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TurboWaste.Net Update Messages
A summary of NEW modifications, improvements, and corrections made to the TurboWaste.Net application. TurboWaste.Net is an internet reporting application for Washington State locations that generate, transport or otherwise manage Dangerous/Hazardous waste.

Changes effective 12/18/2014

Site ID Form:
Changes to Section B.1 Universal Waste Activities, Large Quantity Handler of Universal Wastes: Ecology has revised the way data concerning Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste activities is collected. Generator data that was previously collected is no longer required.
  • The Generated and Accumulated boxes for Thermostats reporting were removed. Thermostats are included with Mercury containing equipment. If your site accumulates Universal Waste Thermostats check the Accumulation box for Mercury containing equipment (including thermostats).
  • The Generated boxes for Batteries, Mercury containing equipment, and Lamps reporting were removed. This information is no longer required by Ecology.
Changes to Section B.11 Description of Dangerous Waste, Federal and State Waste Designation Codes:
  • Waste codes must be entered using the new text boxes provided. The waste codes will be moved automatically to the list of valid codes if they are correct codes for 2014. The new boxes prevent many common mistakes such as entering Federal Codes in the State list, or entering comments or waste descriptions. Incorrect codes will not be moved to the lists and will not be saved. You can delete a code from the list only by deleting it from the checkbox. You will still see one blank text box when you have completed your entries.
  • If your Generator status is XQG and you checked the Special Waste box in Section 10.A.13, then you will need to enter the State Waste Designation Code(s) for you waste in Section 11B for State Waste Designation Codes.

New data Validation Rules were added to help prevent common reporting errors:
  • A new validation rule will cause an Error if for State Waste codes are missing and your site is an XQG and also a Special Waste Generator.
Data Importing:
No changes.

User Accounts:
No changes.

Site Profile:
No changes.

OI Form:
New data Validation Rules were added to help prevent common reporting errors:
  • "NoIDNeeded" will cause an Error if it is used as a RCRA Site ID number on the OI form unless it identifies an off-site TSDR with an out of State address. It can't be used for waste sent to Washington State facilities or waste received from Washington State facilities.
  • Entering an invalid Idaho RCRA Site ID number to report a TSDR waste was sent to, will now cause an Error.
GM Form:
No changes.

WR Form:
No changes.

Submitting your report to Ecology:
No changes.

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