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Issue Up Close: Facing the challenge of Climate Change

Publication number Date Published Date Revised
07-01-023April 2007July 2007
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Author(s) Blanche Sobottke
Description Washington's climate is changing. We're already seeing the effects:

*Average temperatures have increased,
*Glaciers are melting away, and
*Snow pack in the mountains has decreased.

This brochure describes the challenges of climate change and what Washington is doing about it.
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Keywords snow pack, climate change
WEB PAGE Climate Change

Chapter 1 - Leading the Way on Climate Change: Introduction and Recommendations (INTERIM REPORT)

Chapter 2 - Leading the Way on Climate Change: A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Washington State(INTERIM REPORT)

Chapter 3 - Leading the Way on Climate Change: Recommendations of the Preparation and Adaptation Working Groups (INTERIM REPORT)

Chapter 4 - Leading the Way on Climate Change: Regional, State and Local Actions (INTERIM REPORT)

Chapter 5 - Leading the Way on Climate Change: Addenda (INTERIM REPORT)