SPR Workload Report

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BuyerSPR IDCustomer #Req #Commodity# of itemsDescriptionLog Date
019948 097 1  2/13/09
821103   1OD Change Management 1/24/12
021270   0Drilling 6/01/12
1721517 CL12-005 0Derelict Vessel Segment B Category 2. 1973 27ft pleasure craft 2/26/13
3621893   1Location:City dock and Open Water Marina. The closest street address for physical location is Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park, 301 Shannon Drive Ne, Bainbridge Island, wa 98110. Scope of work:To remove and dispose of, a 34foot wood hull powerboat and all a 7/15/15
019100045-001R0450002231012007 Crown Victoria LX w/ all standard features 8/23/07
019718085-JK1PR09001361111 35mm Archive Writer 9/16/08
1020021085-JK1PR0900875303166,000 Archive quality File Folders; Legal Size 9.625 X 14.75 36,000 Archive quality File Folders; Letter Size 9.625 X 11.75 1 Shipping 4/16/09
019780085-JK1PR09003746042 Focus 40 Braille Display 2 Maintenance Agreements 1 Focus 80 Braille Display 1 Maintenance Agreement 10/22/08
019245095-00109-0123103lease one 2008 Ford Taurus for elected official Brian Sonntag - State Auditor. 10/31/07
019270095-001 23101Purchase Authority for 2008 Ford Taurus. 11/20/07
021820095-P01  1January 2015 is the work period. 11/21/14
032083100-008  132083 Janitorial Services RFQQ, AGO - County: Yakima, Contract life: 1 yr, Start Date: 8/1/17, Sq ft: 5,780, Approved wk hrs: 5:30 pm - 5:00 am, 1433 Lakeside Court, #102, Yakima, WA 98902 6/28/17
3342157100-J03  142157 RFQQ, Attorney General Office, Contract life: 2 yrs, Service start date: 2/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 148000, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, 7141 Cleanwater Dr SE, Tumwater WA 98501, Point of contact Kerra Lynch. 1/08/18
3342158100-J03  142158, Attorney General Office, County: Benton, Contract life: 1 yr, Service start date: 2/1/18, Bldg type: General Office, Sq ft: 6200, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, 8127 W Klamath Ct, Kennewick, WA 99336, point of contact Kerra Lynch 1/10/18
821694102-GDA32010 1DFI is in need of a job coach as part of reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee. 12/03/13
821283102-GP221283 1Work request for contract 32010 for team development. 6/08/12
821251102-HD1  3Work request for team development for contract 32010. 5/22/12
821742102-PB1  4Master Contract: 03175 03712 Lean Consultant Services Vendor 2/24/14
032035102-PY1  1County-Thurston, Contract life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Oct 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-49051, # of Floors-4, Approved working hours-Monday-Friday 5pm-4am 9/07/16
021831103-JH2  12Building Type: General Office, Estimated Square FT: 71,079, # of Floors: ?, Approved working hours: Mon-Fri 7pm to 11pm, full janitorial services: 1/09/15
021832103-JH2  0Building Type: General Office, Estimated SQ Ft: 71,079, # of Floors: ?, Monday-Friday 7pm to 11pm, Janitorial Floor care only, Annual contract amount: $2,400 1/09/15
821534103-KJL32010 1Work request for executive recruitment for contract 32010. 3/07/13
020508103-TT1  1Environmental Monitoring 5/17/10
02096710300-MS1  1Conveyance maintenance per state contract 01507. 7/26/11
02143710400-009  1Additional purchase to SPR 21081 for contract no. AD515. 11/28/12
820850105-00120850 1Change management 4/26/11
821301105-BL1  1Work request for contract 32206 for management consulting services. 6/19/12
821709105-BL1 32010 1To obtain objective, professional consultation in the areas of change management, organizational development, executive coaching, strategic planning, and best practices related to Human Resources Transformation in Washington state government. 1/14/14
821631107-005 21631 0OD Change Management 8/13/13
821605107-005 21605 1Convenience Contract #32206 6/18/13
821735107-LWO  0626 8th Avenue SE Olympia, WA 98504-2702 2/19/14
020041116-0251 1CANCELLED Requst for purchase of six (6) Smart Cars (sole Source Purchase). Price includes tax & license. 4/24/09
020031116-002025123101Request LPA for 6- Smart cars (sole source) 4/21/09
019228116-002116-87999951Lighted Floor Mat 34"X24" full color graphics 10/22/07
021783116-JJ103712 1The contractor will provide three full-day training sessions focusing on the role of leadership in a Lean culture and how those principles can best be applied at an agency that focuses on generating revenue for its beneficiaries. 7/24/14
3521621116-JJ1 B0439 1250Sidewalk flags/banners Platform stand Stake 7/24/13
821593116-JJ103712 1Work request for Lean Consultant Services: Leadership & Cultural Change, Facilitating Lean Process Improvement, Training 5/29/13
021545116-JJ1 B0416 1To create a contract for a playcenter/kiosk that is recyclable. 3/22/13
031960116-JJ1  1Agcy #-1160, County-Snohomish, Contract Life-1yr, Bld Type-Gen Office, ESQ-1980, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-8am-4pm 12/10/15
019416116-S119416PQ356Financial consulting resulting in the issuance of an opinion on WA Lottery financial statements 2/20/08
018858117-0141885859970FIngerprint System 4/30/07
01854711700-000041641023108Vehicle, new, electric, utility, Taylor Dunn, color orange, model B2-48-36 GT 12/08/06
01924611700-000280505231022-2007 Gem E4 Electric vehicles with options outlined on SPR 10/31/07
22134511700-0001078718 12012 Ford Fusion Hybrid. 8/07/12
22135511700-0001078621 1Ford Fusion Hybrids for GA Motor Pool (now DES Fleet Operations); suede white. 8/14/12
02099411700-JB1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for King County Metro Transit Power & Facilities. 8/18/11
02010011700-JJ1330033231012 New Electric Utility Taylor Dunn B2-48-48GT Vehicles see order form 6/12/09
01995811700-JJ1320465231032 2009 Long Bed GEM EL Vehicle, 1 2009 4 Passenger GEM E4 Vehicle 2/24/09
02102711700-JN1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for King County Facilities Management Division 9/28/11
02104911700-JN1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for King County Facilities Management Division. 10/28/11
02102611700-RS1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for King County International Airport. 9/28/11
02105511700-RY1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for King County Wastewater Treatment Division. 11/02/11
02132911800-002  1Bearcat 2500 gallon oil distributor for contract AD515 Asphalt Distributors. 7/12/12
4832022124-J01  1County -Thurston, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Aug 1, 2016, Bldg Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft-57,441, # of Floors-?, Approved working hrs-Monday thru Friday 4pm-12:00 am 6/23/16
821104124-KG1  1OD Change Management 1/24/12
821100124-KG121100 1OD Change Management 1/11/12
364216912700-BBU01816 1The purpose of this project is to locate, identify, and dispose of a sunken vessel in Henderson Bay. The mast of the vessel is barely visible at low tide. It is unsure what type of vessel it is, however it is believed to be a sailboat that is approx. 24'. 4/23/18
82153512700-CB132206 1Work request for environmental consulting under contract 32206. 3/08/13
293203612701-DS1  1City of Tacoma, County-Pierce, contract Life-1 yr, Bldg type-Pedrestrian Bridge, # of floors-1 9/07/16
02099212900-RB1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Skagit County. 8/17/11
22150613100-000 AD518A 2ST 1300PA police motorcycle, base unit 2/06/13
22093413100-DW1AD513A 1Honda ST1300 PA police motorcycle 6/14/11
2932043134-  1Electronic file only 9/26/16
02180513400-702TCCS9-2014 1Contract #03712 Lean Consultant Services- Lean Process Improvement 9/29/14
232149713400-SS1  12013 Retail Chevrolet Express Cargo Van RWD 3500 155" Diesel CG33705. 1/28/13
01858913800-0051858923101Truck, HD 3/4 ton, Crew cab pick-up, (4X4), 2008 Ford f250 XL (W21/600A) withh all contact required equipment and the following options; A/C, alternative turbo diesel engine, CC 1/08/07
01872513900-00470098223101Suburban 3/07/07
3342159140-140  042159 Janitorial RFQQ, Dept of Revenue, County: Whatcom, Contract life: 1 yr, Services start date: 3/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 8455, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5:30 pm - 4am, 1904 Humboldt St, Bellingham, WA 98225, Point of contact: Rena Dillon 2/01/18
821147140-DC121147 1Work request for Executive Recruiment. 3/08/12
3332120140-RD1  1Dept. of Revenue, County: Thurston, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: General, Sq ft: 5400, Floors: 1, Approved wk hr: 5 pm - 4 am, unless ows, 3703 River Rd, Yakima, WA 98902, point of contact: Rena Dillion 11/02/17
032040140-RD1  33 BLDG's, Contract life-2 are for 10 months and 1 for 1 yr, Start date-1 is Nov 1,2016 and the 2 are for Jan 3 2017, Floors-2 and 3, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimate Sq Ft-57,536, 52,984 an 92,402. Approv work hrs-Mon-Fri5pm-4am, unless otherwise specified 9/14/16
031934140-TK9  1Janitorial Services-DOR Bremerton 9/29/15
020975150-012  1Procurement analysis consulting services for contract 30205. 8/10/11
020976150-012  1Procurement analysis consulting services for contract 30205. 8/10/11
020977150-012  1Procurement analysis consulting services for contract 30205 8/10/11
020978150-012  0Procurement analysis consulting services 8/10/11
020647150-02001708 1Investigation 9/30/10
2318624150-02018624wc999912Review of JP Morgan Chase 2006 Incentives 1/24/07
019498150-0201949899991For Denise 4/10/08
019223150-0201922399991Food for Trade Show 10/18/07
019640150-02019640PQ331Procurement Reform Project#1 - Quality assurance series 7/03/08
019641150-02019641PQ331Procurement Reform Project#2 - Consulting Services 7/03/08
019946150-020 99991One year subscription for year 2009 NIGP Commodity Code License 2/12/09
019600150-0261960099991lakefair agreement 6/10/08
019594150-0401959498601Appeal to FEMA re: earthquake 6/05/08
020375150-110  13000 Engraved Granite Pavers 1/06/10
020179150-150 98041An appraisal contract with Lamb Hanson Lamb on behalf of Bellevue Community College? The NTE amount is $2500 with a completion timeframe of 2 weeks. Project number 09-07-033. 8/12/09
020237150-150 98041An appraisal contract with the Appraisal Group NW to be completed in two weeks for a cost of $2900 on behalf of the Tacoma Community College. 9/16/09
019379150-1501937998041On behalf of Veteran's Affairs with Doyle P. Dean MAI Project #07-02-008 1/28/08
019097150-15007-08-02798041Appraisal Services for DRES 8/23/07
019171150-1501917198041Appraisal Services 10/03/07
019173150-15007-09-03398041Appraisal services, update for Skagit Valley College in Mt Vernon. 10/03/07
3342130150-150  142130 City of Tacoma Solid Waste Management, County: Pierce, Contract life: 1 yr, Bdg type: General office, Sq ft: 24000, floors: 2, Approved wk hrs: 7 pm - 5 pm, 3510 S. Mullen St. Tacoma. Point of contact: Desiree Odegard 12/01/17
019299150-17108-02123101Springet Cargo Van 2500 series, w/ high roof and 140" wheelbase. Factory standard equipment. White. 12/07/07
220961150-17112-DB001 100Midsize, 4 door hybrid (gas electric) sedan or hatchback with between 110-120 cubic feet of passenger and luggage room. 7/11/11
020238150-999 98381Phase 1 hazardous waste report 9/16/09
019320150-J0207-03-0198041ADDRESS: 208 11th Avenue SE TAX PARCEL: 55508900601, 55508900300, 55508900400 COMPLETION DATE: JANUARY 25, 2008 OR SOONER 12/21/07
019354150-J021935498041Aiken Appraisal on behalf of Skagit Valley College - Term 1/14/2008 to 2/12/2008 1/15/08
020949150-JB1  1Professional Real Estate Consulting – Cascades, Franklin, Tacoma Rhodes 7/05/11
020950150-JB1  1Professional Real Estate Consulting – Pine Lodge, Sunnyside WSP 7/05/11
2320211150-KB1 97411Rental for 1 56 passenger charter bus. 9/03/09
020939150-NC1  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Department of General Administration. 6/15/11
019572150-PAF19572PQ356Financial Consulting 5/23/08
019542150-PS11954298041Contract with Hunnicut & Associates 5/05/08
019550150-PS11955098041contract with Barnes Inc. on behalf of the MIL 5/08/08
019553150-PS11955398041Contract with McKee & Schalka on behalf of Green River Community College 5/12/08
019653150-PS11965398041Appraisal contract with Horizon West Properties for Bellevue Community College 7/17/08
019667150-PS11966798044PGP Valuation on behalf of WSP/Shelton 7/30/08
019731150-PS11973198042a personal services contract with Ron Fogg of Horizon West Properties, Inc. for an appraisal? It is on behalf of Bellevue Community College. 9/18/08
019737150-PS1 980411 appraisal. Cost will not exceed $4,000 with a timeline of 3 weeks on behalf of Yakima Valley Community College. Appraiser is Betty Barnes. 9/25/08
019398150-PS11939898046contract with Precision Appraisals for property located in Naselle on behalf of DSHS 2/11/08
019400150-PS119400980460Appraisal services for Big Bend Community College property located in Moses Lake done by A.C.E. PS. Inc. 2/12/08
019524150-PS11952498041Contract with Wilson Appraisal, 4/22/08
020110150-PS1 98041One appraisal contract with Wick & Associates, the NTE is $3,200.00 and is on behalf of DOC, to be complete within two weeks. 6/19/09
020144150-PS1 98041a personal services contract for an appraisal with Duncan and Associates. The NTE amount is $3,000 and timeframe of 7/20/09- 8/7/09. 7/20/09
019745150-PS1 980411 Appraisal on behalf of the WA State Patrol, project # 08-08-066. Appraiser is Steve Korn of Korn's Appraisal Services, amount is $3200, completion date is 4 weeks 10/01/08
019798150-PS1186080898041One appraisal with Lamb, Hanson Lamb on behalf of Department of Social and Health Services in Seattle, our project number 186-08-08, with a NTE of $3,000.00. 11/03/08
019892150-PS1 98041One appraisal contract on behalf of DSHS. The amount DSHS is responsible for is NTE $3,500.00, project no. 186-08-08, Seattle. Term of contract is 1/7/09 to 1/21/2009. Thanks. 1/12/09
2319749150-PW1PW197412Rental for 2 56 passenger charter buses. See correspondence 10/06/08
020678150-SK220678 1Planning and development for certification 11/04/10
019788150-TD10810092980411 appraisal with Steve Korn of Korn’s Appraisal Service. It is on behalf of the Yakima Valley Community College, our project number is 08-10-092. The NTE amount is $4,500 with an anticipated completion date of 4 weeks. 10/29/08
019911150-TD1 98041Betty Barnes of Barnes and Co., Inc. It is on behalf of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Big Bend Community College, our project number is 08-02-011. The NTE amount is $4,000.00 with an anticipated completion date 1/26/09
020003150-TD1 97881A personal services contract with Sundquist Land Surveying for a survey? It's on behalf of the State Board for CTC's, Yakima Valley CC, our project number is 08-10-095. The amount is $800.00 with an anticipated completion date of 2 weeks 3/31/09
020011150-TD1 98041personal services contract with Jim Greenleaf of Greenleaf Valuation for an appraisal. It is on behalf of the State Board for Com & Tech Colleges, Edmonds CC, project # 09-03-019. The NTE amount is $4,250.00 with an anticip completion date of 3 weeks 4/07/09
019954150-TD2 98361A personal services contract with Patrick Beehler with WH Pacific for a survey. It is on behalf of the Washington State Patrol, our project number is 08-03-019. The NTE amount is $15,000.00 with an anticipated completion 2/19/09
019986150-TD2 98041A personal services contract with Betty Barnes of Barnes and Co., Inc. for an appraisal. It is on behalf of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Walla Walla Community College, our project number is 09-02-008. The NTE amount is $4,500.00 3/17/09
019997150-TD2 98041A contract with Horizon West Properties, Inc. for an appraisal. It is on behalf of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Bellevue Community College, our project number is 09-03-017. The amount is $450.00 with an antic comp date of 10 day 3/26/09
020962150-TW120962 1Personnel investigation under master contract 32010. 7/18/11
020955155-P02  1Financial Consulting for internal controls. 7/07/11
221215160-OP1  3Ford Fusion Hybrid gas/electric vehicles - sterling grey, steel blue, black 5/02/12
020120160-SP1827023101Purchasing Authority to purchase a 2010 Ford Fudion Hybrid for an elected official, Mike Kreidler 7/07/09
821233163-  1Develop and implement investigation plan, conduct and document all necessary interviews, gather relevant evidence, provide a clearly written report that includes an analysis of the evidence. 5/11/12
821235163-RO1CTS-2012-1 1Investigate complaint alleging gender discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation. 5/11/12
221237179-005DES5-17-12 5Chevrolet Surburban- various colors 5/17/12
221334179-00512c-P006r 4Midsize, 4 door hybrid (gas electric) sedan or hatchback with between 110-120 cubic feet of passenger and luggage room. 7/24/12
221305179-00512B-D011 42012 Ford Fusion Hybrid Model POL/500A Color: 2 Sterling Gray, 2 Ingot Silver 6/25/12
021622179-005 13C-P040 3Walk in cargo van See attached specs 7/25/13
4832015179-CH2  1Agency Name-DES-Tacoma Rhodes, Agency # 179, County-Pierce, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date- May 1, 16, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-200,000, # of Floors-12, Approved working hrs-5pm-6am 5/20/16
4832020179-CH2  1DES-Yakima, County-Yakima, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-May 1, 2016, Building type-Gen Office, Est. Sq Ft-99500, # of Floors-3, Approved work hrs-5pm to 6am 6/09/16
032034179-CH6  1Contract Life-1 yr., Original Start Date-Oct 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Esti Sq Ft-109,202, # of Floors-12, Approv working hrs-6pm to 4pm- except 10,822 SQ Ft cleaned during afternoon business hrs of 1pm-5pm. Sq ft given doesnt includes common areas 9/07/16
3332104179-JW1  1RFQQ 32104, Dept. of Enterprise Services (DES) - Yakima, Services start date: 11/1/17, Sq ft: 99,500, Floors: 3, Bldg type: General office, 1002 N. 16th St., Yakima, WA 98902. Point of Contact: John Weldon. 9/18/17
821262179-KG121262 1Real Estate Consulting Services: Dispose of the Washington State Liquor Control Board Warehouse. 5/25/12
821209179-KG121209 1Work request for environmental consulting for contract 32206 4/27/12
021238179-MM1TEST 1This is a test SPR for training purposes. 5/17/12
821183179-MN121183 1Work request for OD Change Management. 3/28/12
0320471790-CAK179 1DES, Agency #1790, Thurston, Contract Life 1yr, Original Start Date-Nov 1, 2016, Building Type-Gen Office, Est Sq Ft-2,765, # of Floors-1, Working Hrs-Wed and Fri evenings after 7:00 pm and other services as scheduled. 10/17/16
2921851190-LC2  1County-Benton, Contract Life-1yr, Original Start Date-4/1/15, Building Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft-2900, # of Floors-###, Approved working hours-Mon through Fri 5pm-4am, No estimated cost given. 3/04/15
021007195-JF221007 1Leadership development and training. 8/30/11
0207942005-006  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services work request for C-TRAN. 3/17/11
01906920605-0555169723402New 2007 Police Motorcycle BMW R1200 RT-P Complete w/ Options, see attached 7/25/07
01980521404-BS1AD502231011 Miles Electric Truck 11/10/08
333209321405-024  132093 McCleary City Hall Complex, Community Cntr, Library, & Waste Water Tx Plnt (WWTP) bldgs, County: Greys Harbor, Contract Lf: 2 yrs, Start date 8/25/17, Bldg type: General, Wk hrs: 8 am - 8 pm. 7/27/17
021015215-MDY21015 1Personnel investigations. 9/12/11
821023215-MDY21023 1Facilitation 9/26/11
821068215-MDY  1Personnel investigations. 11/16/11
2932049215-MH1  1Thurston County, Agcy-215, Contract life-1 yr, Start Date Jan 1, 2017, Bldge type-Gen Office, 2 Bldgs with 1 vendor awarded both Bldgs. Estimated SQ Ft-37K & 15K, # Of Floors-2, Workiing Hrs-5pm-6am (possible start time in later afternoon for some duties) 10/21/16
021777215-MSC  9Facilitating lean Process Improvement Expected Work Period. Work period is projected from July 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015 6/12/14
821601215-MSC03712 1Work request for Lean Consultant Services: Leadership & Cultural Change; Training 6/03/13
821596215-SPO32206 1Work request for Personal Services: Environmental Consulting 5/31/13
292185321700-CO1  17 locations, See Map-A,B,C,D,E,T, X Sq Ft- Varies by Bldg, County-King, Building Type-Gen. Office, Approved working hours-after 6pm to 6am, Monthly budget-not given 3/11/15
292185421700-CO1  1Building Type-Other, All park restrooms, 14 locations..see attached map, locations-f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s..County-King, Contract life-1 yr, Sq. Ft 220 per loc, # of floors-##, Approfed working hrs-4pm to 8am-all year 3/11/15
22116721704-8881210174 212012 State vehicle contract order per the attached contract price sheets/order form 3/22/12
22145021704-PH1  52012 New Honda ST 1300PA police motorcycle w/black & white paint scheme option. 12/11/12
172110221711-SR1  1Base bid amount bid #20770. 1/13/12
364216321716-RSA01816 1Disposal of Vessel: 57ft Length by 14ft Beam Catamaran Hull. 2/26/18
171920821721-004 97521201902, Janitorial Services, 801 SW 174th St. Normandy Park, Wa 10/12/07
01999821726-011 23101Purchase Order for 1 taylor Dunn B2-48 Electric Scooter see PO 3/26/09
171908821726-0371908897521201902 Janitorial Services 2203 Airport Way S. Seattle Wa 98214 8/08/07
364216721726-ROM 01816 1The purpose of this project is to demolish and dispose of: 1. WN1090KX 1966 32’ Tollycraft “Remedy” 2. 6875NU 1996 35’ Homemade Motorboat “Lucky” 3. WN5337N 1968 41’ Criss Craft Constelation 4/12/18
22113221731-0092012ARRA 192012 state vehicle contract order, floor mats, extra fob, charge/fee to purchase from contract SPR/IFB 20961 3/05/12
334217021801-CM1  142170 Brerton Janitorial RFQQ, County: Kitsap, Contract lf: 2 yrs, Start date 7/1/18, 6 bldgs; Sq ft, wk hrs, bldg type: varied per bldg, addressed varied per bldg (see SPR file). Points of contact: J. Stansbery 360.473.2316 & C Mottner 360.473.2316 4/23/18
363194621804-EHM01-2015 2To remove and dispose of two vessels, a 30 foot wood hull powerboat, a 41’ wood power boat and all associated contents with registration # WN 9302B and WN3735V located in Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County. 10/29/15
021419225-000 R-078 1Used dump truck/snow plow 11/05/12
221420225-000 R-080 1717 used assorted vehicles to be utilized by undercover auto theft detectives. 11/05/12
221376225-000R-068 102012 Honda ST1300 PA Motorcycles 9/13/12
221369225-000R-062 3Three 2012 Chevrolet Suburbans 9/04/12
220852225-000R-061 3Chevrolet Suburban, VIN 1GNFK26359R255115; Chevrolet Suburban, VIN 1GNFK26329R254570; Chevrolet Suburban, VIN 1GNFK26369R255141 4/26/11
021008225-001R-008 138Topcam "Edge" 5.7" monitor system single camera and microphone. 9/06/11
220984225-001R003 12009 Honda ST 1300 PA motorcycle (black/white) 8/11/11
1720826225-001R053 2Purchase for bomb SQ generators for M Soper - CBRNE Incident Response Vehicles 4/07/11
020761225-001R-055 1Five live scan devices and one portable device 2/25/11
1720683225-001R-013 4Driving simulator with 26' trailer for WA State Criminal Justice Training Center - 2 @ $150,251 = $300,502; 2 @ $60,964 - total = $422,430 11/15/10
220744225-001R049 1Magnetic gray 2011 Toyota Four Runner SR5, 4x4, 4.0 liter, V6, 5-speed automatic, premium package w/leather with options, black leather interior, Blu Logic hands-free system 2/07/11
021174225-001  30Purchase authority for portable breath testing instrument. 3/23/12
019120225-001R-011231032007 Chrysler 300 Touring Sedan, 2008 Ford Expedition XLT 4X4; 9/07/07
018616225-001R-133234011Police Motorcycle Make/Model: BMW R1200 RT-P 1/22/07
021457225-001 R090 12Airborne Downlink Transmitters. 12/14/12
021459225-001 R091 12Silhouette Surge Protection. 12/17/12
3332108225-017  132108 Washington State Patrol (WSP), County: Greys Harbor, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq. ft.: 2206, floor: 1, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, 3111 Pacific Avenue, Hoquiam, WA 98550. Point of contact Julie Hannah 10/10/17
3342134225-019  142134 WSP, ENUMCLAW, County: King, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 630, Approved wk hrs: Thursdays at 10 am, 333 Griffin Ave, Enumclaw, WA 98022, Point of contract: Julie Hannah. 12/08/17
3342138225-019  142138, WSP Tukwilla Detachment Office, County: King, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: General Office, Sq ft: 4000, Approved wk hrs: 8 am - 4 pm, 15666 Tuwila International Blvd, Seattel WA 98188, Point of contact: Julie Hannah 12/10/17
3342139225-019  142139, WSP Everett, County: Snohomish, Contract life: 1 yr, Services start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: Other, Sq ft: 500, Approved wk hrs: Wed AND Fro 8 am - 2 pm, 10802 I-5, Everett, WA 98201, Point of contact; Julie Hannah 12/11/17
3342148225-019  1WSP Janitorial RFQQ, Nisqually Scale Tacoma, County: Pierce, Contract life: 1 yr, Services start date 2/1/18, Bldg type: Other, Sq ft:?, Approved wk hrs: M, W, F 8 am - 2 pm, 18100 Mounts Rd SW Dupont, WA ???, poc Lt. Donovan 12/29/17
3342151225-019  142151 WSP Fed Way, County: King, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: Other, Sq ft: Not listed, Approved wk hrs: Tue / Thur any time, Northbound I-5 MP 141, Point of contact Julie Hannah 12/29/17
021679225-043  1FAA C206 aircraft certified by STC Soloy Aviation Solutions FLIR camera mounting system w/ 100 pound payload intall and certification 11/12/13
021680225-043  1Aircraft certified FLIR Star Safire 380-HDc camera system w/ nitrogen purge kit, geo-point, controller, quick disconnect and training 11/12/13
019196225-043 15101Request for Sole-Sourch Purchase Authority. Service Plan for FLIR System. 10/09/07
019274225-043R 3428101Request for Purchase Authority: Textron Lycoming Factory remanufactured IO-540 AB1A5 aircraft engine. 11/27/07
3521356225-043 R-059 1LPA for Textron Lycoming Factory remanufactured IO-540 AC1A5 aircraft engine to replace normal timed out engine S/N RL 17832-48E currently installed in Cessna 206H, tail number N2446X. 8/14/12
021286225-043R-044 1Repair cost for foreign object damage to first stage compressor on 1983 Beechcraft King Air B-200, registration #N120NA. Engine serial # PCE-94761 and PCE-94762. 6/11/12
1720747225-043R-046 1AB1A5 aircraft engine replacement for Cessna 182, tail # N3532K. 2/09/11
020577225-043R-042 1Silhouette Central Receiver Antenna system with tower mount, control unit, integrated receiver decoder, receiver site control system, cabling and related accessories. 7/22/10
020968225-043R004 3Media distribution system with digital recording, playback capabilities, audio, visual, downlink, microwave, fiber distribution and Slingbox/other internet solutions. 7/27/11
019741225-129R07566401Request the purchase of specific applied biosystems equipment including silver 96-well gene amp pcr system 9700 thermal cyclers HID AB 3130 genetic analyzers and HID 7500 real time laptop. See Specs. See Shipping Locations. 9/30/08
019940225-129r09265404Request the sole source purchase authority for 2 Hawkeyes, 2 interface adapters, 2 drivers license annotators and 2 carrying cases. see specs and sole source justification 2/09/09
019801225-129R08366403Request Purchase Authority for 1 7500 sequence detection system 436605 1 7500 system detection system w/ trade in of 7000 SDS 436605 1 9700 96 well PCR system N805001 See Specs 11/05/08
019776225-129R082231012008 Ford Expedition XLT EL 4 X 4 w/ options 10/21/08
019765225-129R07666501Request the purchase of one Leica FSC Compression Microscope system with mechanical stages and the Leica DFC429 R2 Digital Camera 10/14/08
019815225-129R08866301WSP Requests OSP to begin the process of developing a contract for Evidentiary Breat Test Equipment for the maximum term allowed. See Specs.. 11/17/08
020065225-129R10266401Request Purchase Authority to sole source purchase 1 Qiagen BioRobot EZ1 5/13/09
020066225-129R10166401Request the Purchase of specific applied Biosystems equipment including gene amp, thermal cyclers, genetic analyzers and real time laptop see specs 5/13/09
021013225-135  1P25 digital radio system. 9/12/11
3342133225-225  142133, WSP Roanoke facility, County: KIng, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date 1/1/18, Bldg type: General Office, Sq ft: 2678, Approved wk hrs: 8 am - 4 pm, 811 East Roanoke, Seattle WA 98108, Point of contact Julie Hannah. 12/08/17
3332095225-225  132095 WSP RFQQ, County: King, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date: 10/1/17, Bldg Type: General, Sq Ft: 14000, Approved Wk Hrs: 8 am - 2 pm, SV: 8/8/17, Bids due: 8/16/17. Point of contact Julie Hannah. 7/31/17
1720330225-AV1R020 1Limited Purchase Authority for 1 Textron Lycoming Factory remanufact. IO540 AC1A5 aircraft engine 11/25/09
1719841225-AV1R6128101Request Limited Purchase Authority for 2 FAA mandated overhauls on Pratt & Whitney PT6A42 turbine aircraft engines. see SPR 12/08/08
1719995225-AV1R9720101Request Limited Purchase Authority for 2 FAA mandated propeller overhauls see specs 3/25/09
1720149225-AV2R00128101Request Limited Purchase Authority for a Textron Lycoming Factory remanufactured IO-540 AB1A5 aircraft engine 7/22/09
820854225-GB0  1200508 Janitorial Services for 3600 S Graham St, Seattle WA 98118. 4/27/11
021924225-JH1  1Janitorial Services-WSP Vancouver 8/26/15
031962225-JH1  1Janitorial Services-WSP-Colfax 12/15/15
031968225-JH1  1Janitorial Services-WSP 12/31/15
4831979225-JH2  1Janitorial Services-WSP, Port Angeles 1/14/16
031952225-JH2  1Janitorial Services-WSP-Ritzville 11/16/15
031954225-JH2  1Janitorial Services-WSP, Tacoma 11/30/15
4831994225-JH2  1Janitorial Services - WSP Okanogan 2/18/16
4831997225-JH2  1WA St Patrol/225, County- King, Contract Life -1yr, Building Type-Other, Original Start Date-?, Approved working hrs-Mon through Fri 5am to 6pm. Work to be performed at -West Bound 1-90, Mile Post 25 in North Bend. 3/09/16
021910225-JH2  1Janitorial Services, WSP-Federal Way, Scale#26, NB I-5 at MP 141, 1 yr, Approved Working hours: Tuesday or Thursday, anytime 7/24/15
921928225-JH2  1This SPR is for 11 blgs at 11 different addresses in King County. Each bldg is 1 or 2 floors and Bldg type is either General or Other. Estimated sq ft ranges from 1,170-9,542. All work will be done M-F 8am-4pm. 9/03/15
2921855225-JH2  1Whatcom County, These are 2 Bldgs each with 1 story, Building Type- General Office, Est. Sq. Ft.-3127/2925, Approved working hours- Mon., Wed,, and Friday 8am-5pm 3/13/15
2921848225-JH2  1County-Thurston, Contract life- 1yr, Building Type-General office, Estimated SQ FT-18,008, # of Floors-2, Approved working hours-5pm-4am, no $ amount given 2/25/15
2921849225-JH2  1County-Mason, Contract Life-1 yr., Building Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft-1,000, # of Floors-???, Approved working hours-8am-3pm, No $ amount given on request 2/26/15
021843225-JH2  1Two buildings, Whatcom County, Annual contract smount is 10K, Contract life- 1yr, Building Type-General Office, Estimated Square FT- 2925 & 3125, # of floors-1. Approved working hours-Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am-5pm 2/10/15
021844225-JH2  1County-Skagit, Contract Life-1 yr., Building Type-General office, Estimated Square Ft- 1800, # of Floors-1 Appr0oved Working hours- 8am-5pm, Annual amount-5K 2/10/15
2921859225-JH2  1County: Skagit, Estimated Sq Ft: 2662, Building Type: Other, Contract Life: 1 yr, Approved Working Hrs.: Mon, Wed, Fri 6am-11am 4/06/15
021827225-JH2  1County: Snohomish, Origianl Start Date: Feb 15, 2015, Monthly Amount: $1,500 x 12= $18,000 Contract Life: 1 yr., Building Type: General Office, Estimated SQ FT: 3,961, # of Floors: 1 Approved working hours: Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm 12/17/14
2921861225-LDA  0Contract life: 1 yr, Building type: Other, Estimated Sq Ft: 6,860, # of floors: 2, County: King 4/07/15
2921909225-SJR  1Janitorial Services, WSP-Federal Way, Sacle 26. Contract term 1 yr, Scale #26 NB I-5 at MP 141, approved working hours: Tuesday or Thursday anytime 7/24/15
021314225-TJ1R-053 1Purchase authority to purchase microwave multiplex equipment. 6/28/12
021163225-TJ1  2Purchase authority for autoinjectors and sample trays 3/21/12
019796225-TJ1R08697211Request the Purchase Authority for 24 portable breath testing instruments. Alcosensor FST Model F14001 PBT unit. See attach. 11/03/08
1719739225-TJ1R074233011 Trailer bid with 3 separate options 1. Pull Type 2. Gooses Neck 3. Fifth Wheel see specs 1 Requested Purchase of a Driving Simulator . see specs (COMMODITY CODE 6930) 9/26/08
021607225-TJ221607 1200508 Janitorial Services 2802 North Mayfair Street Spokane, WA 99207 6/25/13
2921885227-MO1  1BUILDING TYPE- OTHER EST. SQ. FT. 2400 APPROVED WORKING HRS- 1700 TO 2000 6/02/15
313211822708-KBU01816 1To remove and dispose of a 1947, ~34-foot wood hulled Monk cabin cruiser named “Fugitive” with Washington registration number WN 6136 JB. 10/27/17
22075722711-011  22009 Honda ST 1300PA Police Motorcycles 2/23/11
01886122717-0035028651231010Vehicle 2007 Short Bed Gem ES color: White, Options: Dome light, Heater/Defogger, Beacon Light, High-low Beam Headlights, Enclosed Cargo Carrier, Hard Doors, Maintenance-free Gel Batteries, Windshield Washer Kit, Charging Cordset Kit 5/01/07
22119622717-012000110127 12012 state vehicle contract order per the attached contract price sheets/order form. Ford Fusion HEV, white suede, with all factory standard equipment and options per IFB 20961 and including rubber floor mats and one extra key fob programmed. 4/18/12
22119322717-012GFL0001101 42012 state vehicle contract order. 4/12/12
01987322717-JP1B08018231011 Electric utility Taylor Dunn B24836GT see specs 12/24/08
292185722717-JP3  1Contract life: 1 yr., Bldg type: Gen Office, 2 bldgs, Est Sq. Ft: 157,500, # of Floors: 15/7 County: Pierce, Est. Monthly Budget: $13,750.00, Approved Working hr.: Mon. thru Fri. (night shift) 1700-0400,0700-1900 (day porter, More details on work request) 3/30/15
02087122717-JS1  1Contract #01507 conveyance maintenance and repair services work request for Tacoma Housing Authority 5/03/11
01986522901-WL1 231011 vehicle, electric extended cab truck, miles ZX40ST-AC 12/16/08
01962623402-0022008 13231012007/2008 High Roof, High MPG Cargo Van. 6/24/08
333205523402-JS5  1County - Thurston, Contract Life - 1 year, Bldg Type - Single Purpose, Est. Square Feet - , 18,230, Number of Floors - 1, Approved Work Hours - Mon - Sun, 8 pm - 6 pm, unless otherwise specified in service schedule - log book. 1/09/17
02182823402-JSI  1County:Thurston, Monthlyt Budget Amt.:3,500, Building Type:Other, Estimated SQ FT:13,500, # of Floors:1, Approved fworking hours:SUN to SAT 3:30pm to1100PM (unless other times are pre-approved), Contract Life: 1 yr, Original Start Date 1-Feb-15, 12/19/14
03195923402-JSI  1Janitorial Services-City of Lacey 12/08/15
483201223402-JSI  1Agency Name-City of Lacey, Agency #23402, County-Thurston, Contract Life-1 yr., Original Start Date-May 16, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq. Ft-13,500, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-Sun-to Sat 3:30pm to 11pm unless othr times pre-approved 4/25/16
3332089235-057  132089 FRQQ, DEpt. Labor & Industry, County: Snohomish, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date: 9/1/17, Bldg type: General, Sq ft: 22,850, Approved wk hrs: M - F, 5 pm - 12 pm, 729 100th Street SE, Everett, WA 98208, POC: Francine Spahr. 7/12/17
020025235-401RO163669515Lab equipment 4/17/09
4832024235-FSP  1Agency Name-Dept of L & I, Agency #-235, County-Snohomish, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Oct 1, 2016, Bdg type-Gen office, Est Sq Ft-13,932, Approved Working hrs-Mon-Fri 5pm-4am. 7/26/16
020024235-VJ1RO163669515Lab equipment 4/17/09
020189235-VJ2RO17066508Tescan Vega II Spectron Electron Microscope and accessories see A15 8/18/09
020190235-VJ2RO17066508Tescan Vega II Spectron Electron Microscope and Components See A15 8/18/09
02097023913-CP1TO-yakima 1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for City of Yakima 8/02/11
1019676240-240802076401Purchase Authority for: Washington State Motorcycle Maps (21,000 ea.) 8/06/08
821563240-CSE32206 1Management consulting services 4/08/13
821602240-JDE 03712 1Work request for Lean Consultant Services: Leadership & Cultural Change 6/06/13
4832014240-JH3  1Agency Name-Dept of Licensing-Hoquiam LSO, Work request #-K5764, County Grays Harbor, Contract Life-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-4,891, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-Tues-Sat, 6pm-10pm 5/06/16
032026240-JH3  1Agency: DOL-240, County: Spokane, Work Request #: K5922, Contract Life: 1 yr, Original Start Date: Sept 9, 2016, Estimated Sq Ft: 8120, # of Floors: 1, Approved working hrs: Monday-Friday 6pm to 4am 8/08/16
032038240-JH3  1County-Kitsap, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Nov 1, 2016, Bldg Type-General Office, Estimated sq ft-5760, # of Floors-1, Approved Working Hrs-Mon-Fri 6pm-10:30pm 9/13/16
4831969240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL-North Bend 1/06/16
031957240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL-North Bend 12/03/15
031966240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL-Vancouver 12/21/15
031967240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL Tacoma 12/30/15
031981240-JH3  1Janitorial-DOl South Tacoma 1/22/16
4831989240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL Colville 2/11/16
4831990240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL Clarkston 2/11/16
4831991240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL Spokane Valley 2/11/16
4831992240-JH3  1Janitorial Services-DOL Pullman 2/11/16
2921892240-JH3  1County-King, Contract life-1yr,Original Start Date-1-Oct-15, Building Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft-9,9447, # of Floors-1, Alprroved working hr.-Mon-Fri 6pm-4am except on Public holidays. 7/14/15
021922240-JH3  1Janitorial Servies -DOL Renton 8/24/15
021656240-KT2 00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 3704 172nd St NE Space K1 Arlington, WA 98223 9/23/13
3332094245-000  132094 WA Military Youth Academy (W.Y.A) / Youth Challenge Program (YCP), County: Kitsap, Contract life: 2 yrs, Services start date: Aug 2017, Bldg type: General, Sq ft: 1,956, wk hrs: 8 am - 4:30 pm, 1207 / 1211 Carver St. W., Bremerton WA 98312 7/28/17
821481245-009  1Work request for environmental consulting under contract 32206. 1/10/13
019096245-00919096PQ342Site Assessment 8/23/07
020966245-009  12Provide basic and advanced environmental training to select National Guard members. 7/26/11
020862245-009  1Pollution prevention assessment 4/29/11
020863245-009  1Air emissions survey 4/29/11
821118245-009  1Work request for environmental consulting. 2/03/12
018941245-594AD49723105New 2008, Extended Length Long Bed GEM EL XD Vehicle w/ Standard and Bid Equipment Plus Options, DOme light, heater/ defogger, Hard Doors, Charging Cordset Kit. 5/25/07
020665245-BT1  1Storm water survey 10/18/10
821217245-CB1  1Work request for contract 32206 for environmental consulting. 5/02/12
020797245-RV1  1Fish & Wildlife planning survey 3/22/11
020798245-RV1  1Survey services 3/22/11
020875245-RV1  1Wildlife planning survey 5/09/11
020883245-RV1  1Predation Monitoring Study 5/11/11
821632300-00121632 0Personnel Investigations 8/14/13
018715300-027PR070457823401New Electric vehicle, Steel Cab with Safety glass front & rear, windshield wiper, steel doord removable nad lockable, heater/defrost, rearview mirrow, Steel planel box 3/06/07
018569300-027PR0638088231022007 GEM e4 - passenger - metallic green - see attached sheet for options 12/22/06
019474300-061PR0810250231013 - Taylor Dunn B2-48-48GT 4/01/08
3332073300-300  132073, DSHS CA, Agency ID# 300, County: Clallam, Contract life: 2 yr, Services start date: 6/1/17, Bldg type: Office, Sq ft: 12,539, Approved wk hrs: 5:30 pm - until complete, site address: 915 Sheridan St, Port Townsend, WA 98368 4/28/17
3332074300-300  132073, DSHS-CA, Agency ID #: 300, County: Clark, Contract life: 2 yr., Services start date: 6/1/17, Bldg type: Office, Sq ft: not available, Approved wk hrs: Not available, Services located at: 907 Harney St, Suite 100&200, Vancouver, WA 98666 4/28/17
3332078300-300  132078, DSHS - Home and Community Services, County: Thurston, Agency # 300, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date of services, 6/15/17, Bldg type, Office, Sq ft: 31320, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 10 pm, 6639 Capital Blvd SW Tumwater, WA 98501 5/22/17
3332079300-300  132079 DSHS-CA RFQQ, Agency ID: # 300, County: Clallam, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date: 7/17/17, Bldg type: Office, Sq ft: 27,900, Floors: 2, Approved wk hrs: 6 pm - 6 am, Services at: 201 West First Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362 6/02/17
3332081300-300  1DSHS - CWO West, County: Pierce, Start date: 7/1/17, Sq ft: 250, Wk hrs: Tu - Fri, 7:30 a - 4:00 p, 11211 41st Ave. SW, Lakewood WA 98499. This direct buy is being managed by Shannon McGuire (DSHS). 6/23/17
3332082300-300  1DSHS - CSO East, County: Yakima, Start date: 7/1/17, Sq ft: 250, Wk hrs: 7:30 a - 5:00 p, 1002 N. 16th AVe. Yakima, WA 98909. This Direct Buy is being managed by Shannon McGuire (DSHS). 6/23/17
3332068300-300 300 132068, DSHS - Child's Admin, Agency: 3000, County: Kitsap, Contrat life: 1 yr, Sq Ft: 35,000, Floors: 2.0, Bldg type: General office, Approved work hours: M-F, 6 pm - 5 am, 3423 6th St., Bremerton, WA 98312 4/14/17
3332069300-300 300 132069 DSHS Child's Admin, Forks, Agency #: 3000, County: Clallam, Contract life: 2 yr, Start date: 7/1/14, Bldg type: Office, Sq Ft: 7290, Approved wk hrs: M-F, 6 pm - 5 am, 421 North 5th Ave, Forks, WA 98331 4/14/17
3332070300-300 300 132070 - DSHS Child's Admin Tacoma, Agency #: 3000, County: Pierce, Contract life: 2 yr, Start date: 6/1/17, Bldg type: Offfice, Sq ft: 15926, Approved wk hrs: M - F, 6 pm - 5 am, 2121 State Street, Tacoma, WA 98405 4/14/17
3342131300-300  142131, DSHS DCFS Centralia, County: Lewis, Contract life: 2 yrs, Services start date: 2/1/17, Sq ft: 19292, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 11pm, 3401 Glavin Rd, Centralia, WA 98531, Point of contact: Dave Stewarad 12/01/17
3342132300-300  142132, D 12/01/17
3342145300-300  1DSHS Janitorial RFQQ, CA - Region 1, County: Benton, Contract life: 2 yrs, Service start date: 3/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 25138, Approved wk hrs: M-F 6 pm - 4 am, 1661 Fowler St, Richland WA 99352, poc Amy Rodgers 12/29/17
3342146300-300  1DSHS Janitorial RFQQ, Walla Walla DCFS/HCS, County: Walla Walla, Contract life: 2 yrs. Service start date: 4/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 13720, 206 & 208 West Popular, Walla Walla, WA 99362, poc Amy Rodgers 12/29/17
3342147300-300  1DSHS Janitorial RFQQ, CA - Yakima, County: Yakima, Contract life: 2 yrs, Service start date: 5/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 7959, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, 315 Holton Ave, Ste. 200, Yakima, WA 98902, poc Amy Rodgers 12/29/17
021384300-AA1EM-001 12HM400 Air Filtration Scrubbers on behalf of DSHS, Sue Bush, for use in resolving air quality issues regarding the wild fires in Wenatche, WA and Ellensbuge, WA. See Sue Bush email in the electronic Contract Folder. 9/24/12
3342129300-AA8  142129 DSHS - CA RFQQ Janitorial Services RFQQ, County: Thurston, Contract life: 2 yrs, Start date: 1/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 79003, floors: 4, 6840/6860 Capitol Blvd Tumwater, WA 98501. Point of Contact: Dave Steward. 11/29/17
021313300-AN1  1Purchase authority for Halal / Kosher products not included on FSA/CI contract 06006.` 6/28/12
821395300-AW1  1Work request for contract 32010 for personnel investigations. 10/04/12
821665300-AW132010 1Work request for executive recruitment 10/14/13
3332114300-BE5  1DSHS/BHA/ Eastern State Hospital, Agency 300, County: Spokane, Contract life: 2 yr, Start date: 4/2/18, Bldg type: Medical, Sq ft: 32153, Floors: 3, Approved wk hrs: M - F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, 850 Maple St, Medical Lake, WA 99022. Point of cont: Mara Lake 10/20/17
821687300-CDU21687 0Contract CPA Services 11/19/13
821678300-CDU32010 1The purpose of this Work Request is to procure a Consultant for the Training Unit of HCS /ALTSA within the Department of Social and Health Services. 11/07/13
021043300-CF1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for DSHS/Consolidated Support Services. 10/20/11
021650300-CP2 21650 100508 Janitorial Services 228 West 1st Street Port Angeles, WA 98362 9/09/13
1221647300-DHA 21647 100508 Janitorial Services 1051 1st Ave So Seattle, WA 98134 9/09/13
021648300-DHA21648 000508 Janitorial Services 1051 1st Ave So Seattle, WA 98134 9/09/13
021649300-DHA 21649 000508 9/09/13
021835300-DP2  12Bulilding Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft-13,950, # of floors-1, Approved working hours- Mon-Fri 5pm to 11pm or as specifically agreed upon between agency and vendor. $2,000 X 12=24K is annual contract amount. 1/15/15
2921919300-DS1  1Janitorial Services-DSHS Pierce South Office (Lakewood) 6010 Main St., Suite, 100. 1 yr contract starting ASAP. 2 floo, 21504 office bldg. Approved hours M-F 6pm-5am 8/12/15
4831999300-DS1  1County-Clark, Contract Life-1 yr., Original Start Date- 11-Apr-16, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated SQ Ft-42590, # of Floors-1, Approved Working hrs-7pm-5am 3/11/16
031943300-DS2  1Janitorial Services-Tumwater 10/27/15
020941300-EH1  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Department of Social and Health Services – Rainier School. 6/15/11
2321508300-EM1PR1302814 12013 Walk In Step Van 2/12/13
019360300-EZ0PR073282123106Chevy Suburbans 3/4 Ton 4 Door 8 Passenger 4X4 V8. 1/15/08
018982300-EZ0PR0071858823101add on purchase order AD 497, Purchase of One GEM E2 Vehicle, Stock Number 5E8 6/06/07
3332063300-GB0 300 1DSHS Children's Admin, Agency 3000, King County, Contract Life: 1 yr, Start date: 3/1/17, Bldg type: Office, Sq Ft: 40738, Floors: 2, Work Hrs: M-F 5pm - 4am, Contract Admin: G Berry. 1/24/17
3332066300-GJ2  1DSHS/ALTSA/RCS-REgion 3 - Lakewood, Agency 3000G, Contract life: 1 yr, Start 4/10/17, Bldg type: Gen office, Sq Ft: 4907m Work hours: Mon - Fri 5 pm - 12 am, Work Loc: 9501 Lakewood Dr SW Suite #E, Lakewood WA 98499 3/22/17
3342152300-GJ2  1DSHS DDA HQ Janitorial RFQQ, County: Thurston, Contract life: 2 yrs, Service start date: 3/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 16783, Approved wk hrs: M-F 4 pm - 4 am, 1009 College St SE, Lacey, WA 98503. Poc Sherry Evanson 12/29/17
031932300-JC5  1Janitorial Services-Children's Administration Region 1, SPokane, WA 9/25/15
031933300-JC5  1Janitorial Services-DSHS Toppenish 9/25/15
4832000300-JC5  1County-Yakima, Contract life-1 yr., Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-7959, # of Floors-1 3/11/16
2921904300-JT1  1Janitorial Services, Auborn CSO, 8741 sq ft, 1 story, General Office Bldg. Approved Hours: M-F 5pm-4am 7/20/15
2921905300-JT1  1Janitorial Services, Auburn CSO, 8741 sq ft, 1 story office bldg. Approved hours M-F 5pm-4am 7/20/15
021717300-JTH00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 235 West First Street Port Angeles, WA 98362 1/29/14
021636300-LC121636 000508 Janitorial 8/14/13
019302300-LF0PR0736917411022 different refrigerators, per attached info on SPR. 12/11/07
4832009300-LS1  1Agency Name-dshs/esa/ddds, Agency #-300, County-King, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-20June16, Building Type-Gen Office, Est. SQ FT-19,597, # of Floors-1, Approved Work Hrs-Mon-Fri 2:00pm-5:45pm 4/19/16
221230300-MB0PR1205254 52012 or 2013 Chevrolet Suburban LT 4WD 5/10/12
019144300-MK0PR07193422310114 Passanger Forest Green Shuttle Van, Ford E-Super Duty Cutaway E450 9/18/07
021703300-MOB00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 1301 E 72nd St Tacoma, WA 98404 12/30/13
2932046300-P06  1King County, Contract Life-1 yr, Gen Office, EST SQ FT_43139, # floors-3, Approved working hrs-Monday thru Friday 5pm-4am 10/11/16
020898300-P14  102107 Security Guard Services Work Request for DSHS. 5/19/11
020721300-P14  5Security Guard Services for DSHS DDDS 12/30/10
821278300-PB1  1Work request for contract 32010 for OD Change Management. 6/07/12
021833300-SC1  12Building Type-General Office, Estimated SQ FT-13950, # of floors-1, Approved working hours- Mon-Fri 5pm to 11pm or as specifically agreed upon between agency and Vendor, 12 X $2,000=24k 1/15/15
021840300-SH5  1Contract life-1 year, Building type-General office, 2 buildings (at one address). Annual amount is approximently $65, 000, Monthly is $5,416. Estimated Square Feet-54, 788, # of floors-2 1/29/15
2921887300-SLM  1County-Pierce, Contract Life-1yr., Original Start Date-Sept 1, 2015, Monthly Budget Amt-$2,325.00, Building Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq. Ft-30,000, # of Floors-1, Approved working hours-Monday through Friday 5pm-4-am 6/24/15
2921872300-SLM  1County: Grant, Monthly Budget Amt.: $2,542.00, Contract Life: 1 yr, Original Start Date: 22-Jun-15, Building Type: Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft: 32,800, # of Floors: 1, Approved working hours: Mon-Fri 6pm-5am, unless otherwise specified in service schedule 5/04/15
2921877300-SLM  1County: King, Monthly budget Amt.: 1214.00, Building Type: General Office, Estimated Sq Ft: 15655, # of Floors: 2, Approved working Hrs.: Mon-Fri 7:30am to 4:30am unless otherwise specified. 5/21/15
4832011300-SLM  1Agency #-300, County-King, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-May 1 2016. Building Type-Gen Office, Estimated Square Ft-12860, # of Floors-1, Approved Working Hrs-Monday-through Friday 5p-4am 4/22/16
4832018300-SLM  1Cap View Bldg 1 & 2, County-Thurston, Monthly Budget Amt.-10,695, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-1-Aug-16, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Extimated Sq Ft-70,000 & 68,000, # of Floors-7, Working Hrs-8am-5pm Day Porter & night crew 530p-1130p 5/31/16
4832002300-SLM  1County-Pacific, Contract Life-1 yr., Original Start Date-May 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen. Office, Estimated Sq Ft-10037, # of Floors-1, Monthly Budget Amt-$1,000.00, Approved working hrs-5pm-10pm Mon-Fri 3/15/16
032044300-SM932044 1Request by Shannon McGuire for a SPR # to use with a Direct Buy Janitorial . Location OFR Old Town Square 10/05/16
2921846300-SM9  02 Bldgs, Contract Life-1yr, Bldg -General Office, Start 4/1/15, Blg 1- Sq Ft-70000, Floors-3, Hours- 8to 12pm Day Porter /5pm to 11:30 nightly janitorial crew. Bldg 2- sq ft-64,000, Floors-4, Work Hours-1 to 5pm Day Porter/5 to 11:30pm nightly janitori 2/20/15
2921873300-SMC  1County: King, Monthly Budget amt: $1750.00, Contract Life: Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft: 22590, # of Floors: 1, Approved working hours: Monday thru Fri 5pm-4am 5/04/15
021920300-SMC  1Janitorial Services-DSHS White Salmon 1 year contract starting November 1st, 2015 1 Story, 4561 sf, office Bldg, Approved Working Hours 5pm-4am 8/13/15
4832013300-SMC  1Agcy Name-DSHS/ESA Auburn CSO, County-King, Contract Life-1 yr, Original start Date-Jun 1, 2016, Building Type-General Office, Extimated Square Ft-8,741, # of Floors-1, Approved Work Hrs-Mon thru Fri 5 pm to 4 am 4/26/16
820947300-TB1  1Organizational Services 6/30/11
821663300-WL1 21663 0Contract #32010 Organizational Development: Work Request Executive Recruitment 10/03/13
019730303-BT1R5301664011 Dionex ICS 3000 Ion Chromatograph, deliver and install. 9/18/08
1720131303-FW1R530728051New Replacement Outboard Engine for agnecy owned vessel with existing Outboard engine used as a trade-in w/ allowance towards purchase 7/14/09
821014303-FW1  1Personnel investigations 9/12/11
821200303-FW121200 1Contract 32206 work request for customer survey services. 4/20/12
821702303-FW121702 0#32010 O.D. Change Management 12/27/13
821757303-FW1  1April 08, 2014, 3:00 PM (PST) – Local Time Tumwater, Washington 4/03/14
821366303-FW121366 1Work request for contract 32010 for Stategic Planning. 8/24/12
020646303-GB3R-5342 10832" HDTV-31-17049; DVD player- 6-1019.94; 22" HDTV-17-3909.83; 55" HDTV-2-3418.00; 46" HDTV-6-5934.00; 42" HDTV-9-6119.91; Widescreen Electronic whiteboard-4-5120.00; Electronic whiteboard-16-17,120.00; Mobile floor stand-17-2380.00 9/29/10
020657303-GS1R-5345 1VITEK 2 Compact 30 10/12/10
020751303-GS1R-5351 15Bio-decontamination system 1; dryer 1; dryer insulation 1; regenerator 1; calibration 1; operator training&safety 1; sensor 1; cartridge 1; cartridge blanket 1; sensor package 1; PMA 1; parts 2; start/up 1 2/11/11
020173303-GS1R530966401Request for Sole Source Purchase Authority for laboratory equipment. see specs 8/07/09
020076303-GS1R530566401Request Purchase Authority for 2 LIQ-96-200 Liquidators 5/18/09
020082303-GS1R530666401Requesting Purchase Authority for 2 SD29600DHSNA SPE Dry 96 Dual Microplate Smaple Concentrator Systems 5/20/09
020200303-GS1R531066402Purchase Authority for 1 Variantnbs Hemeoglobin Testing System HPLC 1 computer and software 9/02/09
020278303-GS1R531166401Requesting Purchase Authority for 1 Binary Pump w/ Degasser see A15 for details 10/15/09
020283303-GS1R531266401Purchase Authority for Pyromark Q96 ID and misc equipment see A15 and specs 10/20/09
020284303-GS1R531366401N8120190 Kits, installation and training See A15 and specs 10/21/09
020014303-GS1R530466403Request Purchase Authority for 1 Waters TQ Detector System, 1 1525u Binary HPLC Pump w/ Degasser and 1 Trade-ins high end MS 4/09/09
019993303-GS1R530366301Requesting Purchase Authority for 1 BAX systemQ7 cycler/detector and 1 BAX system PCR assay see specs 3/24/09
019763303-GS1R5301664022 SD2-9600-DHS-NA SPE Dry Duel Sample Concentrators 1 Freight 10/14/08
1720391303-GX4R5316 11 Motor Marine Outboard 150 Hp 1/28/10
821646303-HJ132206 1Work request for managment consulting services. 9/05/13
021022303-KF1  1Personnel investigations 9/23/11
821333303-P0321333 1Performance audit. 7/20/12
821088303-PS121088 1Personnel investigations 12/15/11
020973303-PS1  0CPA services for contract 32206 8/04/11
820952303-PS120952 1Performance Audit - WA Center for Nursing 7/05/11
821612303-PS132010 1Work request for contract 32010: Strategic Planning 7/03/13
821692303-RIG32010 1Seeking a Recruitment Firm to conduct a full-cycle executive recruitment for the position Washington State Department of Health – State Health Officer/Chief Science Officer. 11/27/13
021341303-TG1R-5363 1Multi channel analyzer to include Osprey Digital Tube Base MCA w/ S504C & S501 right angle ethernet cable 7/31/12
020342305-H16F309100 11 Single sided 4'9" X 7'10" 22mm Electronic Message Board see specs 12/07/09
019712305-H16F30664123101Braun Paratransit Van package F-208 Ford E-350 Extended Length Econoline. See specs. 9/09/08
020979305-WB1  1Personnel investigation. 8/11/11
018578310-000HF008319251Vehicle, new electric Utility Taylor Dunn BC-48-36 (Per state contract AD474c) 12/29/06
019121310-151HF0017231012008 E-350 Ford Super Duty Econoline Cutaway, w/ 17' box w/ self contained ramp and roll-up door 9/07/07
019698310-151HF0144-0838261Manhole Components see specs 8/27/08
019709310-151HF0146-08652511 X-ray, portable Phillips Medical Systems Practix Convenio System 2 Work Stations, Phillips Medical Systems FMS Eliva S PCR Work Station 9/08/08
019710310-151HF014808209011 Vessel Transmission Twin Disc model MG-509 9/09/08
019604310-151HF012908231014-Burden Carrier? Taylor Dunn B2-48-48-GT 6/12/08
019655310-151Hf01370823101(2) Van, Ford E-350 Super Duty XL, Passenger w/ 4X4 7/18/08
019659310-151HF0138-0823101Utility vehicle, diesel, Trans Axle; 4WD Kawasake Mule 4010 7/21/08
019258310-151HF00372310211. Club Car Transporter 4, Electric w/cargo box - 12each 2. Club Car Transporter 4, Electric w/stake side bed - 7each 3. Club Car Transporter 6, Electric - 1each 4. Club Car Carryall 6 Electric w/ambulance Pkg - 1each 11/13/07
019525310-151HF01130865153X-Ray, generator systems 4/23/08
1719902310-151HF01900920101Request for Purchase Authority for 1 Propeller Shaft, 5 1/2 Dia. machined to cust specs. see specs 1/21/09
019828310-151HF0165-08231012 Vehicles, new electric new club car carrylall 6, electric w/ ambulance package "per contract AD503" 11/26/08
019970310-151HF02030965151Request Limited Purchase Authority for 1 Nurse Call System 3/03/09
1719864310-151HF01670861151GENERATOR SET, SWITCH, GEAR & ABOVE GROUND FUEL TANK 12/15/08
1719921310-151HF01930977101Request Purchase Authority for 1 Lot of musical instruments and equipment see specs 1/30/09
3332088310-310  132088 Janitorial RFQQ, Dept. of Corrections, County: Okanogan, Services start date: 7/21/17, Bldg type: General, Sq ft: 2,320, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, Point of contact: Laurie Shenefelt. 7/11/17
3342161310-310  142161 Dept of Corrections, County: Yakima, Contract life: 1 yr, Services start date: 4/1/18, Bldg type: General, Sq ft: 2500, Approved wk hrs: M-F 8 pm - 5 am, 2201 E. Edison, Sunnyside, WA 98944. Point of contact: Laurie Shenefelt. 2/15/18
021758310-AR1  1Department of Corrections General Office Grant county 4/03/14
021644310-DL1 HO001-13 115" RCA LCD Televisions Shipped to various locations, see attachments 8/29/13
3342162310-EZ5  142162, Department of Corrections, County: Kittas, Contract life: 1 yr, Services start date: 4/1/18, Bldg type: General, Sq ft: 1440, Approved wk hrs: M-F 8 pm - 5 am, 1109 S. Industrial Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926, Point of contact: Lauri Shenefelt 2/15/18
821749310-GBA  2Gary Banning, Washington State Department of Corrections, 7345 Linderson Way SW • Tumwater, WA 98501 gary.banning@doc.wa.gov Phone: (360) 725-8360 3/14/14
021715310-HF0HF0011-14 2Automated medication filling and sealing system with one year semi-annual maintenance agreement. 1/23/14
021385310-HF0HF0079-12 1Inmate Transport Vehicle-See Attached Specifications 9/25/12
021393310-HF0 HF0081-12 1Used 1998 Ford F800 Dump Truck. 10/01/12
019918310-HF0HF01910966151Request for Purchase Authority for 1 Factor 8 Blood Coagulator. See SPR for details 1/29/09
1719766310-HF0HF0157-0820101Removal & Installation of Generator and Controllers for a Vessel Engine. 10/14/08
019807310-HF0HF01600865051Request a Purchase Authority Extension to procure Tracleer medication for an offender currently located at Airway Heights CC. Only available from a single sole source supplier. Purchase authority from Jan 2009 through Dec 2009 11/10/08
020547310-HF0HF0030-10 1Satellite Television Equipment - 1 @ $50,000.00 6/14/10
019238310-HF0HF0030999980Bedding, safety, suicide prevention, isolation/suicide cell all-in-one bed, model BBSSB or equal. Smock, safety, suicide prevention, isolation/suicide smock, green model 505 or equal. 10/26/07
019341310-HF0HF006391401Annual 2008 Fuel Oil Requisition for McNeil Island 1/07/08
019189310-HF0HF00250723106Truck, electric 72 volt with extended cab. 10/05/07
019214310-HF0HF002923101Vehicle, new electric utility, Taylor Dunn, B2-48-48GT. 10/15/07
019118310-HF0HF00189130116000One Barge load of 2 ultra low fuel oil dyed red w/ 0.005% or less sulfur content 9/04/07
019024310-HF0HF000625102Truck electric 48 Volt crew cab Tiger Truck model Star 366000 6/27/07
018086310-HF0HF004891301Two year contract for 116,000 gallons #2 Fuel Oil Dyed Red with 0.05% or less sulfur content by barge delivery to MICC 5/16/06
018758310-HF0HF009799991600Procure the following items for filtering the drinking water, Antharacite Filter Coal, Sand .45 x .55 3/21/07
018846310-HF0HF010323102Off-road utility truck, Tiger Star, Extended Cab, Model 640100 4/26/07
020805310-HF0HF0038-11 1Gate operator equipment 3/24/11
221172310-HF0HF0067-12 1Used 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe 3/23/12
020331310-HF1HF001009 1Purchase Authority to procure 12 bottles of Nexavar 200 mg 11/30/09
020317310-HF1HF000709 1Requesting Purchase Authority for a 12 month supply of Exjade 11/23/09
821719310-JNI32010 1The Department of Corrections Training and Development Unit is requesting a consultant to evaluate our utilization of full-time instructors to provide DOC training. These instructors primarily provide training to new employees that will work at a prison 1/29/14
2921875310-LA3  1County: Grays Harbor, Contract Life: 1 Yr., Original Start Date: 30-Sep-15, Building Type: General Office, Estimated SQ. Ft.: 6,000, Approved workig hr.: Work May be started after 7:00PM 5/15/15
2921869310-LDS  1County: Yakima, Contract Life: 1 yr., Building Type: General Office, Estimated Sq Ft: 2,500, # of Floors_?, Approved working hrs: Mon-Fri (no Weekends) Vendor may start after field office closes each night. 4/10/15
4832025310-LDS  1Agcy #-310, County-Stevens, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date- Sept 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-2424, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-Mon thru Fri 5pm to 4am, unless other wise specified in service schedule. 7/27/16
4832023310-LDS  1Dept of Corrections, Agency #-310, County-Yakima, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Sept 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated SQ FT-10600, # of Floors- #1, Approved working hrs-After the offices close 7/20/16
032030310-LDS  1County-Yakima, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Sept 1, 2016, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-After the offices are closed. 8/12/16
032032310-LDS  1County-Asotin, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date- Oct 3, 2016, Bldg Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft-3,440, # of Floors-1, Approved Working hrs-Monday thru Friday 5pm-4am, unless other wise specified in service schedule. 9/07/16
4831965310-LDS  1County-Spokane, Monthly Budget Amt.- 300.00, Contract life-1yr, Start Date-1 Feb 16, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Est. Sq. Ft.-4,560, # of Floors-1, Approved wording hrs-After 5pm 12/17/15
021604310-LS8 21604 1200508 Janitorial Services 6/17/13
021065310-LS8  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Department of Corrections – Coyote Ridge. 11/16/11
019239310-LU2PRO7285419130116000one barge-load od ultra low @ 2 fuel oil dyed red with 0.0015% or less sulfur content 10/29/07
032004310-MR1  0Agency Name-Dept of Corrections, Agency #-310,Estimated SQ FT-2339, # of Floors-1 3/22/16
3332064310-MR1  1Dept of Corrections, Agency ID: 3100, County: Skagit, Contract: 1 yr, Start date: 3/20/17, Building type: Office, Sq Ft: 6027, Working Hours: M-F, start at 6 pm, unless otherwise specified, Work performed at 205 West Stewardt Rd, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273. 2/14/17
4831988310-MR2  1Janitorial Services-DOC-Auburn 2/11/16
021769310-SW2HF0013-14 1Used remote pill dispensing machine, Taylst Insite Remote Dispensing 240 w/ 240 canisters. 5/20/14
1019790310-SW2HF02580835401Request for Purchase Authority of 200 rolls of Overlaminate Fargo custom holographic polyguard model 81725-028 See specs 10/31/08
1019942310-SW2HF02000935401Request Purchase Authority for 200 rolls of Overlaminate DOC custom Fargo custom holographic polyguard model 81725028 2/11/09
1020936315-030  360Primetac clear acrylic packing tape 6/14/11
020920315-JL1  239Purchase authority for household items for new residential apartments for DSB's Orientation & Training Center. 6/06/11
020117315-JL120900268963501Request LPA for Card access security system 6/26/09
820564315-JL2  1200508 Janitorial Services for 1712 S 16th Ave, Yakima, WA 98902-5713 7/14/10
020150315-LB12110000026515118Request for Limited Purchase Authority for low vision items see A-15 7/22/09
01935331698-H0419353PQ331Review of King County Housing Authority Centralized Applications Center processes and make recommendation for streamlining 1/14/08
292185231717-TD1  1County-King, 2 locations,Estimated sq ft-1500/1500, Projected Monthly Cost-$500/$500, Building type-General office, Cleaning to be conducted OUTSIDE regular business hrs (7am-5pm) 3/06/15
3342164340-001  142164 Janitorial RFQQ. WA Student Achievement Council. County: Thurston. Contract life: 2 yr, Start date: 5/1/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 27676, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, 917 & 919 Lakeridge Way SW Olympia 98502, Point of contact: Crysta 3/20/18
821405340-JR4  1Work request for contract 32010, conference planners, facilitation and strategic planning. 10/15/12
821189343-PAF21189 1Work request for OD Change Management 4/04/12
02082034703-BL1  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for King County Sound Transit 3/31/11
019244350-00119244PQ3718Data collection and analysis school district professional development (PD) opportunities in Math and Science 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 academic years 10/31/07
019211350-P0119211PQ372Curriculum review process for K-12 sexuality education programs in compliance with ESSB 5297. 10/12/07
021764351-351  1Modular home purchase 4/29/14
020750351-SB1  2Reasonable accommodation driving services - Two units 2/11/11
821657352-ARO32206 1Work request for managment consulting services 9/24/13
02103935206-DP1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for South Whidbey School District. 10/14/11
018594360-00032539823106Chevrolet Suburbans 1/09/07
019664360-JT1548649231012008 vehicle 7/29/08
018853360-T01UWT1231012007 Extended, Length Long Bed Gem EL XD Vehicle, Color White 4/26/07
02099636001-TS1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Seattle Public Schools. 8/18/11
02112536017-KC1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Kennewick School District # 17. 2/14/12
821586370-00621586 0Convenience Contract #32010 with the Department of Enterprise Services. Leadership 5/02/13
821610370-LCA32010 1Work request for contract 32010 Effective Communication 6/26/13
821617370-LCA 32010 1Work request for Personnel Investigations 7/10/13
221122375-001149 22012 Ford Fusion Hybrid Gas/Electric Model, color: White Suede; delivery to Eastern WA. 2/10/12
018808375-00113123104State Venicle, 2007 New Extended Length Long Bed GEM EL XD 4/09/07
019030375-00119030231052007 4 passanger GEM E4, White 7/03/07
019729376-002P0018403231011 Flaming Eggplant Truck. See specs 9/17/08
021223376-F01  3(1) 2011, 2012 Ford commercial cutaway van 5.4L EFI V8 engine, with gas engine, automatic transmission - (2) Heiser sumpreme cutaway van box 15' or 16' L x box van or equal to be mounted on chassis of correct size van body. 5/07/12
821669376-IRA32010 1Work request for OD Change Management 10/28/13
019007380-00211730023101Gem Electric Vehicle, Stake Bed Kit 6/15/07
020731380-BL1  1Contract #32206 Professional Services Work Request for Western Washington University 1/20/11
020781390-001  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for WA State Historical Museum. 3/14/11
020782390-001  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for WA State Historical Museum. 3/14/11
021616390-MSL 00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 1911 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402 & 315 N Stadium Way Tacoma, WA 98403 7/09/13
02095339020-H00  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Harborview Medical Center 7/06/11
314215440301-AAM01816 1Removal of “Starbright” from the south side of the Blaine Marina’s breakwall. Work will have to be performed from the water due to location. 1/05/18
314215540301-AAM01816 1Removal of 44 ft vessel (ID: WN 1203 RU), DVRP Number WC16-007. 1/05/18
313211640301-AAM01816 1Removal of “Starbright” from the south side of the Blaine Marina’s breakwall. Work will have to be performed from the water due to location. 10/23/17
313211140301-AAM01816 1Removal of “Hello Gorgeous” from Bellingham Bay. 38 ft vessel (ID 661748), DVRP Number WC16-005. Boat is broken into many pieces. 10/17/17
313211240301-AAM01816 1Removal of 44 ft vessel (ID: WN 1203 RU), DVRP Number WC16-007. 10/17/17
314212240301-AAM01816 1Removal of “Starbright” from the south side of the Blaine Marina’s breakwall. Work will have to be performed from the water due to location. 11/16/17
314212340301-AAM01816 1Removal of 44 ft vessel (ID: WN 1203 RU), DVRP Number WC16-007. 11/16/17
2821370405-0R6637 8000Commercial Vehicle Operations Interior Transponder for Weigh Station Bypass Application 9/07/12
019052405-000OR6593382510SCI 70 GM w/Concrete and Asphalt Anchors, SCI 100 GM w/Concrete and Asphalt Anchors 7/16/07
019705405-000OR660738251Purchase authority to aquire one Brine Maker with cast iron pump, minimum of 3500 gallon per hour production, heated and insulated for outside use. 9/05/08
021378405-0000R6635 0Aluminum Highway Sign Blanks 9/13/12
2821371405-0010R6637 8000Commercial Vehicle Operations Interior Transponder for Weigh Station Bypass Application 9/07/12
019402405-002TE0803974901For an OCE TC4 scanner and an OCE TCS500 printer/copier 2/12/08
019025405-005TE0705366357FLIR ThermaCAM E45 Infrared Camera 6/27/07
018913405-005TE07-050663545567 Table Mounted Materials Testing System Capacity 20kN, 5/17/07
019901405-005TE0910866351Request Purchase Authority for 1 Seismograph 24 channel model GEODE24 1/21/09
1719908405-027TE0910966351WSDOT desires a trade in value on the exisiting units. 6 NCAT asphalt content testers. 1/26/09
019125405-027TE 08 02323101Ford E350 Van, see attached 9/11/07
019139405-027TE0802423302Sunray 115R Radar Display unit Trailer mounted, Sol;ar Powered Radar Speed Display with "Over Speed" message 20"H X 38"W Diplsy 9/13/07
019157405-027TE 05021A259021- Vegitation Weed Sprayer / Anticer - 1600 Gallon - 2 Each 2- Vegitation Weed Sprayer / Anticer - 2500 Gallon - 1 Each 9/25/07
019481405-027TE0804438301Schmidt B60 Hopper 4/03/08
019680405-027TE 08 049231011 Ford E350 Van. 8/13/08
021320405-027TE13008 1Trailer mounted under bridge inspection platform. 7/02/12
021306405-027TE 13007 2Requisition for trailer mounted catch basin cleaner. 6/27/12
021302405-027TE13005 1Purchase authority for used catch basin cleaner as per attached documents. 6/19/12
3521129405-027TE 12-018 1PMW WTM Wheel Tracker Machine 2/28/12
021062405-027  1Repair of WSDOT Truck Mounted National Crane 11/10/11
1021557405-027TE13019 10PA#100308 propane vehicle retrofit pilot project. 4/05/13
021060405-101TE 12010 1Screening Plant with Tromail Screen 11/08/11
021086405-101TE12013 2Excavator: Compact Track mounted; make Kubota; model KX080-R3T3, used 12/14/11
021084405-101TE12015 2Guardrail machine, compact track mounted; make - Turchi, model - 260S; WSST 12/08/11
021299405-101TE13004 1Purchase authority for a used Snow Cat Machine; track mounted; make Pisten Bully; model Scout. 6/19/12
620948405-101TE 12002 2Towing Tug; Dock Bull 7/01/11
019401405-101TE080151940119' Aluminum boat with 150 HP motor and trailer 2/12/08
018534405-101TE07030999930Grey Island Receivers with Glass mounted antennas 12/04/06
2921915405-114  1Janitorial Services-WSDOT Seattle,1 yr contract, begining ASAP, 5955 sq ft office bldg, 1 story, approved hours: M-F 4pm-8pm 7/28/15
018928405-1201R5869666510Precision Integrating Meter w/ Accessories, Real Time 1/3rd Octave Function, Spectral Monitor FFT Function, Sound Recording File Function (.wav), High Speed SD Card for Sound Recording 5/22/07
021464405-3013R1000 1Thermal Integrity Profiler System 12/20/12
021327405-302 TE13010 2Pavement friction testing system. Trailer mounted skid testing unit. 7/10/12
019297405-302TE08-03423101Used 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SE with rear entry wheelchair ramp 12/07/07
819795405-3151979597521200508 Janitorial Services 7912 Martin Way E. Olympia, Wa 98516-5703 10/31/08
3342160405-405  142160 Janitorial RFQQ, County: Lewis, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date of services: 4/1/18. Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 12985, Approved wk hrs: M-F 5 pm - 4 am, 1411 Rush Rod, Chehalis, WA 98532, Point of contact: Maria Cardoni 2/06/18
021300405-408TE13-006 1Purchase authority for a used motor grader. 6/19/12
021214405-408TE12-022 11Purchase order for Bobcat E50 excavator; mini excavators; angle blade; long arm; hydraulic x-change; secondary auxiliary; tax 5/01/12
2921900405-421  1WSDOT SWR- Goldendale, 1 yr, start date 10/1/15, 3000 sq ft, 2 floor, general office bldg. Approved Hours Tues-Friday: 5pm-4am 7/20/15
3332072405-500  132072 Janitorial, WSDOT, County: Kittias, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date: 5/15/17, Bldg. type: Office, Sq ft: 12,000, Approved wk hrs: M-F, 7 am - 3:30 pm (40 hrs/week, authorized, nights ok), Services at 370 Keechelus Boat Launch Rd, Snoqualmie, WA 9860 4/24/17
621037405-501TE12-007 18500 lb vibratory steel wheeled roller, Dynapac model CC142 or equivalent 10/13/11
019361405-501TE0803619401Request Purchase Authority to purchase a Used 2007 NorthWest Freedom Aluminum Boat w/ Trickler Trailer. 1/16/08
021081405-602TE-12-009 2Asphalt Distributors to include Chassis. 12/06/11
020764405-9059R 7350 1Requisition to initiate RFP and award (4) Yr. Srvcs contract for mobile audiometric testing. Srvcs to include eval and training for all WSF engineering & Eagle Harbor employees. 3/01/11
1019579405-9059R792585402234 cases toilet tissue 300 cases shop towel 5/30/08
020998405-AM1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for WSDOT Northwest Region. 8/18/11
021623405-AMA00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 26620 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032 7/25/13
1019688405-CC19R792685401565 Recycling Can Bags 14"X12"X51" 280 Paper Towels 12"X15" 8/20/08
021706405-CS1  000508 Janitorial Services 6431 Corson Avenue South Seattle, WA 98117 7 Bldgs 1/09/14
021599405-CS100508 1200508 Janitorial Services 9021, 9025, 9029 El Capitan Way Everett, WA 98208 5/31/13
2921916405-CS1  1Janitorial Services-WSDOT Seattle, 1 yr contract to be started ASAP. 10500 sq ft , 2 story bldg. approved working hours M-F 5pm to 4 am 7/28/15
031940405-CS1  1Janitorial Service Contract-WSDOT-King County HQ 10/13/15
2420257405-DC1 97801Armored Car Services 9/25/09
021771405-DMC  1General Office Thurston 2 floors 6/02/14
021011405-EN1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for WSDOT Washington State Ferries 9/08/11
2921901405-ES1  1WSDOT SWR- Raymond, 1 yr to start 10-1-15. 3227 sq ft, 2 floor, General Office Bldg. Approved Work Orders: Wednesday after 4:30 and anytime Sunday. 7/20/15
3332058405-GN2 32058 1WA State DOT, Snohomish County, Everett Bridge and Signals Work Request, Contract life 1 year, Building type: Gen Office, Sq Ft 3499, Floors: 1, Mon - Fri, 5 pm - 4 am, unless approved in advance for weekend or annual cleaning. 1/17/17
032059405-GN2 32059 0WA State DOT, Snohomish County, Contract life: 1 year, Building Type: General office, Sq Ft: 6701, Floors: 2, 1/17/17
3332061405-GN232061 1WA State DOT, Snohomish County, Contract life: 1 year, Building Type: General Office, Sq Ft: 6701, Floors: 2, 1/17/17
020792405-HT1OR 6631 9042' steel pipe pile - 10; 44' steel pipe pile - 5; 48' steel pipe pile - 30; steel plate - 45 3/15/11
4832008405-JG6  1Contract Life-1 yr., Original Start Date-1Jun16,Bldg Type-Other, Estimated Sq Ft-520, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-Min 3x a day, each day of the year, Evenly spaced over the day, or more as needed. 4/18/16
3421544405-KCHOR6638 1Remote operated vehicle for bridge inspection. 3/22/13
031951405-MBR  1Janitorial Services-WSDOT-Tumwater 11/12/15
021929405-MC1  1Janitorial Services-WSDOT SWR Vancouver HQ Building 9/16/15
021930405-MC1  1Janitorial Services-WSDOT SWR: Vancouver HQ Building: WIndows only 9/16/15
821195405-ML121195 1Work request for financial consulting. 4/17/12
019441405-MM1OR659996201970Qwik salt de-icer & Rocanville standard 8b product 3/13/08
021040405-MM5  1Security services for pier 48 location. 10/17/11
021643405-MM500508 1200508 Janitorial Services 1051 1st Ave So Seattle, WA 98134 8/28/13
021688405-MM6  0Security Guards Unarmed 11/20/13
021839405-MS1  1Contract Life- 1yr, Original Star Date- 1 Mar 2015, Building Type-General Office, Estimated Square Feet- 2936, # of Floors-1 Approved working hours- to be agreed upond by vendor and agency. Annual estimated amount is $6,000.00 $500.00 a month 1/29/15
020963405-PN1  1Security guard services for WSDOT 7/20/11
2921856405-SR1  1County-Clallam, Contract Life-1 yr. Start Date-1-May-15, Building Type-General Office, Estimated Sq. Ft.-8550, # of floors-?, Approved work Hrs-Tues. & Thurs. 6pm-5:30am 3/16/15
021794405-SST  1Contract Life: 1 year Anticipated Start Date: 1 Oct 2014 Inital Anticipated End Date: 30 Sept 2015 Building Type: General Office Mandatory Site Visit: 12 Sep 2014 Time; 1:30 pm Estimated Sq ft: 5,500 # of Floors: 2 County: Thurston 9/05/14
2921903405-VS1  1WSDOT-Kelso-1 yr starting 10/1/2015. 9750 sq ft, 1 floor, general office bldg. Approved Working hours are 5pm to 4 am, M-F. 7/20/15
821662407-00121662 0Contract #32010 Business Analysis 10/01/13
314214041400-MBO01816 1To remove and dispose of one derelict fishing vessel (Sea Lane II) seized by the Port of Grays Harbor in accordance with RCW 79.100.030. 12/12/17
314214141400-MBO01816 1To remove and dispose of one derelict sailboat (Freebird) seized by the Port of Grays Harbor in accordance with RCW 79.100.030. 12/12/17
314214241400-MBO01816 1To remove and dispose of one derelict recreational vessel (Quiet Tidal) seized by the Port of Grays Harbor in accordance with RCW 79.100.030. 12/12/17
313211741400-MBO01816 1To remove and dispose of two derelict commercial fishing vessels. Both vessels are listed on the Washington State DNR’s Vessel of Concern list. 10/24/17
313210941700-MD232109 1Scope of Work: Remove and dispose of a 1971 26’ Sabercraft XSF Pleasure Boat. Vessel is located at Terminal 25 South – 2431 East Marginal Way S – Seattle, WA 98124. Due to the age of the vessel an Asbestos survey may need to be completed prior to dispos 10/12/17
313209741700-MD232097 1Remove and dispose of the 30’ 1975 CLM Buckineer Sailboat Mudshark. Vessel is floating and located at Harbor Island Marina. 8/11/17
313208041700-MD3 05511 1Remove and dispose of the 36’ Chris Craft Pleasure Boat Dream On. Vessel is floating and located at Shilshole Bay Marina. Due to the age of the vessel an Asbestos survey will need to be completed prior to disposal. 6/12/17
363198541700-MD3  1To remove and dispose of the Nella Breeza, 26' fiberglass hull sailboat and all associated contents. Registration #WN-0162JM Location-Shilshole Bay Marina 7001 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 2/04/16
363198641700-MD3  1Remove and dispose of the M/V Ivy, a 25" wood hull pleasure boat and all associated contents. Registration #WN-3534E Location-Shilshole Bay Marina-7001 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 2/04/16
02082141700-RP1  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Port of Seattle-SeaTac Airport 3/31/11
363199641803-BWA05511 1Remove and dispose of a 1978 34’ Ideas Trawler from Port of Keyport Property. Trawler is 11 foot in width. Remove vessel and dispose of in accordance to State and Local laws. 3/08/16
314215642501-AHA01816 1Purpose ; The purpose of this project is to salvage, remove and dispose of the sunken 68 foot Lihue ll with documentation #239792 1/05/18
313209943100-00132099 125 foot 1967 Coronado Sailboat 8/22/17
313210043100-001 32100 138 foot Wooden 1964 Chris Craft 8/22/17
363200743100-001 05511 1Remove and dispose of 1965 32’ Tollycraft, WN 8202 RG, wood hull. Vessel is stored on land. The vessel shall be removed from the Port of Edmonds before destruction. The Port will load vessel onto transport using its travelift. 4/06/16
821625461-00121625 1Lean Project for Leadership and Cultural Change 8/08/13
021434461-00613-26338 1Wideband multibeam echo sounder system (WMBES). 11/19/12
1720851461-00611-32268 1Aluminum boat, 16-18 ft, for marine sampling 4/26/11
021322461-00613-21855 1Inertial Navigation System. 7/02/12
018787461-006104566601HOBOware software, HOBO Weather Station Starter Kit, Light Sensor Bracket, 2-meter tripodkit, silicon pyranometer, rain gauge, water proof shuttle, HOBO pro water temp V2 thermistors 4/03/07
3332067461-034  1Dept of Ecology, Agency: 461, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date: 5/1/17, Bldg type: Gen office, Sq ft: 3573, Work hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 6 pm - 6 am 3/22/17
3332071461-461  132071NWRO Dept of Ecology, Agency 461, County: King, Contract life: 1 yr, Start date: 6/1/17, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 60,423, Approved wk hrs: Day prt 1 pm - 8 pm M-F, Night dft 5 pm - 8 am M-F 4/21/17
821309461-BM1  1Work request for contract 32206 for environmental consulting. 6/27/12
020940461-DS1  1Financial Auditing, Port of Ridgefield. 6/15/11
3342128461-FH1  142128, Dept of Ecology, Bellingham Field Office (BFO), County: Whatcom, Contract life: 2 yrs., Services start date: 1/8/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 7431, Approved wk hrs: M-f 6pm - 6 am, point of contact Brian Pickering. 11/21/17
2921889461-FHU  1County: Yakima, Contract Life: Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft: 35437, # of Floors: 1, Approved working hours: Monday through Friday, 5:00Pm to 8:00 AM, unless otherwise specified in service contract. 6/30/15
021714461-FHU00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 3100 Port of Benton Blvd Richland, WA 99354 1/23/14
821745461-JRO  0Jim Roth Washington State Department of Ecology Toxics Cleanup Program 300 Desmond Drive SE Lacey PO Box 47600 Olympia, WA 98504-7600 3/05/14
821188461-LG1  1Work request for facilitation 4/03/12
821510461-MG132206 1Work request for environmental consulting. 2/13/13
821511461-MG232206 1Work request for Environmental Consulting. 2/13/13
2932052461-MO1  1Agency Name-Ecology, County-Skagit, Contract Life-1 yr, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-14,000, # of Floors-?, Approved working hrs-Tuesday-Sat, 5:30pm to 11 pm, 12/06/16
821591462-CP1 32206 1Work request for environmental consulting under contract 32206. 5/16/13
3132091465-10332091 032’ Coronado Sailboat 7/19/17
019449465-11206023101Vehicle, 2008 6 passenger GEM E6/white 3/18/08
019856465-124095231011 Gem exld two passenger vehicle. see specs. 12/11/08
1719827465-1260932050118 pile hoops for flotation units 11/25/08
2419784465-12609068101Requesting Purch Authority 1 Chemical Wash to kill and remove any mold, dirt and stains. One coat primer, two coats of solid stain to match the current colors of the building and trim 10/23/08
1720046465-12610428051Requesting Purchase Authority for 1 Sea Core 496 MAG complete engine system see specs 4/29/09
1720051465-12610528151Requesting Purchase Authority for the complete installation of an engine for the Blake Island vessel 4/30/09
020202465-12600466301Purchase Authority for 160 Alconsensor FST Preliminary Breath Testers 9/02/09
020476465-126PR#043 1Peristalaltic Pump and accessories 4/15/10
1720426465-126020 3Requesting Purchase Authority for 1 2001 Alumaweld 17 Stryker Boat, 1 2002 40 HP Suzuki Motor and 1 EZ Loader Trailer 3/02/10
1720439465-126024 1Request Purchase Authority for Foam Filled Float Drums 3/12/10
1720440465-126025 1Purchase Authority for grading materials 3/12/10
1720441465-126026 1Purchase Authority for Repair Float Lumber Parts 3/12/10
1720442465-126027 1Purchase Authority for Flotation Device Gangways 3/12/10
019259465-126032231022008 EL GEM vehicles - 11/13/07
018927465-12607699991Membrane Bioreactor System 5/22/07
019216465-12602523201Vehicle, 1998 International Dump Truck 10/16/07
019205465-12602323104Vehicle, 2007 GEM EL, 10/11/07
019014465-126079231072005 GEM EL HD #5E22 Electric Vehicle, Blue, Stake Bed Kit, Gel Batteries, Grab Handles, Heater/ Defrost, Scuff Guard 6/21/07
021042465-126PR #065 1Roofing materials. 10/18/11
1721056465-126PR #001 1Sanisailor Peristaltic Pumpout System w/ 312 s/s cover, auto controls 40 GPM, w/ Nitril Hose & minimum 3 HP-S/S hose hanger SaniSailor Dump Station, 316 S/S, 3 way valve or equivalent. 11/03/11
021057465-126PR#1113003 120Diamond Piers, model #DP75 with 50" pins & 1 Drivehead 11/04/11
021083465-12611-13-007 10Flotation units (bones only) 12' x 32' floats per attached specifications, drawings and RFQ. 12/07/11
021059465-126PR #004 1Hand railing materials package. 11/07/11
021066465-126PR #006 2041Building materials - beams, joist, blocking, decking, bull rails. 11/16/11
021221465-126PR #012 1Purchase authority for snow grooming machine for Mt. Spokane Nordic Ski Trail. 5/04/12
1720864465-126PR#062 1Mooring buoy lines and parts 4/29/11
1720841465-126PR#057 700Rope Float, Jim Buoy 1100 or equal See attached specifications 4/19/11
1720780465-126PR#054 1Trailer, 6000-12000 GVW, with compartments for recycling containers. 3/11/11
1720687465-126PR#049 1Swim lines and buoys - $20,000.00 11/18/10
020720465-126PR#053 5Requesting Purchase Authority Precast concrete 3 sided box culvert 6' clear height, 35' clear span, 5' wdth, hs-20 load rating Precast concrete footing, 10' wdth, right and left side pair Precast concrete wing walls to match culvert heigth, R & L 12/29/10
020654465-126PR# 045 292Requesting Purchase Authority Lighting Replacements for Fort Worden State Park 10/12/10
1720662465-126PR#048 1Grinder pumps, pump parts, pump control panel parts - $12,000.00; adapter; decholor demon; gate valve; rubber hose; flushing nozzle; hose monster; stablizer for hose monster; VC mini tabs; pilotless nozzle; remote reader; gauge; wrench 10/14/10
1720617465-126PR#046 50Requesting Purchase Authority for mooring lines and parts: 5/8 inch double braid nylon mooring pendant with a 3/4 - inch encapsulated Nylite Spool and Shield on each end. An 8 - inch x 14 - inch Jim Buoy installed 5 ft from one end. 30' line 9/09/10
021435465-126PR 019 1Posts and rails for Riverside ORV fencing at adminstrative area. 11/26/12
1721436465-126PR 020 100Mooring buoys, 24 inch, with shackle pocket. 11/28/12
2821482465-126PR 13-024 1Used 2007 Mack Granite CV713 Dump Truck 1/22/13
021396465-126 PR-017 1350Buoy hardware supplies. 10/05/12
021397465-126 PR-018 300Cedar decking boards for docks and floats. 10/05/12
3132092465-34501816 1The purpose of this project is to salvage, remove, and dispose of the ~32-foot Coronado sailboat named “Isabella of Witches’ Bones & Whale Skins” with Washington Registration # WN 8468 U. 7/25/17
019661465-BB107823101(5) vehicle, 2008, flat bed Gem EL XD w/hard doors 7/23/08
4831976465-MHA  1Janitorial Services-P&R, Burlington 1/12/16
3142143465-TOB01816 127’ 1967 Santana, sail boat to be removed from the south side of Spencer Spit State Park beach. 12/18/17
019008467-00019008PQ346Survey of recreational boaters 6/15/07
821254467-CT1  12Work request for environmental consulting for contract 32206. 5/23/12
821249467-WB1  0Work request for environmental consulting for contract 32206. 5/22/12
01877947008-001PO119952231044 passanger GEM car to include standard options and add ons 3/29/07
3332077477-000  132077 Dept of Fish and Wildlife, County: Clark, Agency Id: 477, Contract Life: 1 yr, Start date: 7/3/17, Bldg type: Office, Sq ft: 213000, Approved wk hrs: M-F 7 pm - 4 am, location: 5525 11th St. Ridgefield, WA 98642 5/22/17
021540477-009 Q13006JA 1TZ14 Navnet TZ Touch 14" system. 3/19/13
221762477-009Q14003JA 2Aircraft N357PN engines Core credit $42K 4/16/14
3521560477-00913-004SC 3Three steel stringer bridges. 4/08/13
019703477-009095JA23101Authority to purchase used 2001 F350 4X4 Super duty from Douglas County Public Utility District #1 Vin # 1FTWX33S41EC06124 9/03/08
2420346477-009033JA 1REQUEST FOR BIDS SENT OUT AND PURCHASE ORDER ISSUED FOR Fish counter unit Specifications attached 12/08/09
1720406477-009Q10043JA 1Request Purchase Authority for 1 Outboard Motor 2/11/10
1720407477-009Q10044JA 1Request Purchase Authority for 1 Rotary Screw Trap 2/12/10
1720459477-009  114' Aluminum police boat w/25 hp Suzuki outboard and boat trailer 4/02/10
1720414477-009Q20046JA 1Request Purchase Authority for one Outboard Jet Boat Motor 2/23/10
1720228477-009018JA28951Request for bids to be sent and a purchase order issued for a Fuel Tank Replacement in Ocean Going Vessel 9/11/09
020059477-009148JA66401Request for OSP to process a sole source purchase order for a BioMark 96.96 Dyanamic Array - Genotyping and set up an ongoing contract for future needs 5/07/09
019992477-009140JA66301Request for Purchase Authority based on sole source for 1 EP1 System HX package, IFC Controller HX, thermal cycler & vacuum accessory see specs 3/23/09
1719917477-009124JA19251Request for Purchase Authority for 1 boat, boat trailer and outboard motor 1/29/09
1719938477-009129JA19251Request bids be sent out for repair on WDFW 12 & WDFW 17 see specs 2/05/09
2419984477-009138JA68101Request for liquid Rotenone CFT legumine fish toxicant 3/16/09
1719769477-009101JA20901Request for Purchase Authority to purchase new 4-stroke outboard motor model DF250 10/16/08
019760477-009100JA23101Request Purchase Authority to purchase a used/new undercover pickup. Make and model will be Chevy/Dodge/Toyota. 10/10/08
1719820477-009108JA20101Request bids be sent out for repair on RV Caurinus. RVC needs a lower propulsion unit replaced. see attachment. 11/21/08
2419904477-009122JA8810142,196 Triploid Rainbow Trouts averaging 1.5 lbs each, but not less than 1 lb each. Total cost for fish not to exceed $125k including sales tax. Fish to be delivered spring of 2009 1/22/09
019866477-009116JA37325Request Purchase Authority for the following due to Sole Source 6 acoustic tags (synch for VPS), 3 acoustic tags (ref for VPS), 3 acoustic tags (ref w/ temp for VPS), 6 acoustic tags (sturgeon for VPS), 6 coded receivers with blue tooth 12/16/08
3521194477-009Q12020JA 5400Request for bids handled and purchase order issued for powdered rotenone. 4/17/12
021264477-009Q12029JA 1Purchase authority for structural steel, steel plates, shafting, aluminum and stainless steel in stock lengths for Skamania Hatchery intake replacement. 5/29/12
1721294477-00912-037SC 3Purchase order for generators. 6/18/12
1721375477-009Q12046JA 126 CFS maximum flow farmer's screen custom fish screen steel components. 9/12/12
1721090477-00911-059SC 2Generator, 125kw, 480v, 3P & 200A; automatic transfer switch NEMA 1; weather proof enclosure NEMA 3R; Generator, 125kw, 208v, 3P & 600A; automatic transfer switch NEMA 1. 12/16/11
221160477-009Q12014JA 2Purchase authority for used undercover vehicles. 3/15/12
3521146477-009Q12011JA 1Sole source purchase authority for screw trap cone. 3/08/12
3521126477-00912-007SC 3Purchase authority for fabricated pipe thimble 36" x 9"; pipe 36" DR17 HDPE (90 ft); fabricated miter 45 degree ell, 36" diaxDR17, butt welded joints. 2/17/12
3521120477-009Q12006JA 250Purchase authority for radio transmitter tags from Lotek Wireless. 2/03/12
1721012477-00911-048SC 1Outboard motor, 150hp, four cycle/stroke engine 9/09/11
1721016477-00911-049SC 1Custom built work boat. 9/12/11
221019477-009Q11051JA 1Mid-sized or full sized pickup or SUV. 9/21/11
021297477-01012-035SC 1Purchase authority for Arctic Cat M800 snowmobile. 6/18/12
3521197477-01012019SC 275Aluminum irrigation hand line pipe and accessories. 4/18/12
021220477-01012-024SC 1Purchase authority for six miles for Turbo Fladry, 1/4 mile of Standard Fladry. 5/03/12
021218477-01012-023SC 4Purchase authority for sole source purchase of radio activated guard box. 5/02/12
019831477-010112sc65151Request purchase authority for large animal necropsy table. see specs and sugg vendor list. 12/01/08
020229477-010020SC58201Request for Purchase Authority for two types of GPS transmitters 9/11/09
1720236477-010022SC61151Request for Purchase Authority for 1 generator and automatic transfer switch 9/16/09
1720216477-010016SC61151Request Purchase Authority for 3 generators ant transfer switches 9/03/09
020126477-010001SC66501Request the Purchase Authority for the purchase of a standard and ADA telescope on one pedestal 7/09/09
220429477-01010061SC 1Request Purchase Authority for Can-AM Outlander 500 EFI 4X4 Quad 3/03/10
020435477-01010062SC 1Request Purchase Authority for 100 radio collars 3/05/10
019666477-010087SC88101Request OSP to bid and order Manilla Clam seed (4 million) 7/30/08
021558477-01013-005SC 3Three year lease of a tracked tractor with enclosed cab. 4/08/13
021381477-01012-044SC 27Request for Purchase Authority for Treated Wood Posts 9/18/12
221415477-010  1ATV, snowmobile and trailer for large carnivore research project. 10/24/12
021362477-010 12-042SC 1Steel material required to fabricate forest gates. 8/16/12
221454477-010 12-052sc 1Polaris 800 Ranger ATV 12/12/12
018765477-101132DB635050Acoustic 3/23/07
018944477-101160DB280544 Marine Engines, Yamaha 4 Stroke Marine Engine 90 Hp, 115Hp, 70Hp 5/25/07
019033477-101001DB58454Dual-Frequency-Identification-Sonar 7/03/07
019053477-101004DB28051Honda 200hp Outboard Motor 7/18/07
019054477-101007DB28051Volvo Penta 5.7 Gxi Gasoline Iboard engine, volvo Duroprop outdrice w/ Stainless Steel Propellers 7/18/07
019072477-108009SC23101Used 2005 nissan Titan Vehicle W/canopy 7/30/07
019041477-108002JA635020GPS Store on Board Radio Collars for Elk, VHF beacon that operates @ 148-151.999 MHz w/Mortality Sensing Option, see attached 7/11/07
019093477-108010DB37327Screw Trap Cones, Livewell, Bearings & Sleeves 8/14/07
019095477-108011DB681020CFT Legumine Fish Toxicant 5% Active Ingredient Rotenone 8/17/07
019102477-108014DB37409Pontoons, Wooden Plank Deck, Sch 80 Pipe Haylo to Mount Trap, Handrail, Square Tubing for Frame, Duro coat 8/23/07
019153477-1084194011- Replace Drive System on WDFW 6 A 33' Aluminum Catamaran Maxcat Boat 2- Trade-In 2 ea Konrad transmissions 9/21/07
019130477-108018JA8730016 Species of Native Grasses Forbs and Shrubs 9/12/07
018956477-108166JA1997590HP Honda Outboard, 135HP Honda Outboards, EZ loader 22' boat Trailer 6/01/07
018936477-108158JA68109Liquid Rotenone, Prentox Prenfish Toxicant 5% active ingredient, CFT Legumine Fish txicant 5% active ingredient 5/24/07
018888477-108149SC23302Bear/Cougar Culvert Traps and Trailers 5/09/07
018890477-108150SC49407Hot Water Pressure Washer, Electric wet steam & Hot Water Pressure 5/09/07
018827477-108141JA97573Herbicidal Spraying, Helicopter Aerial 4/17/07
019267477-108026JA15101One new twin-engine airplane Trade in 3 planes and parts. 11/15/07
019273477-108029DB20101RFQ and Purchase Order for: Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard. Model # DF250TXK7/8 11/27/07
1720348477-108034JA 1Request PA to upgrade and install new wing tubes in WDFW Almar boat (adding agency logos to the tubes) 12/09/09
020562477-108Q10071JA 6FS1001M multiplex readers - 6 x $8,500.00 = $51,000 7/13/10
020566477-10810-072SC 2Purchase for culverts for capital habitat projects at Crescent Lake and Cub Creek - 2 not to exceed $92,000 7/14/10
020554477-108Q10069JA 3Bare Falcon skid w/mounting hardware - 1 @ $3,200.00; umbilical cable - 330 @ $27.00 = $8,910.00; umbilical termination - 1 @ $1,740.00; shipping - $2,000.00 6/22/10
1720525477-10810-068sc 2Request purchase order for two generators: 125kw 480/277 volt 3 phase w/auto transfer switch for Samish Hatchery 125kw 120/240 volt single phase for Elwha Rearing Channel 5/21/10
1720472477-108Q10066JA 1Request for 28 ft (RHI) Ridged Hull Inflatable Police Boat with air chamber tubes as well as electronics, outboards and trailer package. 4/13/10
1720473477-108Q10067JA 116' police boat, outboard and trailer 4/13/10
019825477-108111JA20607000Pit Tags 11/25/08
021281477-108Q12032JA 1Purchase authority for dart gun (pd pico2 del pkg) 6/08/12
021292477-10812-036SC 3Purchase authority for three concrete bridges for use at Cherry Valley Wildlife area. 6/14/12
021351477-108 12-041SC 5Purchase authority for culverts and bands for Cherry Valley Wildlife Area. 8/13/12
221114477-108Q12003JA 1Purchase authority for automatic transfer switch at Kendall Creek Hatchery. 1/31/12
3521117477-10812-004SC 6Purchase authority for six portable bridges for use at WDFW Hatchery sites. 2/02/12
3521171477-10812-015SC 5Purchase authority for five pedestrian bridges for use at Arlington Hatchery and Cherry Valley Wildlife area. 3/23/12
021034477-10811-053SC 1Replace pump #5 at Kendall Creek Hatchery 10/12/11
1720985477-108Q11044JA 1requested for bids and PO issued for Fish Transport tank specifications provided. 8/12/11
1720987477-108Q11045JA 1Request purchase order for 1500 gallon fish transport tank. 8/15/11
020974477-108Q11043JA 1Request purchase authority for interwoven cable concrete erosion control blocks. 8/09/11
020870477-10811-025SC 1Aluminum box culvert with head walls 25' 5" x 6' 2" x 36' 5/03/11
1720846477-108477 1Boat, motor and trailer 4/21/11
020901477-10811-031SC 1Structural steel components to repair Marblemount Hatchery's Bird Predation System 5/20/11
1720886477-108Q11029JA 2Two outboard motors 5/12/11
020888477-108Q11030JA 1000UHNW Stringers for resistance board weir construction 5/13/11
1720943477-10811-038SC 1Purchase authority for 115 hp four stroke motor 6/21/11
020923477-108  1Pivot irrigation system 6/08/11
020903477-108Q11032JA 6Purchase authority for pontoons for rotary screw traps based on compatibility sole source 5/23/11
020904477-108Q11033JA 58Purchase order for net pens. 5/25/11
020905477-108Q11034JA 80Purchase authority for acoustic and range test tags. 5/26/11
020627477-10810-085sc 1Request Purchase Order for Beldon Waterproof Coax Cable 9/14/10
020628477-10810-083SC 1Request Purchase Order for PVC Pipe & Fittings 9/14/10
020629477-10810-084sc 384Request Purchase Order for Earth Anchor, electronic specifications on request. 9/14/10
1720633477-108  1Request Purchase Order for a Sullair 185 Portable Compressor w/ trailer 9/16/10
020635477-10810-087sc 1Request purchase authority for inline pump and motor at Wallace River Hatchery 9/17/10
020640477-10810-088SC 1Request purchase authority for treated round wood Elk fence posts for construction and repair of fire damaged Elk fence in the Yakima Valley. Project is for Oak Creek fire damage. 9/23/10
1720643477-108Q10090JA 116 foot police boat, outboard and trailer - 1 @ $11,400 9/24/10
1720660477-108Q10093JA 1Request for screw trap with two debris doors - $21,910.00 10/13/10
1720661477-108Q10094JA 1Request for repower of research vessel "clamdestine" WDFW #571, inventory #D048250 - $26,100.00 10/13/10
020575477-10810-073SC 2Request for purchase authority for culverts for Newland road and Tamarack Springs/Ridge road. Info contact- Ralph Tosland 360.407.0571 7/20/10
1720598477-108Q10078JA 11Whitewater pontoon-cataraft pkgs - 8 x $2,800.00 = $22,400.00; replacement pontoon sets - 3 x $1000.00 = $3000.00, total = $25,400.00 8/17/10
1720669477-10810-095SC 6Lift hoists for use at the Skookumchuck Hatchery 10/20/10
1720670477-108Q10096JA 1Request for 18' Alumaweld free drifter boat with Mercury Optimax 115 and Jet Rogue Boat trailer. 10/20/10
1720674477-108Q10099JA 2Request Purchase Authority for Thermoelectric Generator model 5060 24 volt with SI-SO and tilt switch shut off 10/29/10
020715477-10810-106SC 60Radio transmitters for pygmy rabbits re-introduction project - 60 x $300 = $18,000 12/17/10
1720690477-10810-102SC 1Four inch fish pump on a cart, hose couplings and suction mouth - 1 @ $21,000.00 11/24/10
1720807477-10811-012SC 1Aluminum pedestrian bridge, 4' x 65' for Wenas W/A by the Lacey Contruction Shop 3/25/11
020831477-10811-017SC 1Bird predation netting for the Whitehouse rearing ponds 4/13/11
020835477-108Q11018JA 188Acoustic receivers 23; acoustic tags 160; activation probes 2; range test tag 1; receiver hydrophone 1; directional hydrophone 1 4/14/11
1720836477-108Q11019JA 6002Pit tags, 6000; implant gun, 2; syringes supply 4/14/11
1720837477-10811-021SC 1Request a purchase order for purchase and installation of heat pump system with electrical backup. 4/15/11
020784477-108Q11010JA 2Multiplexing reader model FS1001M 3/15/11
020762477-10811-003SC 1Rotary screw air compressor 2/25/11
1720763477-10811-005sc 3Request Purchase Authority for 3 inline pumps at the Hoodsport Hatchery. 2/28/11
1720778477-10811-008SC 2Two inline pumps for Samiah Hatchery. 3/10/11
821504477-AC132206 1Work request for financial consulting under contract 32206. 2/05/13
019671477-BB1088SC881011300 bags-Clutched Pacific oyster seed 8/04/08
019672477-BB1089SC88101800 Bags - Clutched Pacific Oyster seed 8/04/08
019673477-BB1090SC88101800 Bags - Clutched Oyster Seed 8/04/08
821067477-CC321067 1Personnel Investigations 11/16/11
821184477-CC3  1Work request for leadership and team development. 3/28/12
821498477-CC332010 1Work request for personnel investigations under contract 32010. 1/29/13
4832003477-CC4  1County-Thurston, Contract life-1 yr., Original Start Date- May 1, 2016, Bldg Type-single Purpose, Estimated Square Dt-4100, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-Tues and Thurs 5:30pm-5:00am 3/15/16
021721477-CJO 00508 1200508 Janitorial Services 201 North Pearl Street Ellensburg, WA 98936 2/04/14
021671477-EH1  1Work request for unarmed security guard services, region 2. 10/28/13
2420343477-JA4032JA 1Triploid Rainbow Trout see A15 for details 12/07/09
2420344477-JA4032JA 1Triploid Rainbow Trout see A15 for details 12/07/09
821583477-JAZ32010 1Work request for facilitation under contract 32010. 4/30/13
821219477-JD221219 1Work request for contract 32010 OD Change Management. 5/03/12
821503477-JR103712 1Work request for leadership and cultural change for contract 03712. 2/01/13
020916477-P04  1Facilitation 6/03/11
821325477-P09  1Work request 32010 for strategic planning. 7/03/12
020965477-PS9  15The WDFW is seeking the service of a professional facilitator, for the purposes of rule-making and HCP development, to lead and facilitate meetings and interactions at WDFW’s request. 7/25/11
031955477-RVA  1Janitorial Services-WDFW-Morton 12/01/15
020847478-JC1  1PSP Facilitation 4/25/11
020649478-JC1  8Environmental consulting 10/01/10
020698478-MK2  1232010 Organizational Development Work Request for Puget Sound Partnership 12/02/10
1720742490-000029 1Diving/breathing air compressor for DNR's Aquatics Program. 2/03/11
020767490-000033 1Aluminized culvert 3/03/11
020768490-000034 1Aluminized culvert 3/03/11
020754490-000030 1Request purchase authority for Alber CRT-400 Cellcorderbattery analyzer 2/16/11
020756490-000031 1Purchase authority for Bottomless Arch Pipe 1 5420 Bottomless Pipe Arch w/footings 2/18/11
020758490-000032 1Steel fabricated bridge 2/23/11
1720844490-000043 1Aluminum boat. 4/20/11
020808490-000039 1Aluminized culvert 3/29/11
1720810490-000041 1Rigid hull inflatable boat 3/29/11
020848490-000044 1Steel culvert 4/25/11
020981490-000  1Steel culverts 8/11/11
021003490-000052 1Steel culvert 8/25/11
2821343490-000 104 1Purchase authority for aluminum boxes for construction of fire fighting vehicles. 8/02/12
021337490-000 102 20Hose reel and boosters. 7/27/12
021293490-000094 1Purchase authority for steel culvert. 6/14/12
021295490-000096 1Purchase authority for aviation radios. 6/18/12
021222490-000087 1Purchase authority for seedling tubes 5/04/12
021285490-000092 1Purchase authority for steel culvert. 6/11/12
021263490-000090 1Purchase authority for precast concrete box culvert. 5/29/12
3521271490-000#075 1Exploratory Geothermal Drilling Services for up to six wells. 6/01/12
021250490-000088 1Request purchase authority for structural plate for pipe arch. 5/22/12
021186490-000086 1Aluminum box #1 and #2 with drawings. 4/02/12
3521187490-000083 1Single station seismic acquisition systems per attached specifications and equal to Tromino Zero. 4/02/12
021177490-000085 1Bottomless arch culvert with pre-cast concrete footings for Lower Orr Fish Blockage repair per attached drawings and specifications. 3/26/12
021168490-000082 1Culvert 3/22/12
3521165490-000080 1Steel modular bridge 3/21/12
021107490-000078 1Purchase authority for steel culvert 1/26/12
3521128490-000079 1Purchase authority for fertilizer. 2/22/12
3521064490-000075 1Exploratory Geothermal Drilling Services for 4-5 wells. 11/15/11
021051490-000072 1Narrowband microwave equipment. 10/28/11
021032490-000068 1Steel culvert 10/11/11
021024490-000064 1Refrigeration unit for tractor trailer 9/27/11
021025490-000065 1Steel culverts 9/27/11
021058490-000073 1Seedling tubes and netting. 11/04/11
021045490-000069 1Styroblock containers for conifer seedlings at Webster Nursery greenhouses. 10/21/11
020462490-000  1Aluminized culvert 4/05/10
1720468490-000016 1Request a purchase for sole source purchase of demolition of derelict vessel. (boat) 4/08/10
2420111490-00012642351Request a purchase authority for a secondary spill containment unit. 6/22/09
1720074490-00011819451Request Purchase Authority for an aluminum dock 5/15/09
1719985490-00010928051Request purchase authority for 1 boat engine overhaul 3/16/09
3521489490-000130 2Steel modular bridges, 70' x 16' and 50' x 16' 1/23/13
021445490-000124 124Purchase authority for CB radios. 12/06/12
021430490-000118 1Seedling tubes. 11/15/12
021416490-000114 1Styroblock containers. 10/29/12
021407490-000 113 1Steel modular bridge per attached specifications titled for North Fork John Creek Bridge. 10/22/12
3132105490-00232105 1The purpose of this project is to remove and dispose of the floating and anchored 1968, ~25-foot Coronado sailboat with Washington Registration # WN 3852 JR. 9/27/17
3332096490-003  132096, Janitorial Services RFQQ, DNR, County: King, Contract life: 2 yrs, Services start date: 9/2/17, Building type: Other, Sq ft: 65016, Floors: 1, 11 Trail Head sites, Point of Contact: Lislie Sayers and Sam Jarrett. 8/07/17
3332125490-003  132125, Janitorial Services RFQQ, DNR, County: Kittitas, Contract life : 2 yr, Blfg type: Genera;, Sq ft: 10,000, Approved wwk hrs: 5 pm - 6 am, 713 E. Bowers Rd, Ellensburg WA 98926. Point of contact: Nancy Shaff. 11/04/17
021108490-038077 1Purchase authority for steel bridge. 1/26/12
1721315490-038099 1Mini excavator. 6/28/12
021316490-038098 1Tracked carrier. 6/28/12
021307490-038097 1Bridge fiberglass trail. 6/27/12
021005490-038053 1Weathering steel 8/30/11
620849490-038045 1Steel bridges 4/25/11
020902490-038047 4Purchase authority for cattle guards 5/23/11
020924490-038  1Purchase authority for scientific submerged aquatic vegetation and bottom substrate echosounder sampling equipment 6/08/11
1720809490-038040 1Steel bridge 3/29/11
020772490-038035 1Steel bridge 3/07/11
020796490-070037 1Request a purchase authority for sole source on soil fumigation. 9757- Soil fumigation for 1 block, 10.1 acres 3/18/11
020686490-070026 12Fiberglass water tanks, truck mounted - 12 x $4000 = $48,000 11/18/10
221360490-070 106 6ATV, 450cc 4x4 with winch. 8/16/12
019937490-07010023401Request a Purchase Authority for 7 350cc 4X4 ATV's 2/05/09
2420037490-07011497571Request PA for the purchased service contract of weed control 4/24/09
020572490-070020 1Request a purchase authority for steel for bridge. 7/19/10
3521394490-070109 1Purchase Authority for Control System Panels 10/04/12
021455490-070 129 1Helicopter cross tubes. 12/12/12
021458490-070 127 1Soil mix for Webster Nursery 12/14/12
2932053490-EB6  1Agency #-490, County-Franklin, Contract Life-1 yr.,Building Type-General Office, Approved working hrs-6pm-4am 12/19/16
821620490-JAL32206 1Work request for Management Consulting Services. 7/18/13
821143490-JEH21143 1Work request for OD Change Management. 3/06/12
821085490-JEH21085 1OD Change Management 12/14/11
1721467490-JF1  1Work request for derelict vessel removal under contract 05511. 12/27/12
1721432490-JF1  1To remove, demolish and dispose of five vessels, all located at the Port of Poulsbo Marina, 18809 Front Street, in Liberty Bay, Poulsbo WA (note that vessels are show at anchor but they are anticipated to have been moved into the marina by 11/20/12). 11/16/12
1721845490-JF1 IS14-008 0Remove, demolish and dispose of a 1968 27ft. Chris Craft WN #3994 N 2/10/15
3132090490-JF101816 1The purpose of this project is to demolish and dispose of 3 vessels: 50ft vessel named “Liberty” 23ft Bayliner with registration # WN 6814 JE 17ft Chrysler with HIN # CB060385M791 7/17/17
3132098490-JF101816 1The purpose of this project is to salvage, remove, and dispose of the sunken ~27-foot Coronado sailboat with Washington Registration # WN 294 CD. 8/14/17
3642168490-JF101816 1The purpose of this project is to salvage, tow, haul out , demolish and dispose of an approximate ~25-30 foot wood hulled cabin cruiser, with a partial Washington sticker decal # D 0701732. 4/18/18
3132113490-KTO01816 1Remove 16’x 40’x 4.5’ dock from shoreline SE of Pt. Migley, Lummi Island, WA; tow/haul dock to an approved upland processing yard; dispose of dock at an approved waste disposal facility. 10/19/17
3142126490-KTO01816 18’x 12’x 3’ concrete over Styrofoam floating dock segment to be removed from Brace Point. Approximate weight of object is 10,000lbs. 11/20/17
021693490-LJ1 146 1Wideband multi-beam Echo Sounder System per attached specifications. 12/02/13
1721379490-MF1 IS12-003 1Work request for contract 05511, Derelict Vessel Removal, Whidbey Island. 9/18/12
821658490-PAS 32206 1Work request for environmental consulting 9/25/13
031947490-RC1  1Janitorial Services, Amanda Park & Hoquiam, WA 11/02/15
031948490-RC1  1Janitorial Services-Forks-DNR 11/02/15
031949490-RC2  1Janitorial Services-DNR-Forks 11/02/15
021841490-RH1  1County-Okanogan, Contract Life-1, Original Start Date- Dec 1, 2014, Building Type-General Office, Estimated Square Ft-500, # of Floors-1 Times to be scheduled in advance- as agreed upon by vendor and agency after 5pm. Annual cost is around $4,000 per yr. 1/29/15
4831970490-RH1  1Janitorial Sevices-DNR-Deer Park 1/06/16
4831971490-RH1  1Janitorial Services-DNR-Loomis 1/06/16
4831972490-RH1  1Janitorial Services-DNR-Loomis, Oroville Road 1/06/16
4831983490-SD1  1Janitorial Services 1/29/16
4831984490-SD1  1Janitorial 1/29/16
021825490-SD1  1Building Type: General Office Estimated SQ Ft: 16,265 # of Floors: 2 Approved working hours: Tues. & Thursday 5:30-11:00 unless otherwise approved by agency 12/11/14
821515490-SS121515 0Coaching 2/25/13
1721823490-TR105511 1To remove and dispose of a ~44-foot wood sailboat with a diesel engine, Washington registration # WN 4028 MB; former USCG #240789. Formerly known as Little Tramp, designed by John Alden and built in Whitehaven boatyard, Maryland. 12/04/14
3132110490-TR132110 1The purpose of this project is to demolish and dispose of: 1924, 32 ft. wood/fiberglass sailboat Draft 3 ft. Weight approx. 3000 lbs. 10/12/17
3642165490-TR1 01816 1The purpose of this project is to tow, haul out , demolish and dispose of 2 vessels afloat and moored on Lake Washington. 4/03/18
3642166490-TR101816 1The purpose of this project is to demolish and dispose of a 1962, 44 ft. Chris Craft, Mcque Monk, WN # 4189 JB, USCG # 288661, Name: Schottische IV, Weight approx. 26,000 lbs., approx. 20 gallons of fuel, oil in engines and batteries. 4/03/18
3632021490-TWO05511 1The purpose is to destroy and dispose of four vessels in the Port of Everett’s vessel work yard. 6/16/16
019912495- 98381Noxious mergent pant management addendum 1/27/09
020199495-001PR275664011 Microwave accelerated reaction system MARS - sole source limited purchase authority 9/02/09
021296495-003PR-320 1Two fixed feedlot wands and two livestock data loggers per the attached information. 6/18/12
020186495-004PR27466401Limited Purchase Authority for 1 6.1 Mass Comparator 8/14/09
020352495-004PR282 1Request Limited Purchase Authority for 1 Zeltex ZX101XL Portable Octane Analyzer ISO 9001 12/10/09
018893495-007PR212664318Carter Dockage Tester XT7 w/ Noise Reduction 5/10/07
019002495-009PR21837704Crown II Vet Box Unit Per the Attached Quote. 6/13/07
021255495-026PR317 2Extension of contract K576 with Northwest Harvest/EMM for two years. 5/23/12
019803495-036PR26166501Request for a sole source limited purchase authority for 1 BX45 Olympus Compound Microscope to include a stereoscope and digital camera per attached paperwork. 11/06/08
2921914495-AC1  1Janitorial Services-Department of Agriculture, Othello, WA 923 sq ft, 1 story office bldg. approved work hours: Friday. 1 yr contract beginnign Sept 1, 2015 7/28/15
019890495-J02PR26766401Limited Purchase Authority for 1 lab balance 1/09/09
019755495-P03PR25966401Request for Limited Purchase Authority for a Sole Source Purchase for 1 UPLC System - Lab Equipment. see specs. 10/08/08
020653540-201  12Security guard services for ESD's Tacoma Worksource & District Tax office - $50,000 10/07/10
020558540-540R00288 60Pitney Bowes metering machines w/ business manager system updates - 60 x $2,800 = $168,000 6/30/10
4832001540-AS6  1County-Grant, Contract Life-1 yr, Orginal Start Date-1-Mar-16, Bldg Type-General Office, Estimated Sq Ft_379, (See Seasonal OfficeSchedule_ Monday-Friday 5pm-4pm-4am, unless otherwise specified n service schedule (See Seasonal Office Schedule) 3/11/16
4831987540-ASC  1Janitorial Services ESD Auburn 2/05/16
4831973540-ASC  1Janitorial Services-ESD-Tumwater 1/08/16
4831980540-ASC  1County-Thurston, Monthly Budget Amt.$2,312.50, Contract Life-1 yr., Original Start Date-Mar 1,16, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq. Ft._15,000, # of Floors-1, Approved Working hrs-Mon-Fri 5pm-4am, unless otherwise specified in service schedule 1/15/16
031939540-ASC  1Janitorial Services-ESD East Wenatchee 10/06/15
2921891540-ASC00508 1General Office, 4689 sq ft, one floor Clallam Worksource Pt Angeles WA 98362 $376.70 per month 7/08/15
2932041540-CC1  1ESD County Thurston, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Dec 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft- 33184, Approved Work hrs-Mon-Fri after 6pm 9/21/16
032039540-KK1  1County-King, Contract Life-1yr, Original Start Date-Nov 1, 2016, Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estmated Sq Ft-13500, Approved working hrs-Mon- Fri 5pm-4am unless otherwise specified in service schedule 9/14/16
032031540-KK1  1Agency-ESD, County-King, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-Nov 1, 2016 Bldg Type-Gen Office, Estimated Sq Ft-11690, # of Floors-1, Approved working hrs-Mon thru Fri 5p-4am except window washing which may be during the day 8/31/16
821180540-LM1  1Consulting services between ESD and John Rhodes, Inc of Longmont, CO 3/27/12
821723540-RMA  0Ron Marshall Human Resources Operations Support Division Employment Security Department PO Box 9046 Olympia, WA 98507-9046 2/06/14
821740540-RMA  0Ron Marshall Human Resources Operations Support Division Employment Security Department PO Box 9046 Olympia, WA 98507-9046 2/21/14
821546540-RMA32010 1Work request for executive recruitment under contract 32010. 3/25/13
032027540-SP4  1Agency Name-Employment Security Dept, Agency #-540, County-Yakima, Contract Life-1 yr, Original Start Date-May 15, 2016,Actual Contract-Approx 4 months, Building type-Gen Office, Est Sq Ft-7500, Approved Work Hrs-Mon-Fri 5p-4a 8/10/16
48319985400-AS6  1County-Grant, Contract life-1 yr, Original Start Date-1-Mar-16, Approved working hours-(see Seasonal Office schedule) Monday-Friday 5pm-4am, unless otherwise specified in Service schedule(see seasonal Office schedule) 3/11/16
020513550-001FFE02 1Procurement of trash receptacles 5/19/10
020451550-LI145919 23,500 MTS Model PC582 Omega II Stacking Chairs, 20 Model #017 Chair Dollys 3/22/10
020408550-LI1FFE01 1Delegated Purchase Authority for Architect-Specified Interior Furnishings for the 800 Pike Conversion Project 2/12/10
820989627-CP1bcc1-2011 30Personnel Investigation 8/15/11
019847632-BM2V091188231022 Vehicles, new electric new club car carryall 6, electric w/ ambulance package "per contract AD503" 1 Vehicle, electric 72 volt extended cab truck, miles ZX40ST per attached specs 12/09/08
019458634-00019458PQ343Campus wetlands 3/20/08
020793662-SP1  0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for Olympic College. 3/16/11
220544670-SSC320597 4Vantage EVX1000 extended cab truck - $17,995.00; cab mounted emergency light - $385.00; reverse beeper - $85.00; freight - $800.00 6/09/10
021092675-PAF  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for South Puget Sound Community College 12/21/11
1018647732-00918647PQ184Reducing or Eliminating pedestrian accidents around railroad tracks 2/06/07
313210680459-00132106 1Remove, salvage and dispose of unidentified boat partially aground on Sammamish River Shoreline. No registration number visible. 9/28/17
02094482237-002ER-1 0Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work request for LOTT Clean Water Alliance 6/21/11
02111382276-KE1  1Contract #01507 Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Services Work Request for City of Sammamish. 1/31/12
03193582596-KM1  1Janitorial Services-Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Elma 9/30/15
03203384426-KK1  1County-Pierce, Contract Life-1yr, Bldg Type-General Office, Est Sq Ft-3000 sq ft, Approved working hours-5:30 pm to 6am (M-F), Anytime Sat and Sun 9/07/16
334212784426-KK1  142127 Tacoma Public Utilities/Tacoma Power, County: Pierce, Contract life: 1 yr, Services start date: 2/2/18, Bldg type: General office, Sq ft: 3000, Approved wk hrs: 5:30 pm - 6 am M-F, open on Sat/Sun, Point of Contact: KImberlie Kerner. 11/21/17
02073284847-PO1CO-01 90Assessment of state procurement structure in Colorado 1/21/11
82159484869-LLO30205 1Work request for Strategic Sourcing Services: Total Project NTE 5/29/13
22141884975-JR1  32013 state vehicle contract order per the attached contract price sheets/order form. 11/01/12
292184787011-DT1  1Building Type: General Office, Estimated SQ FT: 10,000, # of Floors: ??, Approved Working Hr.: Mon through Fri 6pm-4am except as noted, 24 hrs on weekends Estimated monthly cost: $800, Estimated yearly cost: $9, 600. 2/24/15
3332065TTN-TTN 32065 132065, City of Spokane, Agency ID:23210, County: Spokane, Contract life: 1 yr., Start date: 4/1/17, Floors: 4, 4 bldgs (Ex Ops, NSLF, Admin, Plant), Approved hours: vary, Contract Admin: Tia Tauscher 2/23/17