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October unemployment rates
  • in Washington
    seasonally adjusted
  • in the U.S.
    seasonally adjusted

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Information to help you get a job or plan your career.

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Information to help you develop a business plan, make hiring decisions, write job descriptions and more.

County Profiles

Labor market profiles of counties in Washington state.

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Labor market trends in the metropolitan areas and counties of Washington state.

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2015 Symposium is scheduled for October 29th.

Recently published reports

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Updated 12/06/2017
Contact information for more than 330,000 employers in Washington state.
Business Employment Dynamics
Updated 11/29/2017
A national and state view of changes to businesses and the job market.
Employer Demand Report
Updated 11/29/2017
Monthly employer demand reports reflect the top 25 skill sets and certifications that employers are looking for in workers, as well as the top 25 occupations and employers.
Unemployment Benefits Report
Updated 11/27/2017
Monthly unemployment benefits reports by legislative district, congressional district and by county.
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