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201702746 - KENMORE CITY OF
Issued 05/24/2017

Proposal to relocate two (2) existing jet ski lifts and install one (1) new fully-grated seaplane lift on an existing single-family dock on Lake Washington. The seaplane is for private residential use and recreational enjoyment. As such, the use is c...

ODNS/NOA, KING , SSDP17-0073, SEPA17-0074

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission proposes to issue Special Activity Permits for organized beach events and activities along the Seashore Conservation Area (SCA) in the North Beach Area; these activities include: beach volley ball, soc...

Issued 05/24/2017

A proposed subdivision of approximately 32,800 square feet of property into an 8 lots subdivision utilizing a separate tract for a common area. Water and Sewer provided the City of Carnation.

201702743 - RENTON CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Renton Dental Arts - The applicant is requesting Administrative Site Plan approval, Environmental (SEPA) Review, and a Parking Modification for the construction of a new 7,796 square foot building proposed to house a dental office. The project site tot...

201702742 - BELLEVUE CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Eastgate Plaza Improvements - Application for a Clearing and Grading permit and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review to resurface an existing parking lot with an asphalt overlay. The clearing and grading activity will include approximately 77,2...

ODNS, KING , 17-102673-GD
201702741 - BELLEVUE CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Gomez Short Plat - Approval of a Preliminary Short Plat to subdivide an existing 27,316 square foot lot (0.63 acre) into 2 single-family lots and an access tract located in the R-3.5 land use district.

ODNS, KING , 15-125029-LN
201702740 - BELLEVUE CITY OF
Issued 05/25/2017

Application for Shoreline Substantial Development and Critical Areas Land Use Permit approvals to remove an existing residential pier and to construct a new 528 square-foot residential pier. The proposal also includes a shoreline planting plan and...

ODNS/NOA, KING , 17-108514-LO & 17-108515-

A non project action for the Renton School District No. 403 2017 Capitol Facilities Plan.

201702738 - WHATCOM COUNTY
Issued 05/24/2017

Applicant has proposed to construct two shell only buildings with a size of 6400 square feet each. The proposed structures will be construct on two adjacent lots and are intended to be used for retail and office type uses. Will include 36 parking space...

DNS-M, WHATCOM , SEP2017-00060
201702737 - WHATCOM COUNTY
Issued 05/26/2017

Replacement of failing culvert, sink hole and compromised driving surface with a larger, fish-passable squash culvert.

DNS, WHATCOM , SEP2017-00059