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Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic Contaminants in Pelagic Marine Fish Species from Puget Sound

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11-10-003March 2011
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Author(s) Jim West, Jennifer Lanksbury, Sandra O'Neill, and Anne Marshall
Description This project is one of three that studied three guilds of pelagic marine species in Puget Sound. This study assessed selected persistent bioaccumulative toxic contaminants in mid-trophic-level pelagic fish in the Sound. The overall purpose of these projects included identifying contaminants of concern in Puget Sound biota, assessing where and how such contaminants enter the food chain, learning about the processes that transport toxic chemicals to the Sound, and improving our understanding of the pathways and fate of contaminants once they are in the marine food web of the Sound.
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Keywords biota, contaminant, fish, toxic, Puget Sound, marine, bioaccumulative
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