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Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
South Park Marina Cleanup Site 18-09-160December 2018
Địa Điểm Làm Sạch Bến Thuyền South Park Marina 18-09-159VIDecember 2018
Limpieza Ambiental del Sitio South Park Marina 18-09-158ESDecember 2018
South Park Marina Cleanup Site 18-09-157December 2018
Chevron Bulk Plant Camas Fact Sheet 18-09-122December 2018
Today’s Family Dentistry Fact Sheet 18-09-110December 2018
Construction Update: Soil Replacement in Yards on Vashon-Maury Island 18-09-104December 2018
Tacoma Smelter Plume Annual Report 2018 18-09-101December 2018
Camp Bonneville Western Slopes Area 18-09-069December 2018
Focus on Voluntary Cleanup Program 18-09-053December 2018
Grandview Market Petrosun 1070 18-09-012December 2018
Quality Assurance Project Plan Addendum: Statewide Survey of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances in Washington State Rivers and Lakes 18-03-117December 2018
2019 Bellingham Bay Cleanup Update Fact Sheet 18-09-176November 2018
Bellingham Bay Cleanup 2019-2021 Biennium Update Info Sheet 18-09-175November 2018
Port of Longview TPH Public Participation Plan 18-09-125November 2018
Port of Longview TPH Fact Sheet 18-09-124November 2018
Cleanup Settlement Account Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report 18-09-102November 2018
Model Toxics Control Accounts: Ten-Year Financing Report 2018 18-09-052November 2018
Implementation Memorandum No. 21: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Vapor Intrusion (VI) and Ecology's 2009 Draft VI Guidance 18-09-046November 2018
Underground Storage Tank Regulations and Statute 12-09-242November 2018
Focus on : Temporary Closure of USTs 18-09-208October 2018
Healthy Housing Remediation: 2018 Results and Recommendations 18-09-205October 2018
South State Street MGP Public Participation Plan 18-09-174October 2018
TC Systems Inc. 18-09-067October 2018
Gold Knob Prospects 18-09-011October 2018
Focus on: Alternatives to PFAS in Food Packaging 18-04-034October 2018
Focus on Preparing for an UST Inspection (revised October 2018) 10-09-047October 2018
Toxics Cleanup Program Implementation Memo No. 2: Applicability of WAC 173-340-706 93-09-003September 2018
South State Street MGP Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Fact Sheet 18-09-173September 2018
Circle K 1461 Draft RI/FS, Draft Cleanup Action Plan, SEPA Checklist, and DNS Fact Sheet 18-09-172September 2018
Henry Bacon Building Materials 18-09-066September 2018
Pasco Landfill Cleanup: Cleanup option studies available for public review 18-09-023MLSeptember 2018
Big B Mini Mart 18-09-008September 2018
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Prevalence and Persistence of Cyanotoxins in Lakes of the Puget Sound Basin 18-03-115September 2018
PBT Trends in Lake Sediment Cores: 2016 Results 18-03-029September 2018
Cornwall Avenue Landfill EDR Comment Response Summary 18-09-171August 2018
L&C Deli Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 18-09-121August 2018
Tacoma Coal Gas Public Participation Plan 18-09-120August 2018
Tacoma Coal Gas Plant Fact Sheet 18-09-119August 2018
Scott Paper Mill 18-09-064August 2018
Winger Land/Golden Homes 18-09-061August 2018
Yakima City Fire Department Proposed removal from the HSL 18-09-010August 2018
Addendum 1 to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Columbia River Basin Local Source Control Monitoring for Toxics: Phase I Screening Study 18-03-116August 2018
What Happens during Soil Removal 14-09-149August 2018
Homeowners Guide to Yard Cleanup inside of the EPA Study Area 14-09-148August 2018
Tacoma Smelter Plume: Homeowners Guide to Yard Cleanup (Tacoma Area) 14-09-147August 2018
Areas Excluded from Soil Cleanup 14-09-144August 2018
Lawn and Plant Care After Soil Cleanup 14-09-143August 2018
Texaco Strickland 同意令 18-09-182ZHJuly 2018
Orden Acordada Texaco Strickland 18-09-182ESJuly 2018
Texaco Strickland Agreed Order 18-09-182July 2018
: Noticias acerca de la limpieza de la Fundidora de Everett para el 2018 18-09-139ESJuly 2018
Implementation Plan: Chapters 173-360 and 173-360A WAC, Underground Storage Tank Regulations 18-09-060July 2018
Concise Explanatory Statement: Chapter 173-360 WAC and Chapter 173-360A WAC, Underground Storage Tank Regulations (Summary of Rulemaking and Response to Comments) 18-09-059July 2018
Final Regulatory Analyses: Chapter 173-360 WAC and Chapter 173-360A WAC, Underground Storage Tank Regulations 18-09-058July 2018
Focus on: Rule Adoption and Repeal Notice 18-09-057KOJuly 2018
Focus on: Rule Adoption and Repeal Notice 18-09-057July 2018
Marshall Landfill Cleanup: Draft contamination and cleanup option reports available for public review and comment 18-09-025July 2018
Warden City Water Supply Wells 4 & 5 cleanup site information 18-09-024ESJuly 2018
Warden City Water Supply Wells 4 & 5: Draft contamination and cleanup options study available for public review and comment 18-09-024July 2018
Interestatal 82 Salida 33ª Vertedero de la Ciudad de Yakima 18-09-009ESJuly 2018
Interstate 82 Exit 33A Yakima City Landfill Agreed Order 18-09-009July 2018
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Product Testing Program Version 1.0 — Product Testing Follow-up Study 2018-2019 18-03-113July 2018
Yakima Railroad Area PCE Contamination: Groundwater Quality Performance Monitoring Data Summary 2017 18-03-027July 2018
Model Toxics Control Accounts Biennial Report of Expenditures: 2015–2017 Biennium 17-09-055July 2018
Comment Period DNR Webster Nursery Cleanup Site 16-09-104July 2018
RG Haley AO, CAP, PPP, SEPA Comment Response Summary 18-09-170June 2018
Georgia Pacific West Chlor-Alkali Area FS Comment Response Summary 18-09-169June 2018
Cascade Autovon Cleanup Site 18-09-156June 2018
BNSF Skykomish Cleanup Site 18-09-155June 2018
Everett Smelter Cleanup Site 18-09-139June 2018
Dodge of Bellevue 18-09-062June 2018
BNSF Railway Black Tank Property Cleanup 18-09-022June 2018
Lower Duwamish Waterway Source Control Status Report January 2014 through December 2016 17-09-266June 2018
Preliminary Re-Evaluation of Discharges from Washington’s Water Treatment Plants 18-10-014May 2018
Chevron 90619 Cleanup Site 18-09-154May 2018
Blaine Marina Inc. Cleanup Site 18-09-153May 2018
South Puget Sound Regional Background: Final Data Evaluation and Summary Report 18-09-117May 2018
South Puget Sound Regional Background Study Fact Sheet 18-09-116May 2018
Walla Walla Farmers Co-op Cleanup Complete: Ecology proposes to remove the site from the Hazardous Sites List 18-09-021May 2018
Michael Irrigation Agreed Order 18-09-007May 2018
Arsenic & Lead Dirt Alert: Selling or Buying Land or a Home in the Upper Columbia River Valley? 16-09-024May 2018
Bothell Paint & Decorating Agreed Order and Environmental Documents 18-09-191April 2018
Bothell Former Hertz Agreed Order and Environmental Documents 18-09-190April 2018
Bothell Landing Agreed Order and Environmental Documents Available for Public Review 18-09-189April 2018
Periodo de Comentario Público sobre el Decreto de Consentimiento de CHS Auburn y los Documentos Ambientales 18-09-188ESApril 2018
CHS Auburn Consent Decree and Environmental Documents Public Comment Period 18-09-188April 2018
2018 Bellingham Bay Cleanup Update Info Sheet 18-09-168April 2018
Maury Island Open Space Cleanup Site 18-09-152April 2018
Grand 街公域清理整治工作和建造公寓 18-09-137ZHApril 2018
Làm Sạch Và Tái Xây Dựng Grand Street Commons 18-09-137VIApril 2018
Grand Street Commons Cleanup and Redevelopment 18-09-137April 2018
Stutz Oil Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 18-09-118April 2018
Yard Program Construction 2018 18-09-100April 2018
Chevron Station 98944 Agreed Order 18-09-006April 2018
Chevron 97348 Agreed Order 18-09-005April 2018
POSTER: Copper in Puget Sound Marinas: the role of antifouling paint 18-03-016April 2018
Toxics Cleanup Program Policy 540A: Enforcement Orders 16-09-070April 2018
Toxics Cleanup Program Policy 530A: Agreed Orders 16-09-069April 2018
Toxics Cleanup Program Policy 520A: Consent Decrees 16-09-067April 2018
Draft Guidance for Evaluating Soil Vapor Intrusion in Washington State: Investigation and Remedial Action 09-09-047April 2018
Georgia Pacific West Chlor-Alkali Area Feasibility Study Fact Sheet 18-09-167March 2018
Walkthrough Inspection Checklist for Double-wall Spill Buckets and Double-wall Containment Sumps 18-09-044March 2018
Washington Central Railroad Roundhouse 18-09-004ESMarch 2018
Washington Central Railroad Roundhouse 18-09-004March 2018
Medic 1 Facility 18-09-002ESMarch 2018
Medic 1 Facility 18-09-002March 2018
Wenatchee River PCB Source Assessment, 2016 and 2017 18-03-010March 2018
Removing Schlueter Property from the Hazardous Sites List 18-09-187February 2018
Plan de Acción Provisional, Ley Estatal de Política Ambiental, y Determinación de Impacto Insignificante de American Linen Supply Co Dexter Ave 18-09-180ESFebruary 2018
American Linen Supply Co Dexter Ave Interim Action Work Plan and State Environmental Policy Act Checklist and Determination of Non-Significance 18-09-180February 2018
2018 Bellingham Bay Cleanup Update 18-09-166February 2018
Shelton Harbor Cleanup Factsheet 18-09-082February 2018
East Bay Redevelopment Cleanup Factsheet 18-09-081February 2018
석유지하 탱크 법 - 개정공고- 한국어 번역 18-09-055KOFebruary 2018
Lavanderia de Southgate 18-09-003ESFebruary 2018
Southgate Laundry 18-09-003February 2018
Almacen de Combustible de Coleman en Yakima 18-09-001ESFebruary 2018
Coleman Oil Yakima Bulk Plant 18-09-001February 2018
Environmental Effects-Based Concentrations for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH): Toxicity in Marine Water and Freshwater 18-03-002February 2018
Remoción del Truck City Truck Stop de la lista de sitios peligrosos 18-09-181ESJanuary 2018
Removing Truck City Truck Stop from the Hazardous Sites List 18-09-181January 2018
Preliminary Regulatory Analyses for Chapters 173-360 WAC and 173-360A, Underground Storage Tank Regulations 18-09-056January 2018
UST Rule – Rule Proposal Notice 18-09-055January 2018
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Voluntary Cleanup Program and Petroleum Technical Assistance Program 18-09-050January 2018
Redevelopment Opportunity Zones & Brownfield Redevelopment Trust Fund Accounts in Washington State: 2013–2017 18-09-048January 2018
UST Walkthrough Inspection Checklist 18-09-043January 2018
Copper, Zinc, and Lead Concentrations at Five Puget Sound Marinas 18-03-001January 2018
Implementation Memorandum No. 18: Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (VI): Updated Screening Levels, Cleanup Levels, and Assessing PVI Threats to Future Buildings 17-09-043January 2018