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Soil Contamination (48 publications 2008-2020)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Cleaning Center of Redmond Delisting 20-09-180MLJuly 2020
Unocal Edmonds Bulk Fuel Terminal 0178 Questions and Answer Sheet 20-09-152July 2020
Unocal Bulk Plant 0885 20-09-092July 2020
Kens Auto Wash II Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 20-09-007July 2020
Chevron 97502 Agreed Order and Public Participation Plan Fact Sheet 20-09-163June 2020
South State Street Manufactured Gas Plant Cleanup Action Plan and SEPA Determination Fact Sheet 20-09-162June 2020
Union Pacific Railroad Company 20-09-117June 2020
Unocal Bulk Plant 0853 Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 20-09-005June 2020
Gold Knob Prospects a.k.a. Saddle Rock Park 20-09-003June 2020
Riffe Lake/Kosmos Flats 20-09-118May 2020
Construction Alert: Tacoma 20-09-101March 2020
New City Cleaners: Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study Fact Sheet 20-09-002March 2020
Warden City Water Supply Wells 4 & 5 Cleanup Site: Public invited to comment on draft Cleanup Action Plan, legal agreement, and State Environmental Policy Act documents 20-09-021MLFebruary 2020
Construction Alert: Tacoma 20-09-100January 2020
Glacier Park Budget Fuel East Agreed Order Fact Sheet 20-09-001January 2020
Bay Wood Products 19-09-068December 2019
Interstate 82 Salida 33A Yakima City Landfill: Plan de Acción Provisional 19-09-006ESDecember 2019
Interstate 82 Exit 33A Yakima City Landfill Interim Action Work Plan Fact Sheet 19-09-006December 2019
Implementation Memorandum No. 22: Vapor Intrusion (VI) Investigations and Short-Term Trichloroethene (TCE) Toxicity 18-09-047October 2019
Public Comment Period: Pasco Landfill Cleanup 19-09-024MLSeptember 2019
Port Angeles Rayonier Mill Public Comment on Volumes I to III 19-09-094August 2019
2019 Tacoma Smelter Plume Model Remedies Guidance 19-09-101July 2019
Upland Regional Soil Background Characterization for Select Metals in Northeast Washington Watersheds 19-03-014July 2019
Snopac Property Cleanup Site 19-09-190June 2019
Texaco 211577 Monterey Cleanup Site Public Participation Plan 19-09-142June 2019
Texaco 211577 Monterey Cleanup Site Factsheet 19-09-141June 2019
Snopac Property Cleanup Site Public Participation Plan 19-09-140June 2019
Snopac Property Cleanup Site 19-09-139June 2019
Simplot Soilbuilders Sunnyside AO Fact Sheet 19-09-007June 2019
Gold Knob Prospects a.k.a. Saddle Rock Park IA Fact Sheet 19-09-005June 2019
Neighborhood Soil Sampling Continues 19-09-122May 2019
BNSF Railway Black Tank Property: Public invited to comment on draft Cleanup Action Plan and supporting documents 19-09-023May 2019
Big B Mini Mart 19-09-003May 2019
Proposal to remove Mobil 99BLV from the Hazardous Sites List and Leaking Underground Storage Tank List 19-09-180MLApril 2019
Screening for PAHs and Metals in the Puget Sound Basin at Aquatic Habitats Adjacent to Mainline Railroad Tracks 19-03-005March 2019
Hanford, the River & You 05-05-005March 2019
Implementation Memorandum No. 21: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Vapor Intrusion (VI) and Ecology's 2009 Draft VI Guidance 18-09-046November 2018
Implementation Memorandum No. 18: Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (VI): Updated Screening Levels, Cleanup Levels, and Assessing PVI Threats to Future Buildings 17-09-043January 2018
East Bay Redevelopment Cleanup Factsheet 17-09-100April 2017
Boeing Auburn Fabrication Facility: Remedial Investigation Results - Soil 17-04-008March 2017
Implementation Memorandum No. 14: Updated Process for Initially Assessing the Potential for Petroleum Vapor Intrusion 16-09-046March 2016
Boeing Fabrication Auburn Site: Questions and Answers 13-09-185June 2013
Boeing Auburn Fabrication Site: Vapor Intrusion Fact Sheet: Plans for Investigating Vapor Intrusion in Algona 13-09-175May 2013
Fox Avenue Building Site 12-09-133February 2012
Urban Seattle Area Soil Dioxin and PAH Concentrations Initial Summary Report 11-09-049September 2011
Seattle Soil Dioxin Study - Soil Sampling in South Park, Georgetown & Other Seattle Neighborhoods 11-09-214March 2011
Toxics Cleanup Program Policy 310A: Initial Investigations 09-09-050December 2009
Georgetown Steam Plant Flume Clean up and Replacement Seattle, WA 08-09-061February 2008