Toxics Cleanup Program Web Reporting

The Toxics Cleanup Program (TCP) works to clean up contaminated properties throughout Washington state. Cleanup projects vary greatly in size and complexity. Some are small and routine (for example, cleaning up contamination from Leaking Underground Storage Tanks). Many cleanups are large, complex projects that require engineered solutions. In addition, Ecology regulates more than 9,500 underground storage tanks at more than 3,600 facilities (both private businesses and public entities). We work to ensure that these tanks are installed, managed, and monitored in a manner that prevents releases into the environment.

This "portal" provides a selection of reports and datasets. It is intended to help you quickly and easily retrieve subsets of data for your particular area(s) of interest. The reports draw data from these environmental databases:

  • We use the Integrated Site Information System (ISIS) to help prioritize our work and track cleanup progress. (Cleanup Site address and location data are drawn from Ecology's Facility/Site database.)
  • The Underground Storage Tank (UST) System is a repository of information about facilities that have regulated Underground Storage Tanks on their premises.

The original Web Reporting Portal made its debut in July 2007. It was updated in 2014 to provide a better experience across a wider range of modern web browsers and to accommodate small-screen devices such as smart phones and tablets.