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201804580 - PUYALLUP CITY OF
Issued 08/20/2018

Proposal is related to a new church on a 5.6 acre site. Church will be appx. 47,800 square feet at full build out. Phase I will be appx. 33,000 square feet. Site will include new road improvements, storm water management, off-street parking, utilities ...

ODNS/NOA, PIERCE , P-18-0112
201804579 - PIERCE COUNTY
Issued 08/20/2018

Bonney Lake 26; Formal subdivision of a 31.62-acre site into 154 lots, with a density of 5.87 dwelling units per acre (154 lots/26.23 net acres) and an average lot size of 5,574 sq. ft., and 8 tracts, to be served by Tacoma Water and Pierce County sani...

DNS, ADDENDUM, PIERCE , 851399, 851397, 851398, 851403, 851404, 862250, 874835, 892867, 503247
201804578 - CLARK COUNTY
Issued 08/20/2018

Lockwood Creek Short Plat; The applicant is requesting Short Plat Approval to subdivide 20 acres into two (2) 10-acre single-family residential lots using the R-10 zoning dimensional standards.

ODNS/NOA, CLARK , PLD2018-00020, SEP2018-00029, GEO2018-00014, SHL2018-00014, WET2018-00041
201804576 - KING COUNTY
Issued 08/20/2018

Petit Short Plat 352106-9018 - Grading (approximately 77,000 cu yards) to create building pads for future homes, accessory structures (i.e. shop, barn). Approximately 11.24 acres of 26.77 acre site, zoned RA-10 proposed to be disturbed.

ODNS, KING , GRDE18-0015
201804575 - SEATTLE CITY OF
Issued 08/20/2018

Land Use Application to allow 3, 3story townhouse buildings (6 units total). Parking for 6 vehicles proposed.

ODNS/NOA, KING , 3029425-LU
201804574 - MASON COUNTY
Issued 08/17/2018

Bolander Dock; Repair existing dock and add an attached float for a "T" shaped dock. Total length beyond the OHWM is 24'.

DNS, MASON , SEP2018-00072, SHX2018-00051

Bagel Timber Sale #96936 and Forest Practice Application #2935007 is a variable retention harvest with 113 acres in two units. The proposal includes 994 feet of road construction, 220 feet of road abandonment, and 30,850 feet of pre-haul maintenance.

DNS-M, COWLITZ , 18-081701
201804572 - TACOMA CITY OF
Issued 08/17/2018

Conditional Use Modification Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network; The applicant requests a Major modification of Conditional Use Permit SUP2002-00006 to construct a 30ft communication tower extension with associated antennas and ground equipment for P...

ODNS/NOA, PIERCE , LU18-0208, SUP2002-00006
201804571 - PIERCE COUNTY
Issued 08/17/2018

Wollochet Harbor Club; The applicant proposes to repair a privately-owned boat ramp by replacing washed away substrate and installing new pre-cast concrete panels to retain the installed materials.

DNS, PIERCE , 889094, 889092, 528295
201804570 - PIERCE COUNTY
Issued 08/17/2018

DDH Holdings, LLC Single Family Residence (SFR) Accessory; Accessory to an existing single-family residence, located on Horsehead Bay, the following is proposed: 1. Construct a 154-foot long by 8-foot wide (150 feet over water) single-use dock 2. Ret...

DNS, PIERCE , 888276, 888277