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The City of University Place is proposing the Regional Growth Center Subarea Plan to provide a vision and framework for managing growth and promoting economic development consistent with the University Place Comprehensive Plan and Puget Sound Regional ...


Forest Practice Application #2615102 is an even-aged, salvage harvest of approximately 52 acres using shovel, tracked skidder logging methods to harvest approximately 780 MBF of timber. The proposal includes 2,100 feet of road construction.

DNS, CLALLAM , 17-092201
201705028 - SPOKANE COUNTY
Issued 09/22/2017

Lanzce G Douglas, LLC - Hilby Phase: construct four-story, 64-unit apartment complex on ~ 2.7 acres; includes 146 car parks/garages w/ADA and electric charging; clubhouse w/appropriate amenities.

201705027 - SPOKANE COUNTY
Issued 09/21/2017

Dental Offices: Construct ~ 12,200 sf bldg with two ~ 4,100 sf tenant spaces/one ~1,200 sf tenant space; shared employee area, associated parking, landscaping, utilities on ~93,353 sf lot. Slopes, ~5,000 cy grading/cut/fill, water for dust control

ODNS, SPOKANE , B1702400
201705026 - GRANT COUNTY
Issued 09/21/2017

Wahluke Heights Orchard Irrigation Pond: construct new lined pond to replace existing pond and overflow.

ODNS, GRANT , P17-0336
201705025 - SPOKANE CITY OF
Issued 09/20/2017

Rock Hollow Office Building: Construct an ~ 8,000 sf office complex on 1.13 acres. Steep slopes, ~4,000 cy excavated material, water for dust

201705024 - STEVENS COUNTY
Issued 09/22/2017

Fortress Storage of Chewelah Expansion: construct 6,900 sf self-storage structure in existing self-storage complex on 3 acres. Chewelah Creek

ODNS/NOA, STEVENS , SA 2017-0309; SEPA 2017-006
201705023 - FIFE CITY OF
Issued 09/22/2017

70th/20th Grocery Development Agreement; A 2 lot short plat and construction of a new approximate 14,200 sq. ft. grocery store and approximate 55,500 sq. ft. warehouse building on 3.9 acre undeveloped lot. A 6,000 sq ft storage area may be added at a l...

CONSULT, PIERCE , DVA17-0001, SEP17-0003, PLT17-0002

Anderson Bank Stabilization: stabilize ~ 100 lf of shoreline to prevent erosion; create slope by placing 6-8' rock at toe to build up and out; fill added on top of rock, landscape with native plants. Steep Slopes, Pend Oreille River, floodplains

201705021 - COWLITZ COUNTY
Issued 09/21/2017

Pacific Ave Bridge Replacement; The applicant proposes to replace the existing half-bridge above the Rocky Point Tunnel and the BNSF railroad tracks. Minor widening and realignment of the bridge approaches to the northwest and southeast of the bridge a...

DNS, COWLITZ , 16-09-4309