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Henderson Inlet Watershed Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load Study

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06-03-012March 2006
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Author(s) Sargeant, D., B. Carey, M. Roberts, and S. Brock
Description This report takes a comprehensive look at water quality issues for the Henderson Inlet watershed. The study found widespread fecal coliform bacterial contamination, which threatens shellfish harvesting. Total maximum daily load allocations are established, and recommended clean-up actions are prioritized.

The study also addresses water quality impairments due to temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH. The report quantifies the geographic and temporal extent of low dissolved oxygen levels in Henderson Inlet and recommends several actions for improvement. Temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH problems in the streams were partially due to natural conditions but could be improved by the identified recommendations.
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Keywords bacteria, creek, dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, model, river, temperature, Total Maximum Daily Load, waste, water, watershed, Henderson Inlet
WATERSHED Water Resource Inventory Area 13 Deschutes
DATA Environmental Information Management (EIM) #DSAR2

Environmental Information Management (EIM) #BZAL0001

Environmental Information Management (EIM) #BCAR0002


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