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ISIS Web Reporting

Welcome to v1.75 of the ISIS Web Reporting Portal

The Toxics Cleanup Program works to clean up contaminated properties throughout the state. The program uses the Integrated Site Information System (ISIS) to prioritize its work and track progress in cleaning up contaminated sites. The ISIS Web reporting portal provides a selection of standard reports and the ability to quickly and easily retrieve a subset of data for a particular area of interest.

*** March 2011 Updates! ***
Major portions of the ISIS system have been re-developed while others (such as the Underground Storage Tank or ‘UST’ area) still remain to be worked on. Five reports have been re-designed and retrieve data from the 'new ISIS' database. Another report (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks site list) will be re-done soon. Two reports remain to be re-designed as we re-develop the UST system module.

The Report Viewer was updated August 2009.
Printing Tip: If you use the print button at the top right of the report toolbar you will need to reinstall the activeX print controls. Please view the Printing FAQ regarding this change.

Tips for learning to use ISIS Web Reporting: Check out "getting started" under Help or watch a quick video explaining the simple process.

The ISIS web reporting portal made its debut July 2007. Initially, it included a limited selection of reports. Over time, we plan to expand the number of available reports and add new functionality.