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Welcome to TurboWaste.Net  

Welcome to TurboWaste.Net

The TurboWaste.Net application is for Washington State locations that generate, transport or otherwise manage Dangerous/Hazardous waste, and have an active identification number. TurboWaste.Net allows you to file certain Notifications of Dangerous Waste Activity and Dangerous Waste Annual Reports over the internet.

TurboWaste.Net was updated on 12/20/2013

If you just want to get started on your annual report, please click this button on the bottom right side of this screen.

Federal or State Waste Codes Reporting Requirement: If your Site ID Form's Generator Status is reported as either LQG, MQG, or SQG, you must enter your Federal and/or State waste codes in Section 11. This information is now required by the EPA on the Site ID Form.

Read about Changes made to TurboWaste.Net for the 2013 reporting year. These changes went into effect on 12/20/2013.

New to Turbowaste.Net Electronic Reporting?

The TurboWaste.Net Users Guide will help you get started and to use the software.

The 2013 Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting Forms and Line-by-Line Instructions book is scheduled to become available during the week of January 13th, 2014. A link will be provided on this web page. You can also find up-to-date reporting information on the HWTR Program Annual Dangerous Waste Reporting Main Page.

Have questions about electronic reporting? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Link to HWTR Program Annual Dangerous Waste Reporting Main Page

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