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Lake Whatcom Watershed Cooperative Drinking Water Protection Project: Results of 1998 Water, Sediment and Fish Tissue Sampling

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99-337September 1999
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Author(s) Serdar, D., D. Davis, and J. Hirsch
Description The Washington State Department of Ecology conducted a screening-level survey of contaminants in the Lake Whatcom and Whatcom Creek watersheds during 1998. Sampling included water collected from six streams or storm drains during spring and fall rainstorms; sediments from the same six stream/storm drain sites as well as from three sites in Lake Whatcom; and tissues from several species of fish found in Lake Whatcom and Whatcom Creek. Sites were assessed for a variety of contaminants including fecal coliform bacteria, nutrients, metals, total petroleum hydrocarbons, semivolatile organics (PAHs, phthalates, phenols), pesticides, and PCBs.
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Keywords Whatcom, county, drinking water, tissue, toxics, results, creek, toxics monitoring, sampling, rule, contaminant, fish, urban, basin, water, sediment, toxic, watershed, zinc, Puget Sound, mercury, pH, lake, grant
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