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201702731 - TIETON CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Construct a 100,000 square foot addition to the existing packing line building, a 30,000 square foot cold storage addition, new truck routing access road, and 42 new parking spaces, and place the excess soil from the site on their parcel located north...

201702730 - KITSAP COUNTY
Issued 05/25/2017

Settler's Field - Preliminary Plat Amendment Minor; The applicant has submitted a plat amendment – minor to change the interior roads from public to private roads and reduce the number of onstreet parking from 45 to 33 spaces. The proposal covers 14.05...

ODNS/NOA, KITSAP , 17 02002

SR 105, North Cove Vicinity – Washaway Beach Erosion Protection Project; Combination of existing revetment repair, new shoreline revetments, and porous debris berms to stabilize and protect the existing roadway and to minimize debris deposition onto th...

201702728 - BOTHELL CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Westerford Subdivision - The applicant is seeking preliminary approval to subdivide two parcels equaling 4.97 acres into 8 single family residential home lots. The two lots are divided by an un-opened 60 ft. public right of way which will be opened and...

ODNS-M, SNOHOMISH , 201701476

SR 9/176th St SE Vic to SR 96 Vic Widening - The Project would wide 3.25 miles of SR 9 from a three-lane road to a four-lane divided highway from 176th St SE to north of SR 96/Broadway Ave. The project will add an additional northbound lane to SR 9, im...

201702726 - SEATTLE CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Land Use Application to allow a 6-story structure containing 75 small efficiency dwelling units and three live work units. No proposed parking. Existing structures to be demolished.

ODNS, KING , 3023077
Issued 05/23/2017

Gray Lynn Acres: divide ~ 41.22 acres into 4 parcels; three parcels of ~ 5-acres each, one parcel of 26 acres; construct ~ 30 lf of 22-ft wide road. Slopes, excavation of ~1,800 sy, water for dust control, Yellowhawk Creek. Walla Walla River, fl...

ODNS/NOA, WALLA WALLA , SEPA17-011; SUB17-004, CAP17-005, B17-0123
201702724 - KENT CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

LAKE FENWICK BRAZILIAN ELODEA CONTROL - re-stock 300 sterile, herbaceous grass carp in Lake Fenwick in order to continue efforts to eradicate Brazilian Elodea, an invasive non-native aquatic plant, from the lake. This plant has out-competed nearly all ...

ODNS, KING , ENV-2017-14 / KIVA #RPSW-2171321
Issued 05/23/2017

Daybreak Estates Subdivision: cluster plat to create 9 cluster lots to be sold to developers for future construction; also, one large ~ 352-acre resource lot; construct ~ 1,100 lf service road; underground utilities, roadside ditches/swales, private ...

201702722 - KING COUNTY
Issued 05/25/2017

Elbert Shoreline Variance - Proposal is to replace failing rock bulkhead with conditioned rock and imported material.

ODNS, KING , SHOR16-0030