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Web Reporting Project News
08/17/11 Reports Added newly re-designed report: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) List.
03/02/11 Reports Five reports re-designed (Brownfields Inventory, Environmental Covenants Registry, Cleanup Site Details, Confirmed & Suspected Contaminated Sites List, and No Further Action Sites List).
08/03/09 Website Update Fixed the get Excel button to work correctly with Reporting 2008
07/28/09 Website Update Updated the report viewier to Ver 9.0 to fix a printing bug. (View the Printing FAQ)
07/28/09 Website Update Updated Reporting Server to 2008! Reports will now render faster!
08/08/07 Website Update Added video showing a site overview and how to create a report
07/27/07 New Feature In the Confirmed and Suspected List Report Brownfield sites displayed in blue text can now be clicked to link that sites Brownfields Report.
07/26/07 New Feature If the Lat/Long field is displayed in blue they can be clicked to view a map of the site. Check out the CSCS List Report to view this feature.
07/25/07 New Feature Searching by Site Address functionality has now beed added to some reports
07/25/07 Report Completed No Further Action List
07/24/07 Report Completed Confirmed and Suspected Site Lists
07/24/07 New Feature A Check Box labeled "Show all Sites in Washington State" will now appear for various Reports. It is located above the "Search by" list and if checked a report will display all available data for Washington. This feature is not supported by every report and may take a long time.
07/23/07 Report Completed Storage Tank Data Summary
07/20/07 Report Completed Regulated USTs Site List
07/17/07 New Feature Various Reports can now be exported directly into Excel format after you click the "Next" button.
07/13/07 Report Completed Leaking Underground Storage Tanks List
07/06/07 Report Completed Brownfields Inventory
06/28/07 New Feature