Physical address:
DES Contracts & Procurement
1500 Jefferson St SE
Olympia, WA 98501
Mailing address:
DES Contracts & Procurement
PO Box 41411
Olympia, WA 98504-1411
Cheral Manke
State Procurement Manager
(360) 407-9402
  Scott Smith
State Procurement Manager - IT
(360) 407-8722


Program Email Address Phone Number
Contracts Resource Center (360) 407-2210
Master Contracts Usage Agreement (360) 407-2214
Strategic Business Initiatives (360) 407-9398
Business Development Outreach (360) 407-9257
Enterprise Procurement Policy (360) 407-8149
Policy and Protest (360) 407-9400
Procurement training (360) 407-9376
Public Disclosure Requests (360) 407-8768
Policy and rules (360) 407-9209
Surplus (360) 407-1900
Warehouse and transportation (360) 407-1917
Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) (360) 902-7400
Commodity code requests (360) 902-7400

Contacts by goods and services

  Team A - Human and Health Services (HHS)
Procurement Supervisor Melissa Cox (360) 407-9432
HVAC Parts, Commmercial Food Service Equip, Student Transportation, Household Appliances, Vehicle Rental, Food Service Scott Schumacher (360) 407-8527
Medical/Dental Equipment & Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Eye Glasses, Drug Testing, Lab Equipment, Exam Gloves, Health, Wellness, Infant and Maternity, Genetic Testing, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Medical Physicals for Law Enforcement Officers, Lab Specimen Testing Services, Offsite Drug Testing Services, Breast Pumps, Pharmaceutical Services, Medical Waste, Flu Vaccine, Infant Formula, Lab Equipment, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Defibrillators, Oxygen Rentals and Condoms Tim Shay (360) 407-9410
Translation, Interpreters, Food Service Connie Stacy (360) 407-9403
Contracts Specialist Monya Tabor (360) 407-8033
All Travel Services, Textiles Kathie Steller (360) 407-8422
  Team B - Office Operations (OP)
Procurement Supervisor Josh Klika (360) 407-7939
Office Supplies, Mail Services, NASPO Digital Print and Copy, NASPO Mail Postage Machines, Ink and Toner Breann Aggers (360) 407-9416
Correctional Industries Bradley DeVol (360) 407-7920
Custom Stamps, NASPO Small Package Delivery, Flooring Materials and Services, NASPO Ink and Toner, Office Supplies and Paper, Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Glen McNeill (360) 407-9355
Mattresses, CI Umbrella, Furniture, Add-on Furniture, Warehouse Boxes Shipping and Storage Team B (360) 407-2212
Contracts Specialist DeEtte Wolfe (360) 407-8122
  Team D - Environmental, Security and Protection (ESP)
Procurement Supervisor Corinna Cooper (360) 407-9420
Recycling Services, Scrap Metal Collection/Recycle, Onsite Document Destruction, Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal Services, Marine Waste, Geotechnical Drilling Services, Waste Pumping Services, Pre-Cast Utility Buildings John Allen (360) 407-8406
Facilities MRO, Fire Detection & Suppression, Doors & Frames, Fencing Materials, Electrical Supplies, Plumbing Supplies, Modular Polymer Belts/Screens, Playground Equipment Leslie Edwards (360) 407-8416
Emergency Response (hazardous materials and vessels), Weather Station, Lawn & Grounds Equipment, Weather Forecasting, Analytical Laboratory Services, Native Plants, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Leanna Sandy (360) 407-8535
Document Recovery, Body Armor, Security Guard Services, Armored Car Services, Fertilizers, Fish Hatchery Pharmaceuticals, Vegetation Management, Test Fishing Charter Services, Triploid Trout, Gases: Medical & Specialty Melanie Williams (360) 407-9399
Derelict Vessels, X-Ray Imaging, Ammunition, Less than Lethal Weapons, Radar/Lidar Parts and Equipment, Protective Clothing, Explosive X-Ray Equipment, Air Tasers, Emergency Standby Services Richard Worthy (360) 407-7932
  Team E - Transportation (Trans)
Procurement Supervisor Cynthia Shaw (360) 407-7948
Deicer, Traffic Paint, Rollers, Snow Plows, Manlifts, Sign Supports, Retro-Reflective Materials, Inmate Transport Vehicles, Flatbed Truck with Knuckle Boom Thomas Allman (360) 407-7964
Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Heating oil, Propane, Natural Gas, Aviation), Fuel-Bulk Deliveries & Keep Full Service, Marine Refueling, Lubricant & Bilge Services, Bulk Products, Lubricants - Virgin & Refined, Light- Medium and Heavy Duty Buses Keith Farley (360) 407-9419
Motor Vehicles (Police, Automobiles, Automobiles-Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Hybrid, Vans, Sports Utility Vehicles, Light Duty Pickup Trucks, Medium Duty Trucks, Chassis Cab and Cutaway Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks, Low Speed Vehicles), ADA Vans, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), Vehicle Lifts & Garage Associated Equipment, Vehicle Accident Management Services, Tire Chains & Accessories, Steel Culverts Philip Saunders (360) 407-7962
Street Flushers, Annual Fuel Station Inspection Services, Front Loaders, Fuel Tanks and Equipment, Towing Services, Trailers, Motor Vehicle Emission Testing, Vehicle Glass Repair/Replacement , Vehicle Emission Testing, In-Vehicle Video Surveillance, Portable Roadway Signs and Stands, Guardrails-Terminals, Cable and Components Steve Hatfield (360) 407-9276
Marine/Vessels, Asphalt, Trailers, Generators, Warehouse Equipment/Power Distribution Equipment, Weigh in Motion& Vehicle ID Systems, Marine Gyro Maintenance and Repair, Marine Radar equipment and Maintenance and Repair, Derelict Vessel Removal & Disposal, Tractors, Heavy Equipment Rentals Corey Larson (360) 407-9407
Various Cab & Chassis, Impact Attenuators, Street Light and Poles, Sign Sheeting, Manlifts, Culverts, Dump Bodies, Front Loaders, Catch Basin Cleaners, Herbicide Mark Roush (360) 407-9311
  Team F - Professional Services (ProServ)
Commercial Card Solutions (Pcard, Travel Card, One Card, Declining Balance Card, Fleet Card) Facilitators and Facilitation, Management & Business Analysis, Process Server, Exectutive Recruitment, Mediation, Debt Collection, Lean Consulting, Conference and Event Services Clayton Long (360) 407-8508
Green Purchasing NASPO, Organizational Development, Environmental Consulting, Survey/Data Collection, Financial and Auditing Services, State Records Center Doc. Mgmt Veronica Field (360) 407-7949
Internal Contracts - Contract Specialist Gregg Patterson (360) 407-7958
  Team G - Telcom, Data and Apps (TDA)
Procurement Supervisor Elena McGrew (360) 407-7957
Wireless Communications, Mobile Phones, Satellite Phone Equipment & Services, Wireless Pooled Minutes, Broadband, Toll-Free Calling/Support Services, Mobile Computing Solutions and Public Safety Body Cameras Marci Disken (360) 407-9405
Information Technology Professional Services (ITPS), Computer Equipment, and IT Cabling Scott Geist (360) 407-9429
Procurement Supervisor, Data Communications, Telephone Systems Kim Kirkland (360) 407-9207
Contracts Specialist- IT Research Teri Lund (360) 407-8529
Public Safety Communication Equipment, Electronic Monitoring of Offenders, Digital Communications, Public Safety Communications Support Equipment, Survey and Mapping Equipment and Supplies and WSP NarrowBanding Neva Peckham (360) 407-9411
Contracts Consultant, Offsite Media Storage Vault Services, Security Management Bart Potter (360) 407-9431
InformationTechnology Professional Services (ITPS) and Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) Ryan Johnson (360) 407-8528
Cloud Storage and Services, Software & Mircosoft Products, Associated Services Mike Dombrowsky (360) 407-8717
Contracts Consultant - IT Solutions Brenda Rix (360) 407-2914
IT Contract Liaison Cindy Zielinski (360) 407-8256
  Team I - Resource Center
Procurement Supervisor Brent Duncan (360) 407-8778
Contracts Resource Center Supervisor Cathy Moxley (360) 407-9434
Customer Service Specialist Scott Edwards (360) 407-9397
Contracts Assistant Christine Schoepfer (360) 407-9404
Contracts Assistant AnnMarie Sao (360) 407-8141
Customer Service Specialist Angela Boyer-Shaw (360) 407-8056
Contracts Assistant CJ Sanchelli