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Litter and it Will Hurt Campaign Marketing Plan Materials

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01-07-043August 2001November 2001
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Author(s) Warfield, Megan
Description Litter hurts. Every year in Washington State, over 16 million pounds of ?stuff? are tossed and
blown onto interstate, state and county roads alone. The Department of Ecology (DOE) spends over $4 million dollars to pick up just a fourth of it. It creates an eyesore for motorists, harms wildlife and their habitats, and is a potential hazard for motorists who may be struck by anything from a lit cigarette to an empty bottle of beer, even a jar of ?trucker?s pee.? Many of us (about 25%) would never consider littering. Some of us (about 25%) litter most of the time. Almost half of us litter occasionally, but can be persuaded not to.
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