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Welcome to the Washington State Employment Security Department’s Direct Deposit Application
Important: If you filed your application for benefits today by telephone or online and did not choose to sign up for direct deposit, you must wait 24 hours to sign up. If you use the Opera Web Browser, you will not be able to complete the direct deposit application. You may apply for direct deposit by using the current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox. We recommend you use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Receiving benefits by check? Sign up for direct deposit!
We can send your benefits directly to your bank or credit union account.
Dot Safe – no more lost or stolen checks
Dot Convenient
Dot no trips to the bank or credit union to cash your check
Dot no waiting in long lines
Dot no check-cashing fees
You must have the following before you begin:
Dot Social Security number
Dot Name as it appears on your bank or credit union account
Dot Account type (checking or savings)
Dot For checking:
Dot Routing number
Dot Account number
Dot For savings:
Dot Contact your bank or credit union to get the correct routing number. The deposit slip may have internal routing numbers that are not part of the actual routing number.
Your check routing and account numbers display on your check
Direct-deposit requests go through a clearance process with your bank or credit union. This process verifies your account information and can take up to 14 days. We will mail you a paper check until your account information is verified or if the information you entered does not match what your bank or credit union has on file. Your bank or credit union must be within one of the 50 states. It is your responsibility to keep your bank or credit union account information up to date through the direct deposit Web site.
The claims center and WorkSource employment center cannot access your bank or credit union information.

When you apply for direct deposit:
Dot You will apply through a secure Web site to protect your personal information.
Dot You will need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to sign up for direct deposit and to manage your claim by phone or online. Do not share your PIN with anyone else.
Dot If you already created a PIN for your weekly unemployment claim, you will use the same PIN to apply for direct deposit.
Dot If you have not created an unemployment PIN yet, or have forgotten it, you will have the chance to create a PIN when you apply for direct deposit. This PIN will be used for all the unemployment transactions that require a PIN.
Dot You have 15 minutes to complete a page. If you wait longer than that, the information you entered will not be saved and you must start over.
If you are ready to apply, select “Continue.”