment of the effectiveness of WorkSource job-search services.
E2SSB 5809 Workforce Training Bill ReportsPDFYearly06/18/2013
Three reports on effect of E2SSB 5809 training on employment rates and wages, completed in 2013.
Workforce Effects of Biomass and Solar GenerationPDFOne Time06/29/2012
Special report on the economic and workforce effects of biomass and solar electricity generation.
Unemployment Benefits Exhaustee Survey ReportPDFOne Time07/27/2011
Results from a survey of claimants who used up all of their unemployment benefits prior to finding work.


Report NameFormatFrequencyPublished 
Economic symposiumsPDFYearly07/11/2018
Presentations from economic symposiums have moved here: