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Final Cost-Benefit And Least Burdensome Alternative Analysis For WAC 173-160—Minimum Standards For Construction And Maintenance Of Wells & WAC 173-162–Rules And Regulations Governing The Regulation And Licensing Of Well Contractors And Operators

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06-11-041November 2006
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Author(s) Richard Szymarek
Description The rule amendments revise two existing regulations pertaining to well construction standards and professional licensing of well drillers.

• The standards for well construction (Chapter 173-160 WAC) identify specific construction requirements that all wells must meet in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare as well as to protect the ground water resource. The changes to the standards for well construction and driller licensing are required by legislative mandate (Chapter 18.104 RCW). The proposed rule changes maintain consistency with the drilling statute and bring the rule up to a level which is current given changes in drilling industry and technology advances. Most amendments to the rules were driven by driller request and the need to clarify the existing rules.

• The licensing rule (Chapter 173-162 WAC) provides for the administration of the licensing of Washington State well drillers. Ecology is proposing to increase licensing fees from $20.00 every two years to $75.00 every two years. Changes to the “standards for well construction" involve changes to the definition section; expansion of some of the technical areas; statutory changes in drilling fees; and improvement to the organization of certain sections. With the exception of licensing fees, changes to the licensing regulations are all required by statute.
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