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Mill Creek Mitigation Area-Scotton Way Plaza Project; The applicant is requesting a Critical Area Review for off-site mitigation that is occurring for the Scotton Way Plaza project at Scotton Way and SR 503 (SP:06-04).

ODNS, CLARK , SP:06-04, CAR:03-17
201705580 - POULSBO CITY OF
Issued 10/20/2017

The proponent is applying to convert a 1.6-acre asphalt commercial parking lot into a plant nursery. The nursery will include a new 2,700 square foot metal building, two 1,200 square foot canopies, bulk materials, parking, decommissioning an existing w...

ODNS, KITSAP , P-08-21-17-01
Issued 10/29/2017

Project proposes to install 4 multi-family apartment buildings totaling approximately 265 units.

201705578 - CLARK COUNTY
Issued 10/20/2017

Bee Tree Short Plat; The applicant is requesting Short Plat Approval to subdivide 42.39 acres into two (2) single-family residential lots using the FR-20 zoning standards.

ODNS/NOA, CLARK , PLD2017-00052, SEP2017-00070, GE02017-00024

Maxfield Timber Sale #95963 and Forest Practice Application #2615128 proposal is a variable retention harvest encompassing approximately 149 gross acres with an approximate sale volume of 2,789 MBF. The proposal includes approximately 22,940 feet of pr...

DNS-M, CLALLAM , 17-102001
201705576 - ISLAND COUNTY
Issued 10/20/2017

McNeil Clearing and Grading and 3 lot Planned Residential Development (PRD) and phase timber harvest/clearing and grading to construct access roadway and 3 future single family residence sites.

ODNS, ISLAND , 136/17 PRD-P, 137/17 CGP
201705575 - BELLEVUE CITY OF
Issued 10/19/2017

CKC South Kirkland Park and Ride - Application for Critical Areas Land Use Permit approval to construct an elevator and stair tower with connecting pedestrian bridge to facilitate pedestrian and ADA access from the South Kirkland Park and Ride, to the ...

ODNS, KING , 16-136371-LO
201705574 - PIERCE COUNTY
Issued 10/20/2017

Ross Dock; To construct a single-use L-shaped dock that is 4’ x 18’ with an 8’ x 30’ flag, accessory to a detached single-family residence.

DNS, PIERCE , 869579, 869578, 520446
201705573 - CHELAN COUNTY
Issued 10/19/2017

Modified to change the access to the subject property via a proposed access easement on the adjacent parcel to the south. A 2 lot Short Plat and within the Rural Residential/Resource 5 zoning district. The subject property is 4.81 acres in size, with L...

Issued 10/20/2017

Parks CFP Update; An update to the Parks Comprehensive Plan for the City of Washougal editing language regarding dog parks and off-leash dog areas.

ODNS/NOA, CLARK , PA 17090012, ENV 17090013