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Wells (28 publications 1983-2018)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: Department of Ecology's Well Report Internet Site 03-11-012May 2018
Focus on: Continuing Education for Licensed Well Operators WR-98-153January 2018
A Guide to Washington's Well Operator License Program 98-1809-WRJanuary 2018
Well Operator License Written Exam Study Guide 18-11-001January 2018
Focus on: Well Tagging Requirements 98-1805-WRJune 2017
Important Information for Private Well Owners 06-11-021April 2016
Frequently Asked Questions: Dewatering Wells 09-11-009May 2015
Homeowner's Guide to Well Construction swr96-90April 2015
FAQ: Renewing A Washington State Well Operator's License 99-18-19April 2015
Focus on: Complying with Washington Well Drilling Regulations 03-11-010January 2015
Focus on Water Well Data Collection: How to properly collect & document water level data from your well 14-11-004August 2014
FAQ: On-Site Testing for Licensed Well Operators 98-1808-WRApril 2014
Focus on: The Ground Water Permit Exemption F-WR-92-104November 2013
Response to Comments: Proposed Changes for Hanford’s Permit for the 183-H Solar Evaporation Basins, February 19 – April 19, 2013 13-05-011June 2013
Abandoned Wells Problems and Solutions 96-br-097July 2011
Request for Variance: Problems and Solutions 96-br-107July 2010
Surface Seals - Problems and Solutions 96-br-099July 2010
Well Caps: Problems and Solutions 96-br-098July 2010
Frequently Asked Questions: Resource Protection Wells 09-11-011April 2009
Frequently Asked Questions: Ground source heat pump boring 09-11-010April 2009
Concise Explanatory Statement and Responsiveness Summary for the Adoption of Amendments to Chapter 173-160 WAC, Minimum Standards for the Construction and Maintenance of Wells 08-11-055December 2008
Final Evaluation of Probable Benefits and Costs Amendment of Chapter 173-160 WAC: Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells 08-11-052December 2008
Rule Adoption Notice: Chapter 173-160, Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells 08-11-051December 2008
Rule Proposal Notice: Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells, Chapter 173-160 WAC 08-11-036August 2008
Frequently Asked Questions about: Well Drilling Fees 98-1807-WRApril 2008
FAQ: Replacement Wells Requiring a Water Right 04-11-014February 2006
Brochure: Seawater Intrusion in Washington 02-11-018December 2002
Buck Mountain DNR Mineral Well. 83-e34August 1983