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201900806 - Chehalis City of
Issued 02/12/2019

Reoccupy an existing non-conforming residence as a single-family residence.

DNS, LEWIS , CU-19-001
201900805 - Thurston County
Issued 02/15/2019

PRRD Plat of Wellington Woods; 6-Lot Plat of 30.97 acres into 5 lots of 2.0 acres or larger and resource lot of 20.14 acres with a single family residence through the Planned Rural Residential design guidelines.

CONSULT, THURSTON , 2018106971, 18-117051 ZJ, 18-117053 XA
201900804 - Lakewood City of
Issued 02/14/2019

Nyanza Water Reservoir and Booster Pump Station; Lakewood Water District (LWD) is proposing to replace and relocate their existing water reservoir and booster pump station (BPS) to an abutting lot. The new reservoir is proposed to hold 2 million gallon...

ODNS/NOA, PIERCE , LU1900026, CUP LU1900026, LU1900027

Lower Satsop Floodplain Restoration; The project sponsor has two objectives in completing this project: Restore degraded habitat on WDFW ownership in the Chehalis Wildlife Area; and conduct research on amphibian response to habitat changes. Habitat res...

201900802 - Vancouver City of
Issued 02/14/2019

Sunset Terrace Subdivision; A Tier 1 11-lot single-family subdivision on a 2.06 acre parcel. The site carries a zoning designation of R-6. Approximately 40% or less of the site will be covered with impervious surfaces at build out, consisting of street...

ODNS, CLARK , PRJ-159602, LUP-71524
201900801 - Mason County
Issued 02/14/2019

Warden Bulkhead and Overwater Structures; Repair existing pier, ramp, float and bulkhead. Addition of two new concrete bulkhead sections to either end of existing concrete block bulkhead. Bulkhead located above OHWM.

DNS, MASON , SEP2018-00100
201900800 - Mason County
Issued 02/14/2019

Zink 2-acre Development Moratorium Waiver; This SEPA is associated with an application for a two-acre residential waiver from a six-year development moratorium resulting from FPA 2419142. The two-acre portion of this 5.57-acre parcel to be developed ha...

DNS-M, MASON , SEP2018-00009, SEPA 18-09
201900799 - Snohomish County
Issued 02/20/2019

Ash Way SFDU - 30 Single Family Detached Unit (SFDU) development Mitigation fees are to be paid in accordance with Chapters 30.66A, B, and C, SCC, for project impacts to community parks, nearby road system traffic and to the Mukilteo School District ...

DNS, SNOHOMISH , 18 117862 SPA
201900798 - Gig Harbor City of
Issued 02/14/2019

Pink Elephant Car Wash; The proposal includes a 3,385, square foot drive-through car wash facility and associated uses. A pay station canopy will be built along the east property line, 3 vacuum stations along the north side of the building and 4 employ...

DNS, PIERCE , PL-SPR-18-0004, PL-DR-18-0085, PL-SEPA-18-0005
201900797 - Covington City of
Issued 02/15/2019

Alpine Glen - The developer is proposing to subdivide 5.84 acres into 28 single family residential lots. The site will have access from SE 272nd Street and extend access from SE 270th Street. Transportation Concurrency was granted pursuant to the Sett...

DNS, KING , LU18-0020/0040 and LU18-0022/0040