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Solid Waste Permit Application - consolidation and solidification of solid and special waste.


Forest Practice Application #2816168 and Bakers Bear Timber Sale #93566 proposal is for an even-aged timber harvest of approximately 6,500 MBF from 293.1 acres. The proposal includes 8,961 feet of road reconstruction. Located in Sections 04, 05 and 0...

Issued 01/19/2018

Darlin Creek Footbridge; 16’ pedestrian footbridge near the headwaters of Darlin Creek. Install an approximate 16 foot long footbridge to span the upper reaches of Darlin Creek Establishment of bridge would allow for public use of a new pedestrian pass...

CONSULT, THURSTON , 2017106980, 17-117314

35th avenue SE: SR524 to 180th St SE Phase II Corridor Improvements (RC1629) - improve corridor safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists; provide continuous and separated pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle lanes; improve vehicle flow; and improve ...


Port Gardner Substation - construction and operation of a new substation including a 0.5 acre easement from the Port of Everett. This project is part of the Snohomish PUD Electric System Capital Program to provide additional electrical capacity to serv...

201800277 - KING COUNTY
Issued 01/19/2018

Cherry Valley Fire Station 67 - to establish a new fire station on a 2.37 acre parcel located in the Rural Area. The fire station will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide enhanced emergency service to the surround rural call response area...

ODNS-M, KING , CDUP17-0004
201800276 - YAKIMA COUNTY
Issued 01/18/2018

Remove a 6,500 SF hop picker building & a 2,600 SF bale building & add a 11,340 SF kiln building & an 18,000 SF bale building in an existing hop facility. Future projects will involve adding a 15,000 SF storage building & an 18,000 gallon LPG tank.

NAT, YAKIMA , SEP2017-00042, CUP2017-00112
201800275 - YAKIMA COUNTY
Issued 01/18/2018

Construct a 12,000 SF Wholesale Trade Warehouse in the Light Industrial zoning district. With 67 hard-surfaced parking spaces. Hours of operation are approx. 8 AM to 5 PM. Operations will take place on Lot 17 of Binding Site Plan SUB2017-00039, parc...

ODNS/NOA, YAKIMA , CUP2017-00129, SEP2017-00045
201800274 - YAKIMA CITY OF
Issued 01/18/2018

Operate a Mission in the Light Industrial (M-1) zoning district.

ODNS, YAKIMA , CL2#027-17, SEPA#037-17, REF#002-17
201800273 - CHELAN CITY OF
Issued 01/18/2018

Renovation/rehabilitation and repair, upgrades to the City waterline, as well as modifications to the roadway configuration from two lanes to only one lane of vehicle traffic with increased sidewalk widths and a bike lane. Crossing the Chelan River.