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Puget Sound and Salish Sea-Bacteria (12 publications 2000-2018)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Deschutes River, Percival Creek, and Budd Inlet Tributaries Temperature, Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Fine Sediment TMDL: Water Quality Improvement Report and Implementation Plan 15-10-012July 2018
Bacteria Study Digs Up Concerns for Shellfish Harvest Areas along North Pacific Coast Beaches 16-03-024June 2016
POSTER: Bacteria Trends at Marine Beaches in Washington State, 2003-2014 16-03-013March 2016
BEACH Program: Bacteria Trends at Core Marine Beaches, 2003-2014 15-03-037December 2015
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication, and Health (BEACH) Program: Monitoring Washington State Marine Beaches 14-03-128December 2014
Henderson Inlet Watershed Fecal Coliform Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load: Water Quality Implementation Plan 08-10-040July 2008
Skokomish River Basin Fecal Coliform Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load Study: Water Quality Attainment Monitoring Report 07-03-054December 2007
Water Cleanup Plan for Bacteria in Dungeness Bay:Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Submittal Report 04-10-026April 2004
Quality Assurance Project Plan: 2003 BEACH Pilot Project 03-03-202June 2003
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Henderson and Nisqually TMDL Study 03-03-100February 2003
Skokomish River Basin Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Load (Water Cleanup Plan) -- Submittal Report 01-10-017June 2001
Grays Harbor Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Load Study 00-03-020June 2000